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Easy Sudoku for 4/March/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi Bill K from NY - Happy Birthday!! You can become a 'regular' by making enough pleasant, informative, funny comments that we begin to recognize your name & know that you are a nice person! We prefer nicees to nasties.
Kathy, thank you I am happy because of your comment. :)))
And will be true to this site it has such great inventions as all these fantasy parties and cruises. Also it has a special form of greeting only know to people here invented by Sweata that is good all over the world. Brilliant!
Hi Andre, I'm still here. There are so many wonderful and witty comments and I have not much to contribute, so I don't. But I will make this one comment: when someone posts something stupid/nasty or whatever -- don't comment or reply or criticize. It will just start a firestorm and the page turns negative. Ignore it and it goes away much quicker!
Jo from Adelaide - I really liked your joke! All other joke contributors: thanks so much for my daily smiles!
Just home from work and catching up on comments. Marie last night was not me as i guess the swearing to me was not you.
Pretenders beware Gath will find you one day!!!
Hi Aileen - glad you understood the ♥ lesson! Nice to see your name here again. Thank you to you & the other commenter (?) for helping me remember the name Trevene.
Steph from Kansas - did you get to make some ♥'s yet? Where in Kansas are you? Go Jayhawks!!
Hi everyone, cool jokes Deb
Kathy-Thanks for the ♥ lesson! You helped many of us this morning!
Ginger from Calgary - don't ever think you 'have not much to contribute'!! Your one comment her today should be read & reread by everyone here who wants to keep Sudokuland a happy place!!

Please everyone - follow Ginger's excellent advice!!!!
ceecee, where did you go? come back and talk to me
g'mAen all!
I agree with you Jaz bonjour Amélie, c'est déjà la printemps chez vous: ici ce sont seulement les perce-neige qui sortent!
For you Linda and Kathy: 'One kind word can warm three winter months' Japanese proverb: 'une bonne parole peut réchauffer trois mois d'hiver' More...
♥♥♥ Hi all!! Still curious as to what 'MAEN' means??? Always looking to learn new ins-outs to the chat.
Have a great day everyone
Happy Birthday to Bill K From NY USA and Ginger glad you are well and still around.
Have a good weekend everyone!
One more joke before I go to bed.
An old man was sitting on a bench at the mall. A young man walked up to the bench and sat down. He had spikedhair in all different colors: Green, Red, Orange, Blue, and Yellow. The old man just stared and stared.Every time the young man looked, the old man was More...
This was very easy. To easy.
Mizz From Michigan, USA
morning afternoon evening night
To Mizz from Michigan- Maen= Morning Afternoon Evening Night and often the time of day from which you are posting is capitalized
Good Maen! to all - Beautiful child!
Deb from Brisbane - love your jokes, but that first one today ... ouch!
To the 'regulars': I was kinda hoping that anyone who posts several times a week with respectful and/or humourous comments would be seen as regular! ♥ Thanks for the ♥ tip, Kathy!
nice pic, nice child
♥♥♥'s to everyone that answered my question!! You are all awesome!!! Thanks & Maen to all!! LOL
Have a Great day!
sorry it took so long posting the end of my joke but had some probs posting it
4:36 Good Maen all. The Spring flowers and shrubs are blooming and the neighborhood is looking nice.
To Stan from Birmingham- The spring flowers here are just beginning to bloom. We have had a warm couple of days and spring fever is here! Just wish the warm weather was here to stay!
Jo from Adelaide - I understand your problem, it's happened to me, too. It's hard to learn to spell with *'s sometimes!! [rosy]
Linda from Kentucky - it's so good to see you back again! Today has been one of my happiest days ever in Sudokuland!
Hello to BOTH Catherines - from Wisconsin & More...
Darn it, my sign in info disappeared again on that last comment. Will try again.
Kathy- I have watched for Nan from the west coast because you said we had things in common, but haven't caught up with her yet. I know she is counting down the days! I guess I don't stay on late enough at night.
Amelie, Stan, & Linda - I miss the more northern shrubs & flowers that we don't have here in Florida - forsythia, for example. But we do have beautiful azaleas blooming now & also orange blossoms which fill the air with such a heavenly aroma!
To Ginger from Calgary: Your advice is exactly right. Responding is sometimes called 'Feeding the Trolls.' It just gives them more energy. A trait held in common with very small, and usually spoiled, children.
Linda, maybe you & nan can catch up with each other some weekend or on her spring break. There are so many different spring breaks across the country & even in the same state.
Nan, if you read this, let us know when you'll be off. Do you have a vacation planned for that week or just some R & R around home?
Kathy, I'll keep watching for Nan! I have not regretted my retirement at all! ☺
4:31 Good Maen all!
Hi all! and nice to hear from you again, Ginger! I often stay out of the hot debates, but I do have a view on what's been on here yesterday & today. I'd like everyone with plug-ins to unplug them and stop wasting the world's finite resources on something so unnecessary. Get some pot pourri or fresh flowers if you want a nice smell in your home!
Bostonian - I have never heard that 'Feeding the Trolls' expression before, but I like it! Those of us with children & grandchildren are very familiar with how children often act up to draw attention to themselves. And unfortunately, there are adults who do it, too.
HH - more good advice! Today has been such a happy day. I must go now. Am leaving with a big smile on my face.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Maen!!!!!!!
♥ Very cool. My guess~~Maen~~sort of short for morning, but in a much broader sense since comments are coming from all around the world.
Good Maen good jokes and thanks kathy for the tip on how to make the ♥♥♥ you fill my ♥ deb
a most enjoyable site. I enjoy the puzzle of course, but am finding much pleasure in the comments and jokes. Thanks to all contributors. An old adage is that you catch more bees with honey than with vineger, so treat the complainers sweetly and they may become more pleasant to have around.
Spring fever is definitely in the air! Where in Kentucky do you reside? I was born and raised in Luaville.
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