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Easy Sudoku for 30/September/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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30/Sep/19 12:00 AM
Good Maen, all!
30/Sep/19 12:00 AM
2:08 Thought it was quicker than that.
Good night all.
30/Sep/19 12:10 AM
1:55. Good Morning, Anne, Wolf , Denny and everyone? Who exactly is ESU?
30/Sep/19 12:14 AM
30/Sep/19 1:00 AM
30/Sep/19 1:07 AM
30/Sep/19 2:30 AM
Happy day to all - Denny (you succeeded with your goal to be 1st again today), Wolf, Anne, Tom, Shosho, Hal, & Keith; and good day to those who will eventually make a showing later!
30/Sep/19 2:54 AM
There's a Poozle waiting to be solved - near the final comments from September 28 - it's good for keeping those gray cells working!
30/Sep/19 3:00 AM
What is ESU4?
30/Sep/19 4:07 AM
Morning all,in a hurry to do all my games before the power goes off at 8am. Won't be back on till 3pm.
30/Sep/19 6:00 AM
Good morning all. A public holiday here in the West today. Just means that I will have to finish mowing the rest of the lawn as I only did half of it yesterday.
30/Sep/19 9:42 AM
Now number 13 is here for the taking!
30/Sep/19 9:43 AM
Good work getting 13 Anne. There are so few people posting these days that we will probably struggle to reach even that number. What we need is something that will encourage people to join in. I suggest that people tell us about something funny that has happened to them. I'll start it off.
30/Sep/19 3:03 PM
When I was a 19 year old head teacher of a one teacher school in a remote corner of Victoria I didn't have to much of a problem teaching most subject to the 5 to 12 year old students, but music was another story. We had been well drilled on how to teach a new song using a tuning fork to pitch the key, then singing the song to the children.
30/Sep/19 3:08 PM
We then had to sing it to them a second time. I had scraped through music at Teachers' College by using one song, 'The Lincolnshire Poacher' whenever I had to teach music, so naturally I chose that. After I had done my second rendition I asked the children to sing it, only to be asked which version of it they should sing.
30/Sep/19 3:13 PM
Fortunately the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) had a weekly program in which experts taught primary children to sing a new song weekly. Thank goodness for the ABC.
30/Sep/19 3:17 PM
And now it is over to you. Tell us of a funny incident and save this blog from fading away. That constitutes a CP.
30/Sep/19 3:19 PM
Not funny, but Lynne and I just got back from spending a couple of days up visiting our daughter, Jen, after her back surgery.
30/Sep/19 3:56 PM
We got to the hospital while the surgery was still in progress, and visited with my ex and her sister in the waiting room until Jen was back awake and we could see her.
30/Sep/19 3:58 PM
It was back surgery, to remove a cracked vertebrae, and replace it with a rod and pins and some kind of cage thing that I didn't understand. Apparently, the surgery went quite well. Jen was able to get up and walk around with help from physical therapy the very next day. What a relief for all of us.

Um ... gallump.
30/Sep/19 4:01 PM
30/Sep/19 4:02 PM
& a CP to match Wombat.
30/Sep/19 4:02 PM
I do worry that most days lately we are down to just a handful of posters. I would sure hate to see the site die for lack of interest.
30/Sep/19 4:05 PM
Thanks Keith for your support and so pleased that Jen's operation has gone so well.
30/Sep/19 4:51 PM
Shoudda taught 'em the Pheasant Pluckers Song, Wombat!
30/Sep/19 5:12 PM
Yeah Keith, good to hear that Jen's op went well.
30/Sep/19 5:18 PM
OK Wombat, here goes......

Way back in my navy days when I was on the Sealion we visited Portree in the Isle of Skye.
30/Sep/19 5:27 PM
30/Sep/19 5:30 PM
At the time I was growing a beard and it had not been passed by the Captain (In those days uniform was worn when ashore. Also one had to ask to discontinue shaving and the Captain would decide when it had grown enough to be tidy). I had not done that and as such shore leave was cancelled for me.
30/Sep/19 5:31 PM
There were about five or six other Aussies in the crew and as they were all going ashore I decided to join them.
30/Sep/19 5:34 PM
We arrived at the Royal Hotel, Portree and headed for the bar. I diverted and went to the heads first. Unbeknownst to us the Skipper, executive officer and electrical officer (my boss) were already in the bar and on our arrival the Skipper remarked that all we needed now was that half bearded LREM (me) and the whole tribe would be here.
30/Sep/19 5:38 PM
The electrical officer, bless him piped up and stated that I would not be coming ashore as I was still growing a beard.......He had no sooner said that when I walked into the bar to a stunned silence!
30/Sep/19 5:39 PM
The skipper gave the electrical officer a dark look and sent him over to speak with me. He took me outside and told me what had happened and that I 'owed him ome, big time'. Nothing more was ever said about the incident and I was not charged.
30/Sep/19 5:45 PM
1:22. Good evening everyone.
30/Sep/19 7:31 PM
I like it Peter. They were really strict in those days. Were you a submariner those days, or did you come to that later in your life?
30/Sep/19 8:31 PM

30/Sep/19 9:36 PM
Evening here and as usual very quiet on the site.
30/Sep/19 9:37 PM
I check in most days and yes Keith the numbers are wayyyy down. I see SA has a lot of posts from members who no longer post on here or very rarely.
30/Sep/19 9:40 PM
30/Sep/19 9:41 PM
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