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Easy Sudoku for 31/August/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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We moved our daughter from Houston
back to Dallas just two weeks ago!
We're really lucky!! So sorry for
the folks down there!!
31/Aug/17 12:00 AM
Our neighborhood cat is visiting this morning.
31/Aug/17 12:00 AM
Sounds like a good move, Wolf.
31/Aug/17 12:04 AM
all, from asea somewhere near Little Current, Ontario, Canada. LOL
31/Aug/17 12:21 AM
We dock at Little Current in about 2.5 hours.
31/Aug/17 12:22 AM
HalT! Good to hear from you! You too Shiela!
31/Aug/17 12:36 AM
31/Aug/17 1:03 AM
31/Aug/17 2:03 AM
Good mAen, good people.
31/Aug/17 3:39 AM
Good news from Wolf, Shiela and HalT.
31/Aug/17 3:45 AM
It'd stay to play but Fair time is closing in.
31/Aug/17 3:48 AM
Well, since I'm here, I'll contribute what I can towards everyone's numbers.
31/Aug/17 3:50 AM
I'll just comment on today's photo: what impossibly clear blue water! There. A cp and I'm off to check if my dough has risen.
31/Aug/17 3:51 AM
What lovely turquoise water in the photo today.
31/Aug/17 3:56 AM
What a beautiful part of Manitoulin Island & Ontario you are seeing HalT. Enjoy!
31/Aug/17 4:46 AM
Morning all, that photo is amazing.
Why is it when I think of washing clothes I look out the window to see a big black cloud coming our way.
31/Aug/17 5:58 AM
Cyndi, Margo and PumpkinFace .
31/Aug/17 6:00 AM
Looks around for Peter ... I've got plenty of time ...
31/Aug/17 6:05 AM
1:24. Good morning everyone.
31/Aug/17 6:39 AM
Morning All, I would,t wait much longer Keith, that Peter takes no prisoners.
31/Aug/17 7:44 AM
I've noticed. Gallump.
31/Aug/17 8:22 AM
31/Aug/17 8:24 AM
He certainly didn't take any prisoners today, Wombat.
31/Aug/17 8:24 AM
He's probably too busy chefking out all the responses to his ECCO poozle.
31/Aug/17 9:30 AM
Wombat, in answer to your question yesterday.
I'm also with Bigpond and the lady down the street is with Optus and hers was out too, thank goodness I had my dongle.
31/Aug/17 9:35 AM
I have sent my ECCO answers to Peter with fingers crossed.
31/Aug/17 9:37 AM
By context, I have been able to figure out what a ''dongle'' is. But I still think it sounds like something naughty!
31/Aug/17 9:47 AM
They've been dingling their 'dongles' for quite a while now... & yes, I agree with Judy!
31/Aug/17 11:13 AM
Suggest a better word then J ladies. Does Mobile Broadband Device sound any better or Huawei Wifi E5372T is a possibility? That's all I can find on the instructions.
31/Aug/17 12:39 PM
My suggestion: 'usb modem', 'wireless modem' or just plain 'modem'. Reasoning: it serves the same purpose as the old 8' x 6' box that was my first modem, that is, it connects my computer to other computers via a telephone connection.
31/Aug/17 1:19 PM
That measurement should read inches, not feet! Seems the site doesn't allow double quote marks.
31/Aug/17 1:23 PM
I think I would choose 'wireless modem' out of those suggestions Saltie, and thanks for the suggestions. Ill have to wayt on approval from the J ladies - they will probably report me as being abusive if I get it wrong.
My machine allows single and double quote marks using this keyboard, it is just very hard to tell them apart.
31/Aug/17 2:00 PM
This has brought us to beer o'clock, or 33. Perhaps a Swan Lager sould keep Anne happy and Peter at bay.
31/Aug/17 2:02 PM
The postman has just delivered a new Scandinavian Noir novel, so I might forsake the keyboard and dip into that.
31/Aug/17 2:03 PM
Do they still make Swan Lager, Wombat? Not being a beer drinker I wouldn't know. Probably not made in Perth anyway, if it's still around.
31/Aug/17 2:28 PM
Well, how about 'Portable Modem'.
31/Aug/17 2:49 PM
Four ECCO poozlers and all were successful, Wombat, Judy, Joyce and Amelia.

Well done guys.

31/Aug/17 2:51 PM
Wombat, the quotes problem is not with my machine. I have a full keyboard with separate keys for single quote (') and double quote (') marks, my screen displays them just fine, and I can see the two different marks as I type my comment. But in light of my experience above I expect the double quote will be converted to single when I post.
31/Aug/17 3:05 PM
So, what you do saltie is put two of them together, line ''quotes.''
31/Aug/17 3:25 PM
The first was two apostrophes, the second was two sets of quotation marks. The both come out looking the same.

31/Aug/17 3:27 PM
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