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Easy Sudoku for 5/May/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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05/May/08 12:00 AM
every one
05/May/08 12:00 AM
Good Morning Sue and Everyone Else.

Off to bed now.
05/May/08 12:01 AM
Morning - working tonight, so will be here on and off as time allows.
05/May/08 12:01 AM
...and Jano!
05/May/08 12:01 AM
...and CP!
05/May/08 12:01 AM
Hi jano, Sue and Rose!
05/May/08 12:02 AM
to all and have a nice day.
05/May/08 12:03 AM
Goodmorning Jano, Rose, CP & Orianne
05/May/08 12:05 AM
Nice birdies - what are they?
05/May/08 12:06 AM
Getting hungry so off to fix breakfast.
05/May/08 12:07 AM
hi everyone! The answer to yesterday's riddle is now on my page for those who managed to concentrate long enough to work it out! I think I'll post the answers daily on my page from now on - it'll make it easier for people to check.
05/May/08 12:11 AM
1:36 WOW! My very best time ever.
Good evening everyone. I hope you're enjoying your weekend and the weather is treating you kindly.
05/May/08 12:13 AM
05/May/08 12:14 AM
Good morning everyone. This looks like a gambol quail. Haven't seen one in the wild for a while. I live too far north...
05/May/08 12:16 AM
Good morning all!! I know that I should not be here as I have to be up in 5&1/2 hours, but it is lovely to be on the first page and say hello!!
Pheasants perhaps?? Lovely to see you Jano!!
05/May/08 12:16 AM
here's today's riddle for all the mathematicians amongst you:
"Steve, a party magician, is carrying three pieces of gold,each piece weighing one kilogram.
On the way to a party he comes to a bridge which has a sign posted saying the bridge can support only a maximum of 80 kilograms. More...
05/May/08 12:19 AM
He keeps one piece in the air , one after the other
05/May/08 12:36 AM
have a correct reply from K from Brissie - well done!
05/May/08 12:38 AM
Hello all
Thank you bluey
05/May/08 12:38 AM

I agree, Jano! He must have been juggling them.
I am still fretting over what was left on the village green! Was there a correct answer?
05/May/08 12:41 AM
Good mAen to all of You.

05/May/08 12:42 AM
Guess I should have answered on Fiona's page!
05/May/08 12:42 AM
I should not be up either bluey, but here I am.
Rose: are you sure Paul's name is not Phantom?
CP: how is your Mum or have I missed posts again?
Ian: Rayray mentioned to me how wongerful your photo was that you sent...perfect again, cannot wait to see it!
05/May/08 12:45 AM
A large, disgusting, slimy blob of unknown content and origin just splattered on my window. Kathy ... did your pig just fly over my house??
05/May/08 12:47 AM
Could have been the Pelican from yesterday Judy!
05/May/08 12:49 AM
Something , when you name it , it appears .
05/May/08 12:49 AM
Yikes... I think I made the first page! Also, a juggling magician is in order for the riddle.
05/May/08 12:49 AM
Oink, oink, Judy!
05/May/08 12:49 AM
sorry , sorry , it disappears
05/May/08 12:51 AM
Judy, most of us grow out of spitting as we get older, what happened to you?!!
05/May/08 1:02 AM
everyone in Sudokuland! I wish to thank all of you for the "Happy Anniversary" wishes! David will know you took good care of me in his absence!
You are the BEST!!!

Kathy/ Maryland
shosho/ L.A.
Debby/ MI
Mamacita2/ PA
Jane/ St. More...
05/May/08 1:05 AM
Good Day Sudokuland. On for a second - always on the run - to say Hi to everyone who is up at this time of the maen.

05/May/08 1:08 AM
On the OUTSIDE of the window, Fiona! Geesh!
05/May/08 1:13 AM
Ladies! (Fiona & Judy) lol...

A new photo and YouTube on my page. Mother and Child reunion accompanied by some very nice photos - unfortunately, not mine.
05/May/08 1:16 AM
The photos on the YouTube video are not mine....the water lily is....and now I leave you....have a busy day. Hubby 'forgot' to tell me we had an invitation to a Baptism today - at 2:00 p.m. When did he tell me? Last night at 8:00 p.m.

I LOOOVVVVE my hubby.
05/May/08 1:20 AM

And a to everyone.

Sorry I could not stay and chat.
05/May/08 1:21 AM
Oh...wait...one more and I become a cp. (Not capitalized....that wouldn't be right.
05/May/08 1:25 AM
05/May/08 1:26 AM
05/May/08 1:30 AM
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