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Easy Sudoku for 5/October/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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beautiful day in OK
05/Oct/16 12:03 AM
Another nice day coming,
05/Oct/16 12:03 AM
Have to pick up SIL this evening
05/Oct/16 12:04 AM
Guess I am here all alone again today
05/Oct/16 12:04 AM
05/Oct/16 12:05 AM
Another of my pictures from Germany, yesterdays was from there also. don't know where the comment went from yesterday.
05/Oct/16 12:07 AM
Hi Sue! Bye Sue!

to all that follow!

05/Oct/16 12:54 AM
Poozle Time!

The answers are words that rhyme. For example: Heavy Feline = Fat Cat

1. Shower Hour
2. Liquor Bicker
3. Polar Molar
4. Clipper Skipper
5. Confess Excess
6. Cracker Packer
7. Waiter Traitor
8. Stable Fable
9. Avert Dessert
10. Promote Remote

Answers to my ''Who the heck showers for an hour?'' inbox, please.
05/Oct/16 12:57 AM
OMG! I don't believe it! I just posted the answers!!!!

IGNORE IT! I'll find another one!!!
05/Oct/16 1:05 AM
05/Oct/16 1:05 AM
05/Oct/16 1:06 AM
I don't want to hear it, Judy.
05/Oct/16 1:11 AM
Okay. Let's try this again....

Fill in the answers to the clues using the syllables at the top. All the syllables will be used, and used only once. The number of syllables in each answer is in parentheses.
05/Oct/16 1:14 AM
I REALLY do wish we had a ''edit'' or ''delete'' button here for those occasions when I make bone-headed mistakes.
05/Oct/16 1:30 AM
My brain lapse must be because I skipped breakfast.
I will remedy that....

Bye for now!
05/Oct/16 1:32 AM
Tooooo funny, Kathy! Hubby just brought home lemon-filled donuts from an early meeting!
05/Oct/16 1:37 AM
Hubby can afford the calories - I can't! (He's as skinny as a rail and does not gain weight.)
05/Oct/16 1:39 AM
But it's sunny outside! (Maybe I should go for a walk!)
05/Oct/16 1:42 AM
With Shiela here, I'll have to be fast.
05/Oct/16 1:56 AM
As fast as I can be on my iPad.
05/Oct/16 1:56 AM
05/Oct/16 1:57 AM
05/Oct/16 1:57 AM
She must have actually gone for a walk.
05/Oct/16 1:58 AM
05/Oct/16 2:01 AM
Good morning Sue, Kathy, Judy, Shiela, & Keith - as well as a g'day to those who pop in throughout the day!
05/Oct/16 2:35 AM
My internet is back so I can read your comments. it was off most of the last 24 hours.
05/Oct/16 2:43 AM
I'll take a lemon filled donut that sounds delicious, just waiting till the witching hour myself to go for a neighborhood walk
05/Oct/16 2:59 AM
Good afternoon to all! An appropriate picture given that Halloween is so close.
05/Oct/16 3:25 AM
Kathy, I'm glad to see that someone besides me posts answers before they post the puzzle!
05/Oct/16 3:26 AM
Put me down for one of those donuts--I'll Zumba it off later.
05/Oct/16 4:14 AM
I'll take that chocolate glazed that nobody else wants.
05/Oct/16 4:29 AM
Awww! How cute! Nice surprise among the flowers.
05/Oct/16 5:41 AM
Morning all, cute Halloween garden.
June, have you been hooked up to the NBN cable yet,if you have they have had problems at Nelson Bay of it dropping out.
05/Oct/16 5:56 AM
Um ... Kathy, your second offering seems eerily familiar.
05/Oct/16 8:29 AM
1:49, the mind's just not on the job this morning! Hi everyone.
05/Oct/16 9:27 AM
A seasonally accurate picture.
05/Oct/16 9:52 AM

17 24 01 08 15
23 05 07 14 16
04 06 13 20 22
10 12 19 21 03
11 18 25 02 09

Apparently this puzzle was outside of the scope of this site. No winners, no prizes. Oh well.
05/Oct/16 9:57 AM
Yes - definitely a repeat from Kathy, Keith! Just Can't pretend by sending my previous answers....
05/Oct/16 10:34 AM
I should continue rambling to move us along......
05/Oct/16 10:34 AM
Sooo bye-bye page one
05/Oct/16 10:35 AM
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