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Easy Sudoku for 5/April/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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05/Apr/10 12:01 AM
Happy Easter to all celebrating today!!
05/Apr/10 12:01 AM
morning, a beautiful new day.
05/Apr/10 12:02 AM
2.12 Talk about a line in the sand!

Good maeN everyone

Hoppy Easter to those celebrating
05/Apr/10 12:04 AM
to the topsiders celebrating today!
Wishing others a peaceful Passover holiday
05/Apr/10 12:13 AM
Hey Cockatoo Girl! Can I share some Easter candy with you? ...and of course with the rest of my Sudoku family! Good Maen all!
05/Apr/10 12:15 AM
This is a very cool photo. Being Easter, it makes me think of that poem about footsteps in the sand. Peace and joy to all today!
05/Apr/10 12:19 AM
Slow time for me, today, with two "false starts" and resets.
Maybe this is one of those
05/Apr/10 12:31 AM
Happy Easter/Passover to all those still celebrating. Another nice photo dino!
05/Apr/10 12:53 AM
Good Morning!

05/Apr/10 1:05 AM
Here is the re-post of yesterday's puzzler...

Would you like to try a few "timely" questions? I won't post the answers for a couple of days. Maybe the kids or grand kids would like to guess...

1. Why did the old man put the Easter Bunny on his head?
2. What is the More...
05/Apr/10 1:09 AM
Happy Easter!
05/Apr/10 1:11 AM
Hmmm. I seem to have a incapacitated bunny....he evidently can hop on two legs.
05/Apr/10 1:13 AM
Good Morning and Happy Easter to everyone who is celebrating!!!
05/Apr/10 1:16 AM
May you all find many eggs today.
05/Apr/10 1:18 AM
Hoppy Easter!

He is risen.
05/Apr/10 2:16 AM
Happy Easter to all! That is a very relaxing picture.
05/Apr/10 3:03 AM
Here is a link to the Washington Post's annual Peeps Diorama Contest:


I'll test it first and see if it works....
05/Apr/10 3:21 AM
Indeed it does.
There are some clever entries this year. The Washington Post publishes the winners on Easter Sunday. Something I look forward to each year.
05/Apr/10 3:23 AM
That looks like a delightful place to spend a holiday relaxing.
05/Apr/10 3:25 AM
I couldn't get the page to work for me, Kathy.
05/Apr/10 3:48 AM
me either, Kath
05/Apr/10 3:54 AM
That's strange, it's working for me. Try just Googling "Washington Post Peeps Contest 2010"
See if that works.
05/Apr/10 4:03 AM
I had to skip around in the puzzle today. That's what happens when a person gets up at 4:30am and then goes back to bed at 6am.
05/Apr/10 4:12 AM


05/Apr/10 4:39 AM
Thanks Kath - what a hoot!!!
05/Apr/10 5:09 AM
TO All our friends in "ADELAIDE"
My Nephew "HANY FAHMY" and his family are resident in ADELAIDE from about 3 months ago migrated from Cairo.
His phone No. is(614)24996561.
Wishing if you have time to Phone him he may be looking for More...
05/Apr/10 5:10 AM
BTW - GO YANKEES! Looking forward to watching the season opener this afternoon!
05/Apr/10 5:10 AM
Best of luck to your nephew and his family, Wagdy.
05/Apr/10 5:11 AM
I was able to view the Peeps Diorama by entering the Washington Post site through Facebook. Some good ones, some not so good. Wonder what the bad ones were like ... the ones they didn't show at all.
05/Apr/10 6:37 AM
Happy Easter to those on my side of the World - heard it rained in Rome - and our skies were quite red this morning - but nice breezy Spring day - enjoyed a short work day - so I didn't fix any ham - or course, I would be the only one who would eat More...
05/Apr/10 6:37 AM
our supervision sneak in early to our office and hide Easter Eggs around -- our aide picked them up prior to our arrival -- but I did find one she missed -- on top of the clock -- and it had a snicker mini bit in it -- great way to start the day
05/Apr/10 6:39 AM
1:46, all.
05/Apr/10 6:41 AM
Just when I think that there's no more of my photos coming op, another one appears
05/Apr/10 7:57 AM
How are you feeling now, Dino?
05/Apr/10 8:16 AM
Good morning.
05/Apr/10 8:51 AM
And I thought yesterday was a slow day here.
05/Apr/10 8:51 AM
Just hearing of a 6.9 magnitude earthquake in LA.
05/Apr/10 8:52 AM
So far no damage or casualties reported.
05/Apr/10 8:53 AM
Guess lots of folk will have felt the earth move.
05/Apr/10 8:53 AM
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