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Easy Sudoku for 31/October/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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31/Oct/15 12:00 AM
Happy Birthday to ME!
31/Oct/15 12:07 AM
1:47 Good night one and all!

Thank you to all who checked out the photo on my page of Ian and Anne and left comments.
31/Oct/15 12:09 AM
Ha... you're quick off the mark Hal
Happy birthday Wolf
31/Oct/15 12:09 AM
Good night Anne and everyone else..
Sleep well CP...
31/Oct/15 12:10 AM
Good morning to all! Well look at that, a squirrel carving it's Halloween pumpkin!
31/Oct/15 12:48 AM
31/Oct/15 1:03 AM
Happy Friday!
31/Oct/15 1:05 AM
Good morning.
31/Oct/15 1:32 AM
Happy Birthday, Wolf.
31/Oct/15 1:33 AM
It's nice that it's pretty warm when I get up very early these days.
31/Oct/15 1:34 AM
I did have a much better day yesterday. 2 toes black and blue but not very painful. Rest of me is good.
31/Oct/15 1:36 AM
Very little on today but more housework - can you tell I've been neglrcting it? - and a trip to the library. Not very exciting but okay.
31/Oct/15 1:39 AM
everyone! to you, Wolf!
31/Oct/15 1:41 AM
I am off to lunch in a few minutes. Then, I need to stop and get Halloween candy. I certainly don't want to try to find some tomorrow. We don't get many kids anymore, but hubby does like his ''leftover'' Baby Ruth bars.
31/Oct/15 1:44 AM
Happy Birthday Wolf.

No 'Tough' today?
31/Oct/15 2:08 AM
A little rain for today, still a great day
31/Oct/15 2:35 AM
31/Oct/15 2:36 AM
We have no kids here so no need for Halloween candy, Harry is sad.
31/Oct/15 2:37 AM

/ Have had a little of both sun & rain this morning.
Back from holiday. (Amsterdam to Budapest.)
31/Oct/15 3:01 AM
Well, where's Keith?
31/Oct/15 3:02 AM
Ta-dah! A great 'return' to the Sudoku site!
31/Oct/15 3:03 AM
And to Wolf!
Make a wish and blow out your candles!
31/Oct/15 3:05 AM
Will be gone for the better part of the day, volunteering at school. See you later!
31/Oct/15 3:13 AM
Well, good morning Shiela. Nice to see you return.
31/Oct/15 3:14 AM
Thanks, Keith! And thanks for being a bit late today!
31/Oct/15 3:20 AM
Good morning all! Welcome back Shiela. Keith, nice gallery of Halloween avatars!
31/Oct/15 3:34 AM
Great Halloween photo!Clever little squirrel getting a meal, and carving his pumpkin at the same time.
31/Oct/15 3:42 AM
Thx for the comment, Joyce. They are all Halloween costumes I put together to teach in.
31/Oct/15 4:18 AM
I suppose every one has heard about the man who survived attacks from both mustard gas and pepper spray. The newspapers commonly refer to him as a seasoned veteran.
31/Oct/15 4:25 AM
I also want to encourage everyone to teach their children and grand children not to join religious cults. They will need to learn at an early age to practice safe sects.
31/Oct/15 4:57 AM
After that joke Greg, I think I will go back to bed!
Great photo for Halloween.
I have one packet of wrapped butterscotch in case I get any callers tonight. I will put out a balloon. (we are asked to put a balloon outside to let the kids know it is OK to call at our house)
31/Oct/15 4:58 AM

to those down under.
to Wolf on the first day of his 2 day celebration.
31/Oct/15 5:07 AM
Happy birthday Wolf - we share a birthday! Tried to organize a birthday supper at some of the local restaurants/pubs but apparently completely booked up because it's going to be the Aus/NZ final in rugby world cup. Sigh...
31/Oct/15 5:19 AM
Morning all, cute squirrel having some fun.
31/Oct/15 6:08 AM
Wolf and Lucy, have a great day !
31/Oct/15 6:12 AM
Out of bed again.
31/Oct/15 6:21 AM
But at least it's dqylight.
31/Oct/15 6:22 AM
Will make a cuppa in a second, but first.....
31/Oct/15 6:22 AM
31/Oct/15 6:23 AM
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