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Easy Sudoku for 4/December/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everybody!
04/Dec/16 12:00 AM
04/Dec/16 12:12 AM
04/Dec/16 12:46 AM
Good morning world - enjoy conquering your 'list' today!
04/Dec/16 12:46 AM
First & last again, Wolf! ...and Hello Hal!
04/Dec/16 12:49 AM
I concur, Wolf - apples for sure!
04/Dec/16 1:04 AM
04/Dec/16 1:10 AM
04/Dec/16 1:11 AM
I'm trying to waste some time because it's too early for me to leave for a breakfast meeting with my brothers. Ack, as much as I love my brothers, I hate anything that resembles a meeting!
04/Dec/16 1:20 AM
🌅 love the quiet of the morning
04/Dec/16 1:26 AM
🎂birthday greetings !from coast to coast
04/Dec/16 1:28 AM
Good afternoon to all! ''An apple a day ,,,''
04/Dec/16 4:32 AM
Keep this in mind the next time you are about to repeat a rumor or spread gossip!
In ancient Greece (469 - 399 BC), Socrates was widely lauded for his wisdom.
One day an acquaintance ran up to him excitedly and said, 'Socrates, do you know what I just heard about Diogenes?'
'Wait a More...
04/Dec/16 4:35 AM
Morning. Maybe he would rather not have known.
04/Dec/16 4:42 AM

That was quite the punch line, Greg!

I have been buying (and ordering) Christmas presents. Today is my ''organizing'' day. That means I look in all the bags and boxes and figure out what the heck I have and for whom!
04/Dec/16 5:52 AM
Morning all, nice looking apples.
Kathy, I'm sure you won't have any trouble picking the gifts for the little ones in the family.😍
04/Dec/16 6:52 AM
Kathy,Sue,Judy and Kate .
Enjoy your special day !
04/Dec/16 6:57 AM
Kathy, you get to start celebrating today so you are in full swing tomorrow .💝
04/Dec/16 7:01 AM
Ok Keith I've helped you get closer to 22,now it's up to you.
04/Dec/16 7:05 AM
A CP for CP !
04/Dec/16 7:06 AM
The little one's stuff is the really fun part, Amelia!
I got the 2 year old a ''My First Scooter''. We'll see how that goes. Mom and Dad will probably shoot me. They have all hardwood floors in their new house.
04/Dec/16 7:07 AM
04/Dec/16 7:47 AM
Hi Peter, It is a pity about the Wobblies. They looked so good in the first half but were overrun in the second. It's still three and a half months to go until the AFL begins again. Go Dogs, two in a row is more than possible.
04/Dec/16 2:14 PM
Zzzzzzz - ho hum - nothing happening! Keith you need to hike your fav # to one which will move us to page 2!
04/Dec/16 2:15 PM
There isn't that much to say to get some action here... my day's activities: chose (the only one which will fit our allotted space), purchase, arrange for delivery a new gas clothes dryer - whoop-de-do!
04/Dec/16 2:18 PM
Hello Wombat... really? 7 hours of nada & we both arrive at the same time - amazing!
04/Dec/16 2:19 PM
oh, well - now he's also gone~~~
04/Dec/16 2:20 PM
Change my #? Harrumph.
04/Dec/16 4:43 PM
I think Joyce is getting desperate for some Sudoku company, and since you had an excellent response to your previous stirrings, she naturally went to you next. Perhaps you could go for 44 (twice as good as 22, but far enough from that wee wee lady to stay dry.
04/Dec/16 6:19 PM
2:03 Good afternoon one and all! A bit slow today on the puzzle.
Got to get ready soon to go to the cinema with my sister.
04/Dec/16 7:15 PM

A female dwarf goes to a doctor complaining of an embarrassing itch in the groin area.

The doctor looks her up and down, picks her up and stands her on his desk. He lifts up her skirt and puts his head under. A little perplexed, she hears snip, snip, snip, snip. The More...
04/Dec/16 9:22 PM
I had my grand daughter last night and today. we did some shopping, washed my daughter's dog (I am dog sitting) put up the Christmas tree (fibre optic as real ones do not last the distance in the summer heat) and my grand daughter has decorated one side. it was then time to take her home. Hopefully I will put up some outside lights in the next couple of days. (Between medical appointments)
04/Dec/16 9:46 PM
I finished posting all my overseas mail today. 6 calendars and 6 cards. cost me over $50 in postage. I am slowly converting my overseas cards to Emails because of the cost. I have written some local cards but still have about 40 to write.
04/Dec/16 9:55 PM
A CT scan tomorrow. An early breakfast and then fasting till I have to drink the gunk before the scan. I will get the results on Wednesday.
04/Dec/16 9:56 PM
Our main TV gave up the ghost over two weeks ago. the new one was to be delivered last Tuesday but did not arrive. It was then to come Wednesday afternoon. No show. No show Thursday and they rang and said it could come Monday lunchtime but I will be at the hospital so now due Tuesday. We are not impressed.
04/Dec/16 9:59 PM
The tree is finished and the fibre optics are working so it keeps changing colour. It has bobbles and strings of 'gold' beads as decoration plus some blue butterflies. It is only 4 ft. high but stands on a small table.
04/Dec/16 10:42 PM
Peter I had heard your joke before but you might like to know that this tree comes with a star with a light on top. I prefer my Angel so she is positioned over the star!!!!!
04/Dec/16 10:44 PM
I have rambled on a lot about nothing. Not sure what I can find to take us over the page.
04/Dec/16 10:45 PM
Nearly time to 'hit the sack' as they say. A bit warm so hope we can sleep.
04/Dec/16 10:48 PM
The AC makes the room too cool unless it is a very hot night.
04/Dec/16 10:49 PM
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