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Easy Sudoku for 5/June/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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hi all..
05/Jun/07 12:00 AM
hi guys.. i am new here. gud morning everyone~
05/Jun/07 12:02 AM
2:01 Maen. Pretty flower!
05/Jun/07 12:02 AM
and wheres everybody?
05/Jun/07 12:02 AM
I watched Gregs's video from yesterday, (Sonny & Cher) and the puzzle changed! So I haven't yet done today's, but I will now!
05/Jun/07 12:03 AM
2:57 good evening everyone.
What a pretty colour flower, my favourite colour.
Hello appy - how are you?
05/Jun/07 12:05 AM
Ian must have been busy otherwise i reckon ..
and chris must've gone to bed perhaps..
right..G'day/nite to everybody..
Asereje ja de je!!!!c'mon help yourself with the ketchup in my youtube..i know not single meaning of the song but its stuck in my head..such is its nature..the beaut of the song is that you can fill in any words you want and keep singing it in the tune..enjoy
05/Jun/07 12:05 AM
Hello Zak, and welcome!
05/Jun/07 12:07 AM
and MS.Anne did ya receive my mail with the pic attached?now you are answerable for not responding for the same..so you are here by summoned to report at the skype at the earliest to present your case..
05/Jun/07 12:08 AM
Hello everyone. Nice photo to finish off the day. I got my first pictures of my new nephew sent to me today. Can't wait to see him this weekend.
05/Jun/07 12:08 AM
Hello Zak from Melbourne, and nice to see a new face in sudokuland today.

I still have Miachel Buble On my Youtube, doing a Frank Sinatra classic. Check him out if you have not heard him before. He sounds a lot like Sinatra.
05/Jun/07 12:09 AM
Everyone hope you all where ever you are in this wonderful of ours.
05/Jun/07 12:10 AM
Hello Zak and welcome!

thanks Gath for the posting the avatar so quickly!

the avatar is Murphy, our 2 yr old Westie.
05/Jun/07 12:10 AM
more than 3 minutes. i did it very slow
05/Jun/07 12:11 AM

Cat Stevens - where do the children play.

05/Jun/07 12:11 AM
Hi all.Nice yellow rose.
Have a nice time.
05/Jun/07 12:12 AM
Zak and to
Hope you have as much fun here as we all do.
05/Jun/07 12:13 AM
Ap I reported for a reprimand on skype.
05/Jun/07 12:14 AM
Hello every one , what a beautiful picture .
H ave a nice day or night.
05/Jun/07 12:15 AM
Good maEn people!
Nice wild flower today, pretty colors.
05/Jun/07 12:17 AM
Good Monday Maen, all!

Enjoying my day off today...
05/Jun/07 12:17 AM
yes.. i am having so much fun doing sudoku. i started doing it since last year from newspaper and now i am addicted to it. have a great day guys. i dont know what kind of song do you guys listen to, but i like 1 video by john butler trio- ocean. give it a go at youtube guys
05/Jun/07 12:18 AM
3:08, slow today
05/Jun/07 12:24 AM
2:10 Welcome Zak. I know you'll like it here. Tons of rain last night beat down our peonies and now everything is one soggy mess.
05/Jun/07 12:25 AM
05/Jun/07 12:31 AM
A delicate blossom.
05/Jun/07 12:32 AM
Good Mean every one. Zak!
A gloomy cloudy morning here with more rain in the forecast. Thou it hasn't been a wash out we have had rain just about every day for the past week and have more of the same forecast for this week. Don't get me wrong, everything is green and lush so I'm not complaining. Have a good one every body.
05/Jun/07 12:49 AM
Zak. Don't worry, your times will get better the more puzzles you do. Glad to have you here with us in Sudokuland.

Sandra - love your avatar of Murphy! Good job.
05/Jun/07 12:50 AM
Hi everybody! I'm watching Roland-Garros and at the moment, Hewitt is in great difficulty against Nadal,3-6/1-6.
05/Jun/07 12:53 AM
Hi Claude! Are you a tennis fan? I am watching the French Open this morning, too. Nadal is so tough to beat!!

Keith - Enjoyed your garden photos. Would enjoy seeing the real thing even more, I'm sure! Looks like you had good weather & lots of guests. Do you know how much money was raised for Hospice?
05/Jun/07 12:59 AM
CG--I've still got my Greatest Hits of Sonny and Cher album. What great cover art. I love 'It's the Little Things' and 'But Your Mine.' Thanks for the memory jog!
05/Jun/07 1:03 AM
morning all! suppose to be in the 90's today here in salt lake city. i would like to welcome zak to our site. you will love it here, i promice! sandra...nice avatar, murphy is so cute.
i cant figure out the avatar thing. have tried and tried but just cant get it. help, someone!

also cant figure out the new 'your smiles' thing.
05/Jun/07 1:09 AM
Hi Rob - sounds like time in the pool today! I am in the chatroom if you come in maybe we can figure out the avatar thing for you.
05/Jun/07 1:17 AM
05/Jun/07 1:25 AM
Kathy, good question about funds raised, I wonder too, but have no idea. The tickets were $25 per person and I'd guess somewhere around 150 people visited our yard ... best I can tell you.
05/Jun/07 1:25 AM
Good morning all, or rather goodnight!!!

Welcome Zak, it's just practice!! Although tonigh,t with son home for first time in 3 months and on the other computer, it took me 7 something!!!

Kathy Hewitt is best from behind so keep your fingers crossed!!
05/Jun/07 1:25 AM
Yes Kathy, I'm a tennis and many other sports fan and since I've just retired, it's the first time I can follow all the matches. Hewitt seems a little better in the 3rd set but Nadal is very strong today!
05/Jun/07 1:32 AM
05/Jun/07 1:35 AM
Claude - Glad you are enjoying your retirement! What city are you in? What did your job USED to be?
05/Jun/07 1:43 AM
Kathy, I live in Saintes, a little town near La Rochelle and I was an English teacher in a technical school. Now I enjoy visiting my children and grandchildren, gardening, playing suduku, watching sport and reading books only for pleasure!
05/Jun/07 1:53 AM
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