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Easy Sudoku for 5/October/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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05/Oct/08 5:47 AM
Mow? = Now?

05/Oct/08 5:48 AM
I am headed off to the Elks, if I don't post tomorrow please call and have the cops check the side of Highway 61 for a beached whale! Have a good day everyone!
05/Oct/08 6:04 AM
Linda, have a great time at the Elk's club tonight. I am sure we will be hearing from you sometime tomorrow.
05/Oct/08 6:18 AM
Angie, what a shame you couldn't combine the gathering yesterday with the one for Viv today. Cannot wait to see the pics from both!
05/Oct/08 6:37 AM
3:14 Good Morning all

05/Oct/08 7:43 AM

Angie, hope you took lots of pics of little Flynn. Let us know!
Greg, Great interview!
The Booya sounds good, Linda. I'm going to try it
05/Oct/08 7:54 AM
The name sounds like something that the Marines would serve. ... BOOYA!!!
05/Oct/08 8:00 AM
still able to ride my bike to work and back -- but a little chilly this morning. busy day
05/Oct/08 8:44 AM

Good Morning everyone, hope you are well wherever you may be, beautiful day, sun is out still a bit chilly but maybe spring is finally here, isn't Booya what they say on the game Deal or No Deal when you pick briefcase 26, but the dish does sound delicious, More...
05/Oct/08 8:49 AM
lovely homestead
05/Oct/08 8:53 AM
Beautiful Exotic Foreign Country!!
05/Oct/08 9:07 AM
05/Oct/08 9:16 AM
Today is Grand Final day. Rugby League (the greatest game of all) is having their Grand Fianl today. Manly (from Sydney) versus Storm (from Melbourne). Manly is the team everybody loves to hate. Lots of controversy leading up to this game with suspensions etc. I'm going for Storm. My teams through More...
05/Oct/08 9:42 AM
Hi All...I've been off site commenting for awhile, but did comment today. My absence showed since it was posted on the wrong page...Therefore, I've attempted to copy it here and hope to post it correctly this time..Let's see how I did.

05/Oct/08 9:48 AM
Well I lost a long follow-up comment stating that my current effort was not too good...something that has happened in the past. However,if interested, the gist of what I was saying could begleaned...Wecome from a variety of places and lifestyles...we differ on much..good! It would be boring to have More...
05/Oct/08 10:15 AM
Deb - Thanks for reminding me about the League Grand Final. (Living in southern NSW we mostly just get news about AFL.) Hope I can catch some of it on TV. I think the US mob would be amazed - not a shoulder pad or helmet in sight!
05/Oct/08 10:19 AM
Whew! Finally made it home. My poor head is filled with all sorts of standards, must-do, accountability, and argh! Must do sudoku to unwind!
05/Oct/08 10:46 AM
For anyone wondering...it will be on WIN, with the pre-match hoohah starting at 4.30, Not sure which states will get it though. This is real footy folks!
05/Oct/08 10:51 AM
to all!
It seems that it will be a hot day in here... TV footy for hubby and fun time for me...looking forward to it. I think I'll try some quilting. It will be my first time... but no pressure... I sure can cut square! My understanding is the problem comes with doing something nice with those squares!
05/Oct/08 11:01 AM
lol Danstell, I think your grasp of the situation is perfect! Good Luck.
05/Oct/08 11:40 AM
Shosho: Judging from that picture, work has a terrible effect on your appearance
05/Oct/08 11:52 AM
Oh Rayray, me thinks an insult has been proffered! I'll have you know it took ages to get my hair to stand like that!
05/Oct/08 11:58 AM
Not to mention the cosmetics! I spent a fortune in just the eye shadow and mascara!
05/Oct/08 12:00 PM
Just saw the Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It's a great movie to see.
05/Oct/08 12:13 PM
Ah, Rayray.... Always the gentleman. Such sweet talk will always work.
05/Oct/08 12:19 PM
Shosho, I have been wanting to see "the bucket list" will have to take your recommendation and get it soon.
05/Oct/08 12:23 PM
I love all these pictures people put in.
I wish I knew how to do that. Whever I try it fails.
05/Oct/08 12:25 PM
It is 3.25am and I have been working on bureacrazy all day, so I am turning in.

05/Oct/08 12:26 PM
By the way, I liked the old tree in the picture better than the homestead.
05/Oct/08 12:27 PM
Sweet dreams, Rayray. I'll be turning in soon, too.
05/Oct/08 12:30 PM
Nighty night! I will continue working at my desk.
05/Oct/08 12:35 PM
Hey Shosho, just found out that Oct 5 is World Teachers Day. Our Government suggests thanking a teacher who made a difference ...
05/Oct/08 1:04 PM
Maybe more would be happier with better pay and conditions?
05/Oct/08 1:05 PM
In an ideal world, the athletes would get the pay that teachers get now, and teachers would get the pro-athletes type of pay. That way, the best and brightest would be clamoring for the teaching jobs, and students would want to grow up to teach others, instead of emulating semi-illiterate athletes.
05/Oct/08 1:16 PM
Yep Heidi Nurses should also be included in that...
05/Oct/08 1:22 PM
05/Oct/08 1:25 PM
Hey everyone! Just got home, no Linda splatter on the highway so life is good!
05/Oct/08 1:35 PM
I also have a query about apostrophes. I would have thought that one belonged between Teachers and Day to indicate ownership. Am I going senile or is that convention no longer followed? Does anyone even care anymore?
05/Oct/08 1:39 PM
Mary, as far as I know an ' is possive
05/Oct/08 1:46 PM
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