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Easy Sudoku for 31/July/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Y'all. Picture #26 apparently was an easy one. Many correctly identified it as a mimeograph machine (this model was ca. 1909), though most disclaimed being ''Old enough'' to have used one. Yeah, right! The youngsters who got it right were Sarah, Karen, Pam, Colo Jim and HalT. More...
31/Jul/12 6:36 AM
When I took the quiz (before posting it) I had roller hockey, too, Plum. But, I just copied and then posted the answers. There was a 'comments' section under the quiz. Maybe I should go back and comment on their incorrect answer!
31/Jul/12 6:39 AM
2.52 good morning all
31/Jul/12 6:41 AM
Good evening to all! Another slow day here I see.
31/Jul/12 8:58 AM
We need some CPers around here...
31/Jul/12 10:46 AM

Wow, it really is slow here today.
Cap'n J's picture is a real puzzler. Looks like a rainbow painted by Dali.
31/Jul/12 11:46 AM
Just when I thought things couldn't get busier or more complicated in my life, Jaime ends up in the hospital! He's doing well - now - but I had a heck of a time getting him to agree to go. His heart rate was 160 beats a minute, causing severe pain, weakness and nausea. The docs think he'll be More...
31/Jul/12 12:25 PM
Sorry you hear about Jaime, Jane. Our thoughts are with you.
31/Jul/12 12:29 PM
Jane, getting men to admit they need help is like trying to catch water in a sieve! Well done you for persevering and getting him to hospital, and best wishes to Jaime, hope this is a minor hiccup in the road of life ♥
31/Jul/12 12:47 PM
Bed time. Night all.
31/Jul/12 1:07 PM
Jane... I'm glad you got Jaime to go to the hospital. Men can be so stubborn about their lives. I wish him the best of luck and medical care.
31/Jul/12 1:36 PM
Good night people of the world.
31/Jul/12 2:05 PM
2:23 Good afternoon one and all.

Talk about frustrating - I tried to complete my Age Pension registration online. At the same time I was on hold with them on the 'phone for assistance. As soon as they answered I accidently hit the wrong button (I had them on speaker 'phone) and hung up on them. Me and modern technology just don't go together and I've been using computers for about 20yrs.
31/Jul/12 2:12 PM
Anne, I found it a frustrating experience filling my superannuation application online. I had every bit of paper beside me that I was told to have. Being uk born I had to find lots of other bits of paper as I went along filling in the form, bits I couldn't find, dates from 40 plus years ago I couldn't remember then I got timed out.....
31/Jul/12 6:13 PM
Mads - I also got timed out and had to re-login, and when I had finished, it said I had to take copies in to Centrelink anyway, so I may just as well have gone in there in the first place and done it. Years ago you had to go with the Superannuation that your employer used and me being a bit slack, I hadn't got around to rolling them all into one.
31/Jul/12 6:32 PM
2:14. Hi all.
31/Jul/12 6:39 PM
One or two folks may have found my messages on Facebook. I actually managed to post them. I find Facebook very confusing and no 'help' pages anywhere as I can find. It keeps directing me where I don't want to go - without solicitation.
31/Jul/12 6:51 PM
Good Maen, all! Don't have time to stick around for the changeover since I'm off to vote and then head over to the hospital. Jaime called this morning to ask me to bring his reading glasses and a book because he's bored. 'Bored' is a good sign! He sounded great and can't wait to come home so we can go crabbing again! Thanks for all the good wishes!
31/Jul/12 11:15 PM
Nice View
31/Jul/12 11:50 PM
Hmmm. Strange that this is the third day with less than 100 comments. Must be 'cause everyone is watching the Olympics.
31/Jul/12 11:59 PM
01/Aug/12 2:17 AM
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