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Easy Sudoku for 4/June/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Ding, Ding, Ding

All down hill from here.

Updated my U-tube “BO DIDDLEY – BO DIDDLEY” - his signature song RIP
04/Jun/08 2:35 AM
Tuesday slowly starting my day.

04/Jun/08 2:39 AM
Claude - glad to hear that things are looking better. to keep your day bright.

Meghan - Happy 20th! CELEBRATE

Appy -

Jano - This is sounding like a fast trip - already in FL. Hope you have something left after Las Vegas! More...
04/Jun/08 3:05 AM
Thought I'd take a few minutes to do a puzzle.... was at my daughter's school cleaning out the Publishing Center (I'm chairperson of that PTA committee) since tomorrow is the last day of school, and I heard that loud noise that means RAIN on a FLAT ROOF -- lots of it!!! Of course I More...
04/Jun/08 3:49 AM
Hi Eve
I am sorry , i am still in CA , next week will be in Fl . I didn't pay attention , i thought Debby was talking about CA not Fl .
Friday to Las Vegas until sunday evening .
04/Jun/08 4:07 AM
I love Las Vegas! Have fun there, Jano! if you are casino bound!
04/Jun/08 4:16 AM

appy, you really are on a roll today! Great jokes!

Claude.... Great news! I believe everybody's prayers may have helped a little. I'm glad all the problems are being resolved. May it continue getting better.

Now, I need to go to the feed store for horse, sheep, dog, cat and chicken feed. I shall return.
04/Jun/08 4:16 AM
Jano - are you going to check out the M&M store (day before yesterday's Eazy photo/jigsaw)? It may be more rewarding than the tables or slots. Enjoy yourself in LV. They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas - I find that it is the money taken to Vegas stays in Vegas. If I'm going to gamble & loose - I prefer Lake Tahoe, NV - at least there is natures beauty to comfort me.
04/Jun/08 4:37 AM
loose = lose

have fun!
04/Jun/08 4:39 AM
You know Eve , many of my first and second cousins are meeting us there , it isn't the gambling , but we thought it is a nice place to meet each other .What is the Address of M&M.
04/Jun/08 4:49 AM
everyone ... my morning ends in 3 minutes. Wet over night here but may be a good day. Not a good day for 2 more moles and one gopher ... RIP

04/Jun/08 4:57 AM
Eve ... I am beginning to think you sit there at your computer with your finger poised over the send button, so that when the 38th post is posted, you pounce on that key. That's probably what happened when you computer crashed.
Did you find anyone to recover your data ???

04/Jun/08 5:03 AM
Jano, M&M World is on Las Vegas Blvd. I think it's near the MGM Grand Hotel.
Also, I don't know if you're interested, but I literally dragged my husband to The Liberace Museum. It was quite an experience!
04/Jun/08 5:03 AM
We are going to call you "over the (HillXXX), no, no, no "Over the Top Eve"

04/Jun/08 5:06 AM
04/Jun/08 5:08 AM
04/Jun/08 5:12 AM
Riddle girl is here - yesterday's answer was a negative! Well done to those who found it; won't say the 'older' generation, but, well, you know what I mean!!
04/Jun/08 5:12 AM
Here's today's one folks!
"I drift forever with the current
Down these long canals they've made
Tame, yet wild, I run elusive
Multitasking to your aid.
Before I came, the world was darker
Colder, sometimes, rougher, true
But though I might make living easy,
I'm good at killing people too."
04/Jun/08 5:13 AM
BTW - thanks to all those who replied to my frozen shoulder query. Of course I was talking about my problem, which has been ongoing now for several years. Another trip to the doc's, another round of x-rays and we'll see what the next step is. Thanks again for all the info you sent me.
04/Jun/08 5:16 AM
Now for a comment about today's picture. Any time we see a hippo figurine or doll, we buy it for my sister. We just found a little bank yesterday that we bought and never gave to her. She would love to have that stuffed Hippo. And I think my BIL would divorce her and certainly disown me
04/Jun/08 5:16 AM
Now for a comment about today's picture. Any time we see a hippo figurine or doll, we buy it for my sister. We just found a little bank yesterday that we bought and never gave to her. She would love to have that stuffed Hippo. And I think my BIL would divorce her and certainly disown me.
04/Jun/08 5:16 AM
are you in a repetitive mode tonight Dave?
04/Jun/08 5:17 AM
Oh, really, Dave?
Oh really, Dave?
04/Jun/08 5:20 AM
thank goodnes for that Kathy - thought I'd had too much red wine or something. And it was the something that was worrying me!!
04/Jun/08 5:21 AM
PLUM, I thought about you yesterday, while out with hubby in the car. We drove past a fruit stand in someone's front yard, and there was a home made sign trying to state what they had to offer that day. sign said, in big bold letters,


04/Jun/08 5:21 AM
It's his age, Fiona ...
04/Jun/08 5:21 AM
you can talk Judy!
04/Jun/08 5:22 AM
I mean, I CAN, you can't!
04/Jun/08 5:23 AM
not away to see the abominable snowman yet Judy?
04/Jun/08 5:24 AM
Yes, Fiona ... you certainly can talk ... and don't we all know it!
04/Jun/08 5:24 AM
just waiting for the judy whiplash movement!
04/Jun/08 5:24 AM
there it is!! knew it wouldn't be long coming!
04/Jun/08 5:25 AM
I just dragged him too on Sunday with Shosho to Getto Museum , it was a wonderful day , may be you saw our pics on Shosho's page .
04/Jun/08 5:25 AM
fiona, I sent you a guess on the riddle, private message.
04/Jun/08 5:26 AM
it was truely a fine guess, now, just hope it was correct hehehe
04/Jun/08 5:28 AM
'twas, 'twas MizTricia! Well done, first correct reply of the day. Can I ask what that orange blob is next to your name please?
04/Jun/08 5:30 AM
Fiona, see that little tab? I think MizT has a fondness for pop top cans! Hmmm. To each his own....
04/Jun/08 5:35 AM
Sent you a message too, Fiona.
04/Jun/08 5:36 AM
Wait for it...
04/Jun/08 5:37 AM
One more...
04/Jun/08 5:37 AM
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