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Easy Sudoku for 4/November/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒป๐Ÿป๐Ÿป๐ŸปChicago Cubs๐Ÿป๐Ÿป๐Ÿป๐Ÿป๐Ÿป what can I say - the Chicago Cubs did win today - Hey Hey Hey
04/Nov/16 12:27 AM
Hope you have a great day also -
04/Nov/16 12:28 AM
mymare, and all to follow!

That was some game last night. Baseball at it's best. Two good teams battling 'til the end. Apologies to Fiona, but, it was
04/Nov/16 1:05 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle:
1. Sawbuck 2. Pompeii 3. Reaction
4. Exterminated 5. Absolution 6. Delectable 7. Administers 8. Luxurious 9. Impotent 10. Toledo 11. Turgid 12. Lithuania 13. Electrify

In honor of the well played World Series, the ''Does This Baseball More...
04/Nov/16 1:11 AM
I am going to a 25th wedding anniversary party on Saturday. I need to find a gift. Who doesn't have everything they need after 25 years? By then you are trying to get rid of stuff! Hubby and wifey not included, of course. I'm thinking just a gift card....boring, but, at least they can More...
04/Nov/16 1:22 AM
Good Maen, good people. I was so excited to post last night about the WS I didn't wish you all a Good maeN.
04/Nov/16 1:52 AM
Ha. All these internet speed troubles. I had a technician out to replace my modem yesterday because I was running 0.3 mbps at my fastest. With the new modem it takes me up to 1.65 mbps (wired, not wifi, and I have no room to run Ethernet cables to devices, so its all slower wifi).

My More...
04/Nov/16 2:12 AM
I agree, Kathy. The World Series is different because it's two champion teams playing each other like they really care who comes out the winner. Baseball at its best.
04/Nov/16 2:17 AM
04/Nov/16 2:26 AM
Every time I see seaplane I think of that Disney cartoon Tale Spins with Baloo as a pilot and the funny villain Don Carnage. It featured a single mom small business owner character, which was/is cutting edge.
04/Nov/16 2:28 AM
Happy Thursday!
04/Nov/16 2:47 AM
04/Nov/16 3:10 AM
Good afternoon to all! Slept in till 8:30, a record for me, but I stayed up quite late.
04/Nov/16 3:27 AM
I watched the (in Kathy's words) awesome Game 7. What a game, and what a wonderful way for the Cubs to end a 108 year old jinx. What a comeback!
04/Nov/16 3:29 AM
Time to barrack for football and hockey.
04/Nov/16 3:30 AM
What Plum said about internet ''rural system''...

One place, I lived, out in the sticks, my only option was 'dial up'. My actual transfer rate was a whopping 3k...

Currently I have fibre and a 5mb plan. When I was first 'cut over' to fibre, I was offered a 3 month 'free upgrade' to More...
04/Nov/16 4:53 AM
In 'the states', the prime time network programing is, on average, 33% commercials.

Yeah, I know, that's what DVR's are for...
04/Nov/16 4:57 AM
04/Nov/16 5:01 AM
Morning all, didn't see these planes on Tuesday, great photo Kate.
We move on up to near my brothers place today and with a bit of luck will get to meet Grasshopper today.
04/Nov/16 5:51 AM
Good morning all. I saw a couple of highlights of the cub's game. Congrats to them. I wonder how many countries take part in the 'World' Series?
04/Nov/16 6:30 AM
Stormy day here - off to pick asparagus!
04/Nov/16 6:31 AM
Enjoy your day folks.
04/Nov/16 6:31 AM
The 'World Series' is just North America. The 'Intercontinental Cup' is the competition where other countries (Australia, USA, Korea, Japan, Netherlands, Cuba, Chinese Taipei) take part. Sacky, when you stayed with me there was a large baseball poster in the bedroom with all the Australian players More...
04/Nov/16 7:00 AM
Congratulations to the Cubs. Yes a baseball game can be boring if the pitcher is throwing a lot of strikes and not many players are getting on base but like any game it can also be exciting like the game yesterday.
04/Nov/16 7:04 AM
WHAT IS 108 ?

Number of years between championships for the Cubs
The number of stitches on a baseball
Building number for Wrigley Stadium when it was fist built.
The number of innings and runs scored by Cubs in game 7.
04/Nov/16 8:07 AM
here, another warm day. The temp in the house reached 80F so some air was used.
04/Nov/16 9:46 AM
Did my morning walk, then some much needed house work.
04/Nov/16 9:48 AM
Good morning all
Plum and DorA - I can see how frustrating those internet speeds, or lack of, would be. I well remember the frustration of dial-up.
What I was complaining about was that we were to get a really great fast national broadband system, but after a change of government it was More...
04/Nov/16 10:11 AM
Kathy, yes, I'd go for the gift card!
04/Nov/16 10:12 AM
We are going to a wedding tomorrow, one of my hubby's nephews. I was so pleased they had a gift registry and I just picked a spending value, looked through what was available. Bought the gift, had it delivered.
Impersonal but easy.
04/Nov/16 10:14 AM
It's quiet on here today.
I'm off for now, things to do before I head off to lunch with my oldest (in years known) friend at the local winery. We met on the first day of High School; we were born one day apart; we stayed friends until we grew up, had children, moved house too many times and somehow lost touch. Found one another again more recently living less that a mile apart!
04/Nov/16 10:20 AM
And one for a CP.
04/Nov/16 10:21 AM
Linda, I haven't seen you post for a few days. I hope you haven't given us up. We like to see you posting.
04/Nov/16 11:31 AM
Good afternoon.
04/Nov/16 1:07 PM
Very quiet day here at home.
04/Nov/16 1:08 PM
Clicket is about to start, Mr P is snoozing.
04/Nov/16 1:09 PM
Hi CP. All back to normal at home?
04/Nov/16 1:10 PM
Thanks June for that info. I find it an overstatement to call it 'world'. Just my quirky view!
04/Nov/16 1:12 PM
Had coffee with 4T earlier. He and girlfriend are going to Singapore tonight - for the weekend. As you do.
04/Nov/16 1:12 PM
Stopped at 39 posts! Time to turn the page...
04/Nov/16 1:16 PM
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