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Easy Sudoku for 30/September/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Yea, new page.
30/Sep/10 5:13 AM
I hit that tab by accident one day when scrolling. It opened a page that asked why you found the comment offensive. Then you could submit or cancel
30/Sep/10 5:15 AM
Heck (I'm not taking any chances on being banished by using the other word), turning the page wasn't much fun.
30/Sep/10 5:15 AM
Did you feel a tingle, Hal?
30/Sep/10 5:16 AM
Thanks Shannon. I knew CG was kidding about the electrical shock because if it were true, Judy whould have turned me to toast by now.
30/Sep/10 5:18 AM
No tingle, Shannon. Not even a twinge.
30/Sep/10 5:19 AM
Damn Hal. You turned the page and I wanted to do it. No thrill in life for me today!
30/Sep/10 5:27 AM
Oh, and Hal, as to Judy, I think she has been toasted many times!
30/Sep/10 5:30 AM
Anybody who thinks Fiona needs booted off the site needs booted off the site. The only bootable thoughts Fiona has ever had were in her sparing bouts with Judy and that in itself should earn her a combat badge for valour. Judy is formidable, bless her heart.
30/Sep/10 5:38 AM
Maybe your speedos are on too tight cutting off all 'sensations'...
30/Sep/10 5:39 AM
Look out Shannon, I just hit the 'Report this comment...' option.
30/Sep/10 5:43 AM
heehee..I look darn good when 'booted', if I do say so myself
30/Sep/10 5:45 AM
I noticed yesterday that the pictures in my gallery have been there for a year. Therefore, I am working on a new set with pictures of our Alaska trip. They should be ready to post this weekend. So if you haven't already seen the fabulous photos I took of the Canadian Rockies and Glacier Nat. Park, time is running out.
30/Sep/10 5:50 AM
30/Sep/10 6:06 AM
Well, I certainly enjoyed them! Seems I blathered on about almost every one. They were gorgeous then and they are gorgeous now, Hal! Why remove them? Just add more. And give us a head's up when you do!
30/Sep/10 6:48 AM
Well! I might be raunchy, and I might be irreverent ... but I can't remember ever having one of my comments deleted! So, sorry CG, but I've never been toasted!
I try hard not to cross that line ... but, Jeb, I think I like being called "formidable!"
30/Sep/10 7:33 AM
Thanks, Kathy. But I think that any gallery that has more than 30-40 pictures gets boring. (Remember the days of slides when your neighbor, friend, brother, sister, cousin, etc., would bring out the projector and show you their hundreds of slides of their last vacation, wedding, son's/daughter's graduation, grandkids, funeral, etc.) No, thank you, I'll keep it to around 25-30.
30/Sep/10 7:35 AM
Well, hi Judy. Where have you been all day?
30/Sep/10 7:36 AM
2:21, a little slower than normal this morning. That tree would be looking pretty much like that right now.
30/Sep/10 7:38 AM
Ever since Hal heard about the delightful tingles dispensed by the Hall Monitor, he has been trying to post one disgusting thing after another. He apparently gets his jollies via that shock and tickle thing ... "Shazam!" ...(giggle) ... "Blam!" ... (sigh) ... "Ouch!" More...
30/Sep/10 7:41 AM
HalT, I cannot believe you did not get a thrill turning the page. I on the other hand have to get them when and where I can.
30/Sep/10 7:45 AM
Thanks for asking, Hal! This old beach has been at ... the beach! The Big Bunny, our grandson, and I have been frolicking in the sand and water, taking advantage of the freakin' heat that is smothering Southern California!
30/Sep/10 7:45 AM
In Judy's last post, I like how it ends in Ouch, them it says more. Talk about timing.
30/Sep/10 7:46 AM
Let me tell you about the feeling I get when I sneeze two times in rapid succession, Judy.
30/Sep/10 7:49 AM
As for Fiona. I had this problem, a few weeks ago when attempting to send any PM or talk on anyones page. I had to completely shut down. I like to think I talk the same in person, in posts, in emails, in my dreams...so there were no, No-No words that I can recall. The site probably did not like my More...
30/Sep/10 7:50 AM
You wet your pants, Hal??
30/Sep/10 7:50 AM
Like I said, Karen....
30/Sep/10 7:51 AM
Don't.....stop.....don't...stop..don't.stop...and Judy, it's 'slap' and tickle, or so I've heard
30/Sep/10 7:53 AM
Sorry Jeb, I am missing it.
Need to be a little more specific please.

(Maybe not).
30/Sep/10 7:54 AM
At least he waits for the second sneeze...
30/Sep/10 7:55 AM
Shannon, that sounded like you knew what your were talking about.
Not what you have heard.
30/Sep/10 7:56 AM
Judy, Judy, Judy! If you haven't been toasted yet you should be young lady. I hear there's nothing better then a whirlpool bath, a massage and an easy-over sunlamp on both sides so you're evenly toasted. You had better get your man to treat you!
30/Sep/10 8:00 AM
O-o-o-o-h-h-h-h ... I could like that, Greg!
30/Sep/10 8:02 AM
30/Sep/10 8:05 AM
Still :)
30/Sep/10 8:27 AM
Darn Man. Five o'clock in the evening is not the time to tell me he did not bring home dinner!
30/Sep/10 8:29 AM
No worries, Karen. Subtlety can be it's own downfall 'pon occasion.
30/Sep/10 8:35 AM
Bad time to tell Karen "No Worries". I'm gonna go hide under the bed with the cat for a while.
30/Sep/10 8:36 AM
Whatcha gonna do with the cat, Jeb? Or should I ask, what's the cat gone to do with you?
30/Sep/10 8:44 AM
No, Judy. Do you?
30/Sep/10 8:49 AM
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