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Easy Sudoku for 5/June/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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05/Jun/13 3:16 AM
I will take the wheee, since Shosho, you were in my notes for comments.
I hope Mr. Shosho, recovers soon. Nothing like a sick man, in the first place, but one that will not slow down...you take care too.
05/Jun/13 3:53 AM
I won. I think.
My tush could not handle sitting on the floor, even though I cushoned it with two pillows. I had to relocate my computer. Now, I am set up in the living room, where I can keep an eye on my girls, and an eye on my screen and my fingers on the keyboard. And my tush is nice and comfy in an over stuffed chair.
This should drive Man crazy.
05/Jun/13 3:57 AM
05/Jun/13 4:44 AM
world, I slept in today a very late sleep in it was.
05/Jun/13 4:49 AM
Karen, good to see you have your priority's in order, computer first.
05/Jun/13 4:51 AM
I placed a comment about why you took away the dark lines defining the 9 boxes. Where do I find the answer?
05/Jun/13 5:11 AM
Talking about comb-overs reminded me of an uncle, great-uncle actually, who was bald as a cue ball. Didn't even have any hair above his ears.
05/Jun/13 5:13 AM
He did have rather bushy eyebrows, though. He cultivated those sucker to about 12 inches long.
05/Jun/13 5:14 AM
Combed 'em straight back over the top of his head.
05/Jun/13 5:14 AM
Had to use Vaseline to paste them down.
05/Jun/13 5:15 AM
Actually, a rather frightful sight to see. Use to scare the bejebbers out of kids.
05/Jun/13 5:16 AM
And a few adults.
05/Jun/13 5:16 AM
gramashirl - Peter and I both posted answers to your query, yesterday, within an hour and a half of your posting.

Peter replied: ''Gramashirl - I've got dark lines on mine. Might be a browser setting issue.''

My reply was: ''Gramashirl - You can try pressing Ctrl and zero keys at More...
05/Jun/13 5:30 AM
Oh, DorA, you were on my list too.
Your weekend, mouth drama, hurt me, just reading it.
My theory, that things like this happen on the weekend, is because our bodies start relaxing and our guards are down, so we fall apart.
05/Jun/13 5:46 AM
I my case, Karen, the ''warantee'' on my body expired some time ago. Needless to say, when the warantee expires ~ ~ ~

Things go wrong on the weekends just to keep one humble and appreciative of our support system(s).
05/Jun/13 5:52 AM
I am back from my trip to Arizona. Actually I have been back for 5 days, just could not get on the computer. The battery back-up my computer, monitor, modeum and printer are plugged into, well, it died. But I think I got my moneys worth out of it - I only purchased it a little over six years ago and most battery backups don't last that long.
05/Jun/13 6:00 AM
My sister and I stayed ahead of the storms going out. We were well past Oklahoma City when it hit Shawnee, and in New Mexico when it it Moore. But it was a bit windy in Arizona when we stopped to see the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest - the wind almost knocked me down. But the winds had More...
05/Jun/13 6:06 AM
I recommend anyone who goes to the Grand Canyon, to stay in Williams and take the train. You get to see a whole lot more if you are not driving. And speaking of driving, well, my sister has always done all of the driving except for this trip. It took 3 days to reach Williams, and I drove her car More...
05/Jun/13 6:10 AM
Almost forgot... Every fall at their county fair, there was a beard growing contest. My uncle would comb his eyebrows around his eyes and down the sides of face. He had a moustache and goatee, so the combination made a fine beard.
05/Jun/13 6:11 AM
From Williams we drove through Sedona, red rock country. It was pretty but I wouldn't want to stay there, too touristy. And tehn on to Phoenix where we went to the Musical Instruments Museum. Now that is a place to see. They have musical instruments from around the world and also from modern More...
05/Jun/13 6:18 AM
Oh, HalT, you just reminded me of my uncle and the his town's centennial where he grew out his beard...it was red and his hair was black.
05/Jun/13 6:21 AM
What an adorable fur ball. He is beyond cute, comb over or not. :)
05/Jun/13 6:23 AM
From Phoenix, we went down to Tucson where we attended the ARAMCO Brats reunion. Had a grand time seeing old classmates, even though there were only 9 of us from our class there. The resort we stayed at is plush, very plush. But Mary won the room raffle and we had two free nights with breakfast both days (we only had to pay for one night).
05/Jun/13 6:24 AM
Made a big circle coming back through southern New Mexico, El Paso, and boring West Texas. There is not much to see except scrubland. It took three days to get through Texas. Fortunately the good weather stayed with us until we hit I-35 and it poured. We made it back in one piece.
05/Jun/13 6:28 AM
Mardi, any pictures you could post to your page?
05/Jun/13 7:02 AM
Mardi D good morning and thanks for your great tour notes. That tip about taking the train to see the Grand Canyon is stored in my head, ready for when I get to the US, in the vague and distant future. Sounds as if you had a wonderful time. I can't wait to see your photos.
05/Jun/13 7:03 AM
Karen, I'm pleased your move has been successful. Poor old Shelby Lou. That really is a lot of bath time! Rufu's bath time is down to about 5 minutes. Any longer and I get a soaking too!
05/Jun/13 7:08 AM
I think I prefer the old comb over to an ill matched toupee!
05/Jun/13 7:09 AM
Not sure about the comb back though, HalT .
05/Jun/13 7:12 AM
Sounds like a great trip, Mardi! I've been to most of the places you mentioned. We drove, too. I'll have to remember about the train if we ever get back to the Grand Canyon.

Hal, as my dear old grandmother used to say, ''That's enough to scare a dog away from a sausage cart!''
05/Jun/13 7:24 AM
I have been out shopping all afternoon. It was one of those days that I found everything I was looking for. I found a dress I liked on sale (grandson's wedding this month)and some kind woman handed me a 15% off coupon as I was standing in line. Said she couldn't use it, so I might as well. On More...
05/Jun/13 7:31 AM
Off to fix dinner! Take care, everyone!
05/Jun/13 7:33 AM
Kieth, you will have to wait for pictures. My sister had loaned me one of her old cameras and now she has to show me how to put the pictures on my computer and how to transfer them to Facebook and to this site. Sorry, but you are going to have to wait. Not that I took so many photos (not use to having a camera).
05/Jun/13 7:36 AM
I think Hal is full of guano ...
05/Jun/13 7:54 AM
Morning all , having a laugh at Hal's uncle and his comb overs.
05/Jun/13 8:08 AM
Hal, check your home e-mail.
05/Jun/13 8:22 AM
Hi Judy! How are you doing? Noice to 'see' you on the site. Many have missed you. Take care!
05/Jun/13 8:24 AM

05/Jun/13 8:58 AM
Well, I'm here....
05/Jun/13 8:58 AM
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