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Easy Sudoku for 4/July/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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to all!
04/Jul/08 12:00 AM
Hey, I made first post! It's bright and sunny here in North Carolina. And already getting hot!
04/Jul/08 12:01 AM
04/Jul/08 12:01 AM
2:02 Maen! Looks like that rocket is ready and rarin' to go!
04/Jul/08 12:03 AM
mAen all! I'm back after 2 weeks taking care of my parents and I discovered Mamacita's terrible loss, my heart cries for you Mama.
04/Jul/08 12:03 AM
04/Jul/08 12:04 AM
1:54 on a breezy, overcast day. Plumber's hard at work downstairs, and I'm taking the day off.
04/Jul/08 12:09 AM
wishing you all a peaceful day/night wherever you maybe in this world of ours.
04/Jul/08 12:09 AM
Strange rocket
04/Jul/08 12:10 AM
special "ello" to "PACKAGE"
04/Jul/08 12:11 AM
Welcome back Claude, hope you & your parents are doing well.
04/Jul/08 12:12 AM
2:20 to you all from Philly.
04/Jul/08 12:14 AM
It the 4 in Australia ....you can start the festivities...
04/Jul/08 12:22 AM
2:12 Good evening all.
04/Jul/08 12:22 AM
Happy & Safe 4th!
04/Jul/08 12:30 AM
, everyone! Just a peek in to say "Hello!", then off I go!
The heating guy unexpectedly came bright & early today. Just glad I had already given the cat his insulin shot! Whew!
04/Jul/08 12:42 AM
2:15 Hi to all and Happy 4th July to those who celebrate.

Thought for the Day:

Silent company is often more healing than words of advice.
04/Jul/08 12:48 AM
Happy Independence Day July the 4th...
04/Jul/08 12:56 AM
3:53 Love kids' artwork. (whoops, hope it wasn't one our sukokuland adults who painted the rocket)
Actually, through my hubby's Bachelor of Fine Arts schooling, I had the chance to meet a famous artist who tries to make his drawing look like it was done by a child.
And, frankly, some More...
04/Jul/08 12:56 AM
or shud I say,
Happy B'day America..
04/Jul/08 12:57 AM
Good morning, all.
04/Jul/08 1:14 AM
& I'll take #22.
04/Jul/08 1:14 AM
And I'll be 23 for the day. That is young enough for me
04/Jul/08 1:20 AM
all. Slept in, now have to rush out on errands.

Hang in there Mamacita. It's going to be tough for a while, but there are a lot of friends praying for you and for Sully.
04/Jul/08 1:20 AM
Great TFTD, Andre ... and so apropos for those of who try so hard to keep our mouths shut with our adult children!
04/Jul/08 1:21 AM
all - a touch of blue to the sky - but still smoke out there & a warm day upcomming.

Tonight at Britt Festival:

Wynton Marsalis & the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra:

U-tube dedicated to Mamacita


04/Jul/08 1:22 AM
Plum - don't know if it's true but heard a story about a little boy who always drew his pictures with black crayons. After many consutations with counselors, doctors, shrinks, etc., the parents finally asked their son WHY??? The rather simple answer was that by the time he got his choice of crayons, the black was all that was left.
04/Jul/08 1:45 AM
Maen, Sudoluland. today I am a first pager again? this late in the day? Everyone topside must be getting ready for the long holiday weekend.

What are your plans for the holiday? Hubby and I have been invited to a cook out and musical entertainment. Friend of ours once had a touring More...
04/Jul/08 1:50 AM
Thursday over here.

What's going on with Mama? Need to check yesterday's (?) posts...
04/Jul/08 1:54 AM
My worst fears have been realized as I went back to yesterday's comments.

So sad to hear of Sully's passing after surgery.
04/Jul/08 2:03 AM
For those who don't know, Mamacita's husband Sully died yesterday.
04/Jul/08 2:06 AM
That sounds like a great way to spend the 4th, Tricia!

Other than unending picnics and BBQ's, one enjoyable event here is the small-town, mountain parade. The route is lined with families, including children and dogs, and one must remain completely alert. As the "floats" (mostly More...
04/Jul/08 2:07 AM
I just read yesterday's posts. What tragic news.
Ouima, my thought and prayers are with you at this sad time.
04/Jul/08 2:36 AM
One of those brighly coloured UFOs flew over my place this morning. It dropped leaflets advertising holidays on Mars. It said "Bring your own air supply" and advised "taking out insurance against likely death". The scenery look a bit boring. I think I'll go somewhere else.
04/Jul/08 3:17 AM

Rayray - I have been looking at the bookcase in the back room, and I think I will join Tarzan at the center of the earth.
04/Jul/08 4:25 AM
Where I'm at there will be fireworks and a parade and free ice cream after the parade. Usually we go to my stepson's where we have a view of the Santa Monica bay and lots of fireworks up and down the bay.
04/Jul/08 5:09 AM
Hey did I make the first page?
04/Jul/08 5:09 AM
Ooops so sorry, In NC I'll see a parade and have free ice cream afterwards with the fireworks.
But in LA, I go to my stepson's. I must be groggy with the heat here, it's sneaking in despite the air condition! Not uncomfortable but noticeable. Gee I hope I'm spelling correctly, my grandson has lost my glasses!
04/Jul/08 5:11 AM
Happy birthday USA
The picture looks like a 'Ken Done' but that is only a guess.
04/Jul/08 5:25 AM
Sosho please package some of that heat & send it here. It is pre-dawn & middle of winter!
04/Jul/08 5:28 AM
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