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Easy Sudoku for 5/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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There was an man named 'Beehive'
On AFL he did thrive
His team sobbed and sobbed
Cause they thought they'd been robbed
You think two points will keep them alive?

Only joking Beehive! I know you support both WA teams..
A lady named Col from Ballarat
Was stroking her furry p u s s y cat
As she rubbed puss' fur
It started to purr
Then did a big c r a p on the mat
There once was a fellow named Greg
Who got down on his knees to beg
for forgiveness from all
because of his gall
then couldn't get up from the floor

Sorry, best I could do while at work!!!
Once Victoria from Q
Filled her v.a.g.i.n.a with glue
She said with a grin
If they pay to get in
They'll pay to get out of it too
For Paul

There once was a fellow from Hobart
Who sells fish in the street from his cart
And the ladies give chase
Cause his beardy face
Is better looking than Humphrey Bogart
There was a young lady from Aus
Who's name was 'Deb' because
Her parents loved spuds
What a couple of duds
Their second choice for me was 'Ros'

Not true...Apologies to my Mum and (late) Dad.
Hey, Greg, just reading the comments and noticed you wrote one about me, and I've just posted one about you. I think mine is better, though!!!!!
Nice one Deb. And now one for my friend.

There once was an Indian named AP,
In linguistics was known for dexterity,
Her English was strong,
Tho grammatically wrong,
She's now mastered nanotechnology.
A pansy who lived in Broome
Took a lesbian up to his room
And they argued a lot
About who would do what
And how and with which and to whom
Anne - yours doesn't rhyme tho, but acceptable and at least original.
There was an old pro called Jenny
Whose usual charge was a penny
For half of that sum
You might fondle her bum
A source of amusement to many
I know I've not mentioned you Fraz
Nor have I written about Jaz
Thought I'd wait until our night
in Melbourne, you'll be there right?
Feel free to join us all. Even Baz!
There was a young man named Paul
Who took a bit of a fall
While fishing for tuna
Should've come home sooner
Didn't you hear the chatroom call?
A mathematician named Paul
Has a hexahedronical ball
And the cube of its weight
Times his pecker, plus eight
Is his phone number - give him a call
For Maggie

There was a young girl from the 'Gong
Who considered that petting was wrong
She told boyfriend Bill
I'm not on the pill
We'd better keep walking along
There was a young lass from Kalgoorlie,
Who swindled the miners quite unduly,
When paying for s e x,
She said, 'I need bex',
This headache of mine is a doozy.
To Ian yes it was Ogden Nash.

thginK fo namow gnuoy a saw erehT
,thgir eht ot tfel eht morf etirw dluow ohW
rorrim a ni dekool ehs liT'
.rorre reh derevocsid dnA
!thgir eht morf tfel eht ot setirw ehs woN
For Yvette

There once was a girl named Yvette
Loved a man in his shiny corvette
I know it's absurb
But the last that we heard
They haven't untangled them yet
There once was a great sudoku site
Which was set up by someone quite bright
His name is Gath
And he's good with math
And we love him with all of our might
can a humming bee,buzzing baz resonate
highly improbable
but quite feasible
when drenched
with a lot of chilled merlot!!!!
So my Mark has not made the bed
I think he needs his head read
He knows he can't play
around in the hay
Until we are wed, or I'm fed
Said Einstein I have an equation
Which some people may think Rabelaisian
Let V be Virginity
approaching Infinity
And P be a constant Persuasion

Now if V over P be inverted
And the root of P be inserted
X times into V
The result, QED
Is a relative, Einstein asserted.
André - write some of your own. Come on, anyone can do it.
For Baz

Grumpy old men from Normanton
Find women quite nice to lie on
But the women think it rude
To have se x in the nude
So they have to keep their coat ands tie on
A woman has bosoms, a bust or a breast
Those white or dark swellings that bulge neath her vest
They are towers of ivory, sheaves of new wheat;
In a moment of passion, ripe apples to eat.
You may speak of her nipples as small rings of fire
With hardly a question of raising her ire,
But make no mistake, she will throw fits
If you speak of them roundly as good honest -----.
I was in the chatroom one night
When we all had a terrible fright
one of us swore
and was shown to to the door
It was such a terrible sight

we tested the words we had used
the language we all had abused
but nothing would say
what happened that day
so left us feeling More...
Our Lady friend Deb is on her way
To visit our friendly Port Phillip Bay
Marks foot will be healed
when the Hawk's win is sealed
so looking forward to meet them I say

Daddy Daddy Daddy Dear
your four girls are all here
Can I borrow the car, Can I have a Phone
Can I have more money, Oh daddy please its Hormones
Relax daddy...we love you...have a beer.
Anyone except Baz that is. Doesn't have an original bone in his body.
Thats better André, keep them coming.

There once was an alco named Baz,
Whose house was built like the 'traz,
Originality lacking,
But a gut he is packing,
Lets have a raz for our mate whose called Baz.
There was a young man called Gath
Who gave us quite a laugh
He developed a site
And got it just right
Its Sudoku logic and math

It uses that thing called brain matter
and you need to be mad as a hatter
to get a good time
Write a good rhyme
And generally have a good More...
Hi everyone! well looks what happens when I miss a couple of days everyone starts talking in limmerick?? most amusing way to start the weekend. I came here in hope to be cheered, and success first up, there is beehive, and lynne, col and rose and those who I've missed, thank you dear friends
sorry it is the best I could do, right now brain on holiday??? I think. well at least till tomorrow.
so everyone must either in bed, having dinner, or actually have a better social life than I do, which would be just about everyone??? even my kids have a better social life than me? boohoo
One for the early morning people who are rising to this rubbish today.

Overseas we call them the seppos,
Why we do this nobody knows,
Its rhyming slang methinks,
Cause their leader he stinks,
A bush on the nose I suppose.
I came here hoping to have a natter with my friends the chatters! but they are all away having to deal with other matters? so I will wait like a good natterer, to have a natter with my friends the chatters? sorry I know it is bad
LOL beehive, liked that one
Not long now until the 'Test' ...10 mins

Kiwis vs Aussies......not overly happy with Carmichael Hunt being picked to play for Australia. He is a kiwi. An Australian should have been picked to play for Australia
I'm not happy either because Geelong and Melbourne are playing and I can't watch coz of the silly test.
Deb controls the TV
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