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Easy Sudoku for 5/March/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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i think you're looking the wrong way angie. turn around.
05/Mar/08 10:31 PM
I can see you
05/Mar/08 10:31 PM
erehw? MON
05/Mar/08 10:31 PM
are you looking through the round window, or the arched window rose?
05/Mar/08 10:32 PM
the round one Mon ......... I can see
05/Mar/08 10:33 PM
At least it's not the square window - that's the boring one!
05/Mar/08 10:34 PM
I can see Angie, and Rose, and Broni and...........I can see you!
05/Mar/08 10:34 PM
all I have is a square window
05/Mar/08 10:34 PM
Oh....and Em too! So nice to see Em!
05/Mar/08 10:34 PM
os epoh I,yllis gnieb enoyreve si. Morning girls, can't stop work to do but just thought I would say Hi. How are those book titles coming along?
05/Mar/08 10:35 PM
I can see Emels, I can see squares with numbers in , I can see puzzles, I can see ....
05/Mar/08 10:35 PM
I see you!
05/Mar/08 10:36 PM
I can see André .... I can see books, I can see words, I can see illustrations, I can see ....
05/Mar/08 10:37 PM
Are the illustrations illuminating Rose or is that not for this site just the wee chatroom?
05/Mar/08 10:38 PM
koob seltit - must give it some more thought Andre..lol
05/Mar/08 10:38 PM
after this morning discussions I think we should leave it in the chatroom for our fun book reading nights ......... lol
05/Mar/08 10:40 PM
I can see a Gazebo, I can see people, I can see snow, I can see fire, I can see passion,
what can you see?
05/Mar/08 10:41 PM
Nothing wrong..with
"Tt was hot, cold and wet" Rose
Think that is a perfect title
05/Mar/08 10:42 PM
Nods as good as wink (with my glass eye of course), in the chatroom it stays... to be continued
05/Mar/08 10:42 PM
I can see an owl, a man with a wooden leg and some fools
05/Mar/08 10:42 PM
I can see mist, heavy mist but only through one eye on crutches...
05/Mar/08 10:43 PM
your crutches have an eye?
05/Mar/08 10:45 PM
so was that chapter called .....
I can't light the wick?
05/Mar/08 10:45 PM
apologies to all crutches out there... if we have used your name in vain...
05/Mar/08 10:46 PM
laughing now Rose...
05/Mar/08 10:47 PM
Still here too
05/Mar/08 10:52 PM
Rose chapter one was the "beneath the veils"
05/Mar/08 10:53 PM
mmm well the rest of the titles I will leave for the chatroom ........ my halo is very shiny at the moment

05/Mar/08 10:56 PM
Thats a good working title Rose 'My halo is very shiny at the moment' we could work on that...
05/Mar/08 10:58 PM
I think the game you called knuckles was what we called Five Stones or Jacks. Actually 2 different games based on the same principles.
Back from shopping now going cooking, but had to comment as I have been thinking about the games all around the shops whilst singing Captain Beaky - please visit my YouTube to sing along.
05/Mar/08 11:00 PM
Having read the above were my thoughts those that should occupy the mind of an over 60 granny in the supermarket?
05/Mar/08 11:01 PM
Go for it GMo, we are only as young as we feel!
05/Mar/08 11:18 PM
We always called hopscotch - Hoppy!
05/Mar/08 11:41 PM
Hi Kate, up late?
05/Mar/08 11:47 PM
03/Apr/13 5:55 AM
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