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Easy Sudoku for 30/April/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen all!
30/Apr/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen
30/Apr/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen, everyone!
30/Apr/10 12:00 AM
I wasn't aware that Koalas ate Plumeria.
30/Apr/10 12:03 AM
Hello to the Michigan contingent!
30/Apr/10 12:04 AM
Mornin' All, (Oooo, Vici do-od it. You go girl...

30/Apr/10 12:05 AM

30/Apr/10 12:05 AM
Vici Sheila Good morning Where is John?
30/Apr/10 12:05 AM
Hi Jerry
30/Apr/10 12:06 AM

Gives new meaning to the phrase "Stop and smell the flowers"!

The answer to yesterday's puzzle: 19
Don't ask ME how to get to that solution. Ask Judy or Saylz. to them!
30/Apr/10 12:06 AM
How does that Plumeria get water?
30/Apr/10 12:09 AM
Good Morning, Miss Dorthea

What can I say? I'm just a blue-eyed smiley kind of guy.
30/Apr/10 12:10 AM
And here is today's offering:

When you behead a word, you remove the first letter and still have a valid word. You will be given clues for the two words, longer word first.

1. Mark left after healing -> Vehicle
2. To have hit -> Vehicle
3. Intelligent -> More...
30/Apr/10 12:11 AM
Way to go, Vici!
John's there, Dorthea. He snuck quietly in at # 2 position today.
30/Apr/10 12:13 AM
I'll leave you with the easy peasy puzzle. I am off to an afternoon baseball game. Will check back later for the flood of answers! Bye
30/Apr/10 12:16 AM
It looks more like the flower is eating the koala!
30/Apr/10 12:21 AM
Sorry John. I guess I wasn't awake yet.
30/Apr/10 12:23 AM
Don't you think he needs an avatar, Dorthea?
30/Apr/10 12:25 AM
Yeah, Shiela ... of John performing his World-famous cuddle! Wait ... I'm not sure that I want to look at that first thing every morning ...
30/Apr/10 12:29 AM
Kath - are you heading off to see the O's and the Yankees game? I know the O's have been doing poorly, but they have some great players...and one of the most beautiful yards in baseball.
30/Apr/10 12:30 AM
hehehe Judy! Would love to see that avatar!
30/Apr/10 12:30 AM
Well John Are you going to get one?
30/Apr/10 12:32 AM
Was that 22? Sorry Keith.
30/Apr/10 12:33 AM
Nice # 22 landing, Dorthea!
30/Apr/10 12:34 AM
I keep wondering when Judy will get an avatar. I can picture her with a "Xena, Warrior Princess" avatar. Complete with pointy sticks.
30/Apr/10 12:37 AM
Wait a minute! Judy...
Where's your avatar??? I don't see one.
Hmmm... Let me think... I bet Kathy could come up with a good one for you!
30/Apr/10 12:38 AM
30/Apr/10 12:39 AM
Perfect! Looks like Heidi was the one to ask!!!
30/Apr/10 12:40 AM
Great minds and all that, Shiela.
30/Apr/10 12:43 AM
Well, folks, I guess I'd better go do something else. My 'mouse thumb' is hurting already. Right now it is deciding whether to get stuck 'open' or stuck 'closed'. Either way it is putting a cramp in my stlye! Can't even paint comfortably. Tomorrow I go find out if I will have surgery.
30/Apr/10 12:45 AM
1:40 Hi to all. Hope it all goes well Shiela x

Thought for the Day:

Happiness is unrepentant pleasure.
30/Apr/10 12:55 AM
"Trigger finger" of the thumb? Not comfortable. I have the middle finger on each hand with that malady. After two hydrocortisone injections in my right hand, and no long lasting relief my doctor basically said "when you've enjoyed all you can stand, we'll operate".
30/Apr/10 12:57 AM
Mornin' Thrya
30/Apr/10 1:10 AM
I would definitely do acupuncture if it helps. Touch wood so far my arm is doing well. I just need to reattach it to my body!

Okay Jerry...who is Thrya?
30/Apr/10 1:14 AM
Yes, Jerry, that is where I'm at.
Kinda' need my right thumb since I'm right handed. Already had the two shots in EACH thumb, but the second shot didn't work for my prominent thumb and they won't do it a third time. Hope the other one stays okay! (Knock on wood!)
30/Apr/10 1:19 AM
andré, Secret...
30/Apr/10 1:59 AM
Not, currently, raining so Outside chores beckon...

My "chatroom counter" says (27 people chatting right now)

Who could keep track, or get a word in edgewise?
30/Apr/10 2:10 AM
Good afternoon to all! That's one hellava big corsagethe koala is wearing!
30/Apr/10 2:48 AM
Jerry and André, there are no secrets on this site. Thyra is a Sudoku lurker who also lives in Washington State. Jerry must have her 'Friend' light on. Go say hello on her page. Hi Thyra!
30/Apr/10 2:52 AM
Judy, I am pulling for Detroit in the next series. Beat those Sharks!
30/Apr/10 2:54 AM
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