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Easy Sudoku for 5/November/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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05/Nov/14 12:07 AM
Joe and all who follow! Getting ready to get ready for work (I'm lollygagging this morning). Will go vote before turning the car for the daily grind.
05/Nov/14 12:11 AM
Folks, I'd like to try my hand at providing a weekend puzzle. I think I can keep us going for about 3 months, if y'all enjoy the puzzle form. If someone else is thinking about it too, let me know and we'll do some kind of swap off. Of course, CG, jump back in whenever you're ready!
05/Nov/14 12:35 AM
Clicking on tough takes me back to easy today. Americans - what are you doing sitting here when you should be out voting? I'm going there now.
05/Nov/14 12:35 AM
05/Nov/14 12:42 AM

Woo Hoo! A weekend volunteer! Looking forward to it, Silvergal!
05/Nov/14 1:30 AM
In the meantime....it's Tuesday! My turn!

Which word is the odd one out:


Answers to my ''Who brawls when they're seventy?'' inbox, please.

05/Nov/14 1:33 AM
I took advantage of the early voting option, DotCom. I don't have to stand in line today.
05/Nov/14 1:36 AM
Time to get busy and go vote before Harry's 2 appointments in Tulsa today.
05/Nov/14 1:52 AM
rained most of the night, was very heavy at times.
05/Nov/14 1:54 AM
I do, however, have to go for a six month dental check-up.
05/Nov/14 1:55 AM
No backed up lines today: left the house at 8:53, left the polls at 9:10. No 2+ hour wait as in past presidential elections. The longest part of the wait was signing in to vote: there's usually 3 stations with a total of 6 booth workers, but only one station and one worker seem to be doing much signing in.
05/Nov/14 2:18 AM
There were 4 people in line at our precinct when we arrived, so we had only a short wait to vote.
05/Nov/14 2:42 AM
The yellow bush in the distance looks like Golden Chain to me.

Yes, DotCom,everybody in the States should go vote.
05/Nov/14 3:19 AM
Don't vote? Don't complain.
05/Nov/14 3:54 AM
There hasn't been a presidential election since 1998 where the line hasn't been over two hours. 16 years ago, I was VERY preggers, due right before Thanksgiving. Even after I started sitting on the floor, I wasn't given a fold out seat, I wasn't given a chance to move up. Friday was my doc's More...
05/Nov/14 4:28 AM
Two elections ago (2008) it was particularly cold for this area on election day. People were phoning friends/family to bring coffee & hot chocolate.
05/Nov/14 4:30 AM
Last election (2012), people brought coolers serving two purposes - storage of food and drink, and a seat. We brought folding chairs. The election process in our county was a total debacle and jobs were lost over it.
05/Nov/14 4:32 AM
Okay, stopping short of a CP, but it's enough to let Keith make a run.
05/Nov/14 4:32 AM
DotCom - I also voted early. Now I am going to go work the poozle.
05/Nov/14 4:39 AM
G'day mates.
Here's today's daffynition:
Dulcet: A boring tennis match.
Here's today's factoid:
In the 1980's, Australian beer companies had to change the design of their bottles so a species of beetle would stop trying to mate with them.
05/Nov/14 4:58 AM
Love your factoid Kayo. Not sure which brand though. We do not have anyone who drinks beer in this household.
05/Nov/14 5:06 AM
05/Nov/14 5:16 AM
Kayo, I just had to find out more about this one!

''The answer became obvious when they got a close look at a female Australian jewel beetle. Females, as it happens, are golden brown. They are big — much bigger than the males. But most important, they are covered with dimples, More...
05/Nov/14 5:24 AM
You can't say you don't learn interesting things here in Sudokuland.
05/Nov/14 5:28 AM
I VOTED! Have the other US citizens done so?
05/Nov/14 5:28 AM
Good morning.
05/Nov/14 5:38 AM
The arch in the picture somehow looks very lonely.
05/Nov/14 5:39 AM
woke up early.
05/Nov/14 5:39 AM
So I got up, so as not to disturb Mr P.
05/Nov/14 5:40 AM
Hello-o-o, Rayray.
05/Nov/14 5:42 AM
And hello also to this morning's other posters.
05/Nov/14 5:43 AM
Time for me to go. Cya.
05/Nov/14 5:44 AM
Hello, CP!!
05/Nov/14 5:44 AM
Glad I didn't mess up CP's CP!?
05/Nov/14 5:44 AM
I am not sure I am going to get time to go back and look at Kathy's word problem.
05/Nov/14 5:45 AM
I was 'not gonna go there' on Kayo's factoid, and didn't have to anyway!
05/Nov/14 5:49 AM
I was with you, Silvergal!
05/Nov/14 5:53 AM
Come now, we can't leave it THIS close, can we?
05/Nov/14 6:00 AM
Seems I'm talking to myself, sooooooo....
05/Nov/14 6:06 AM
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