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Easy Sudoku for 4/July/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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My front porch isn't all that big, but on the lawn under the shade of the oak tree is a better parade watching spot anyway ... and easier for the people in the parade to see on their way by, that is if they don't decide to jump ship and join the party on the lawn. I suspect many will. Mamacita, More...
04/Jul/07 6:20 AM
What a cute picture!

Keith - I have never heard of a 20 string Harpguitar. It sounds like an interesting instrument!

Happy 4th of July to everyone in the U.S. We have had firework displays going on around here and there since Saturday? I hope everyone has a safe holiday!
04/Jul/07 6:24 AM
Glenn, why would you post a 34 year old editorial (which at the time that it was spoken/written) was aimed at trying to convince Canadian politicians to support the US objections to a UN imposed ceasefire in the middle-east? And why to you aim it specifically at me? Something wrong in your More...
04/Jul/07 6:31 AM

That's right. Always need father's strong hand(paw) to keep kids behave themselves
04/Jul/07 6:39 AM
And Happy Independence Day to all US sudokists.
04/Jul/07 6:42 AM

Greg! I am soooo sorry if you took offense! I did not mean anything of the kind about you! There was no malice or criticism intended at all.

I was just passing on a favorite site to you and everyone else after reading your post! I took your post in a highly positive way More...
04/Jul/07 6:49 AM
Keith's yard is getting pretty crowded. Do you think we could erect some stadium seating? Also, what time is the parade? I want to make sure I'm back home for the fireworks display on Jekyll Island. This is the only place I've ever watched fireworks while floating on my back on an inflatable raft in the ocean!
04/Jul/07 6:51 AM
Keith - I love parades, marching bands, flags, fire engines, horses, etc. Please, please, please save me a spot under your oak tree and a glass of that 'special' lemonaide! I'll bring my own chair, thanks.
04/Jul/07 6:53 AM
1:21 - that was a really easy one, and my best time ever for an easy sudoku.
04/Jul/07 6:57 AM
Keith - I love small town parades! I was chairperson for our parade for about 4 years and to me there is nothing better. Maybe you will break out your guitar and entertain us afterwards. I will bring my air guitar (I remember all the chords on that one)!
04/Jul/07 7:07 AM
Hi to you all. Now in Oslo but do not have time to do the puzzles (will do the archives when I get back) Weather showery both here and when we were in UK. Have a bit of a cold but otherwise enjoying ourselves.
04/Jul/07 7:20 AM
We get a parade, 'special' lemonade, AND Keith playing the guitar?? I have my folding chair (very space friendly, MizT!),an apple pie, and a few extra tie backs in case Cathy's get lost in transit. I'm on my way!!

Happy 4th of July to everyone in the U.S.!
04/Jul/07 7:25 AM
CGreg: It is unlikely that the Sinclair speech had anything to do with the US-Canada-Israel block maneuvering against the USSR-Egypt alliance in the UN in 1973. The speech was given on June 5th, and the Yom Kippur War did not begin until October 6th. Negotiations and posturing began immediately, More...
04/Jul/07 7:29 AM
Debby, spot saved ... but don't get your hopes up ... I'm talking really small town ... some years no marching bands participate ... other years ''band'' has a very loose definition, and my house is close to the end of the parade route, well past the presentation area on main street where each More...
04/Jul/07 7:41 AM
Great hub from a Father to his Son.
Nice picture.
Good mAen to all.
04/Jul/07 7:44 AM
And, Linda, remembering the chords would be only one of a list of problems I'd encounter if I tried to play anything on the guitar.
04/Jul/07 7:45 AM
Keith - Just fake it, that is what I do!
04/Jul/07 7:48 AM
Keith - Now I'm really torn. Small town parade (I come from a small town so can relate) or fireworks over the ocean??? This is a dilemma! How about if we all come to your place for the parade and then charter a salvaged SST to transport us all to Jekyll Island for the fireworks? And you can provide the entertainment in flight.
04/Jul/07 7:52 AM
Glenn, I over-reacted and I apologize, but I did not like then and still do not like the rectoric of that maessage.
Ian, you are correct. Sinclair was opposed to the fact the Canada refused to extradite US Vietnam anti-war draft dodgers. Most Canadians supported freedom of choice by those who More...
04/Jul/07 7:53 AM
04/Jul/07 7:55 AM
Hey Canuk Greg, I'm with you....
04/Jul/07 8:20 AM
everyone Happy Independence Day for all our USA friends, nothing like starting the celebrations early Keith it doesn't matter how small the parade is as long as you cheer them on and by the sound of it your going to have a big crowd at your place to do the cheering.
04/Jul/07 8:27 AM
CGreg: ''lobbying against the building tensions in the middle-east''? Was someone lobbying for them?
04/Jul/07 8:37 AM
Jane, I'd love to go along for the fireworks. Entertainment? ... I've never had any control over what Judy and Linda decide to do next. Amelia, right on ... Cheers!!
04/Jul/07 8:45 AM
there are always counties and people interested in building tensions in the middle east to foster their own interests...that's why it's such a sad situation
04/Jul/07 8:46 AM

hope you all have a great day of celebration
04/Jul/07 8:53 AM
1.56 great photo for cat lovers
hope you are having a wonderful trip, stay safe
04/Jul/07 8:56 AM
Cute picture.
Happy 4th of July to all our American friends. I hope the weather co-operates for all of the parades and fireworks.
04/Jul/07 9:00 AM
big stormy rain here over night and another big blast of cold wind and heavy rain just hit.
hope you get great weather for all your celebrations and those that have floods in the USA get some relief soon.
the floods in east gippsland are hanging around with more rains predicted today and tomorrow and high tides keeping the waters locked in.
04/Jul/07 9:08 AM
can anyone give me weather details and riding directions so that I may make Keiths' place for this parade and party.
04/Jul/07 9:09 AM

Man driving down road.
Woman driving up same road.
They pass each other.
The woman yells out the window, PIG!
Man yells out window, B*TCH!
Man rounds next curve.
Crashes into a HUGE PIG in middle of road and dies.

Thought For the Day:

If only men would listen.

04/Jul/07 9:15 AM
Busy day today at work - thought traffic would be light for the 4th - but I guess everyone worked today - see how it goes on thursday - Looking forward to relaxing on the porch - eatting ribs - Have a good and safe 4th everyone, Mary
04/Jul/07 9:17 AM
I knew I couldn't stay out of the fray. I'm with Greg and Mary and may even go a bit further. We have no business being in Iraq or any where else in the Middle East. Our invasion had nothing to do with terrorism. That was just an excuse. Of course, now that the country is all torn apart, the More...
04/Jul/07 9:17 AM
rosemary, it will be sunny and warm, probably start around 15°C (60°F) in the mid-morning and climb to around 29°C (85°F) mid-afternoon. Short sleeve weather to my way of thinking.
04/Jul/07 9:30 AM
Amelia - your story is short, but so very true
04/Jul/07 9:31 AM
Keith - Your weather sounds perfect for a parade. It is 95 and humid here. Judy is in charge of entertainment, I just follow and do as I am told!
04/Jul/07 9:33 AM

Just dropped in to say I haven't forgotten everyone. Busy at work at present so only time for a quick visit to do puzzles. Raining here at present and cold/windy after a beautiful sunny day yesterday.
04/Jul/07 9:33 AM
Linda, please provide recipe for stuffed strawberries asap...sounds intriguing
04/Jul/07 9:38 AM
CGreg: What is it about Sinclair's rhetoric that you don't like? He offers no apology for America's acts of war or history of economic imperialism. He simply points out that the United States has a remarkable record of treating vanquished enemies better than any other nation has in history, that More...
04/Jul/07 9:39 AM
This picture is adorable. i have cats myself and they do similar things
04/Jul/07 9:54 AM
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