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Easy Sudoku for 5/August/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Bye-bye page one.
05/Aug/14 6:20 AM
Well, miscount got the job done.
05/Aug/14 6:20 AM
There would have been pictures, if I had known, Man had not filled up our disk, at the library program. I did not really think that would be a problem, since I have a new toy, only, when I put it on charge the night before, the girls had played with it, when they were supposed to be asleep and More...
05/Aug/14 6:24 AM
Now, the screams from the other room, have lost their sisterly love sound, so that requires my attention. There are times, I wish I could just let them duke it out, but for some reason, I don't let them do that. We must have love and peace, for some reason, I cannot remember.
05/Aug/14 6:27 AM
1:46. Good morning everyone.
05/Aug/14 6:53 AM
Good morning every one. What a great weekend Karen. Lucky you!
05/Aug/14 6:57 AM
Learned a new word this morning - webinar - seminar on the net. Not sure about that one.
05/Aug/14 6:59 AM
Good afternoon to all! This photo reminds me of the massive ice storm of 1998 that hit from Eastern Ontario (including Toronto) all the way to the east coast, and parts of Maine and New York. We had over 4 million homes without power for several weeks and some for about one month. there were also 28 deaths in Canada and seven in the US.
05/Aug/14 7:17 AM
That is definitely not my kind of weather, Greg, but it does make a great photo!
05/Aug/14 7:28 AM
While Karen was having her adrenalin rush over the weekend, we had one of our own. A heifer wanted to see if she could fit between too trees, but didn't take into account the fact that her rear end is wider than her front. She wouldn't/couldn't back out so we had to cut her out. I've put half a dozen pics of the operation on my page.
05/Aug/14 7:31 AM
Sacky, I started hearing the term 'webinar' several years ago, mainly for training sessions like you're talking about. Never have taken one.
05/Aug/14 7:32 AM
We were really lucky that hubby's cousin was there to help as he couldn't have done it on his own. We checked her mob out the next day and couldn't pick her out - they were all moving freely and contentedly grazing.
05/Aug/14 7:34 AM
...as your wattlebird does on today's Hard, Sacky! Oops - everyone!
05/Aug/14 7:35 AM
Well there you go, Silvergal. Here's me thinking it was new.
05/Aug/14 7:36 AM
..so many comments between I need to clarify - great photo on hard, Sacky!
05/Aug/14 7:37 AM
Haven't got to the hard yet, Joyce. I'll have to have a look. I've been on here too long as it is. I don't suppose another few minutes will hurt.
05/Aug/14 7:38 AM
Karen, sounds like a fun spontaneous weekend. We've explored a few tourist caverns (never gone spelunking as such), and think they're pretty cool.
05/Aug/14 7:39 AM
This is the time of year where VT History drives me nuts. It doesn't matter how well I plan for it, it always seems to be the hardest part of my curriculum to show progress in. Once I figure it out and make a few color copies of art, I'm all set to submit my forms. It did occur to me that I'm More...
05/Aug/14 7:40 AM
Silvergal - I don't post pics to Easy any more. Most of the photos on there for last 18 months seem to be either old ones or stock ones. About 12 months would be a fair time for the other levels I would think, before they appear.
05/Aug/14 7:41 AM
Commented on the heifer rescue, but I'll share here. Animals don't always have the wherewithal to get out of situations they get themselves into. Ie. not always bright. Hmm, sort of like some people I know!
05/Aug/14 7:41 AM
Silvergal my pic on Hard is about 12 months old.
05/Aug/14 7:45 AM
You're right Silvergal, when they tried to get her back out, she just panicked and was wedged tighter.
05/Aug/14 7:46 AM
Good morning.
05/Aug/14 7:51 AM
I'm not complaining about our -6*C after seeing today's photo.
05/Aug/14 7:53 AM
I have just had a flock of about 20 little finches grazing the back lawn.
05/Aug/14 7:54 AM
Very cute.
05/Aug/14 7:55 AM
But don't their little feet get cold in the frost?
05/Aug/14 7:55 AM
Thanks for the feedback on when pics appear. I'd submitted shortly after I joined, but only a few, thinking 'See how it works before submitting more.' Okay, now I know . I'll submit more, but just won't expect anything anytime reeeeeeaaaaaaal soon!
05/Aug/14 8:16 AM
Patience is the watchword, Silvergal.
05/Aug/14 8:34 AM
I just noticed... I received 'Senor Rewards' at my grocery store last Wednesday. I'm about 3 years away from being eligible. Guess these young clerks don't recognize young-looking old folks! ...It was a whopping 26ยข.
05/Aug/14 9:36 AM
Hello everyone!
Saw your poor heifer photos on the other site, yesterday, Sacky!!
It's nowhere near an ice storm, but husband had to scrape the ice off the windscreen yesterday, before he could drive to work!
05/Aug/14 9:45 AM
Time for tennis!!
05/Aug/14 9:45 AM
1:43 Good morning one and all!

I've seen this photo a few times in e'mails so it's not a member's one.
05/Aug/14 10:08 AM
Serena, as you heard last year, my homework woes, you know I needed entertainment for the other child. So, she got homework, too. If I did not print off a worksheet, she got construction paper, and practiced her ABC's, numbers or writing her name. She cannot remember the r in her name, so we adjusted and just call her Mogan, sometime Moogan.
05/Aug/14 10:18 AM
I did not think I was tired today. Really, I didn't. When Man got home, around 3:30, he announced he was going to lay down for 30 minutes, so I said, I would join him. I do not remember my head hitting the pillow and according to some people, I was rattling the roof. I do not believe them. But I More...
05/Aug/14 10:21 AM
Well, dinner is going to be a tad later. Forgot to boil eggs for potato salad, and you cannot have potato salad, without boiled eggs.
05/Aug/14 10:48 AM
A girl came in and announced she was going through a growth spurt, which is highly possible. She does grow by the second. When I asked why she was going through a growth spurt, she replied because her thighs hurt and are really tight. I smiled at my darling and informed her all our thighs hurt, we did some major ground coverage this weekend.
05/Aug/14 10:54 AM
The vultures are circling around the FPA and I should go rush things in there, but I have my priorities.
05/Aug/14 10:55 AM
Oops, chips were grabbed. That one really needs something more substantial.
05/Aug/14 10:57 AM
Bye-bye page two.
05/Aug/14 10:57 AM
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