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Easy Sudoku for 5/September/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Morning Every one
05/Sep/17 12:10 AM
Hoo Hoo First on every page. Didn't attempt Hard or Tough though
05/Sep/17 12:15 AM
You aren't only the first on this page, it looked like you might be the only one here. Rage on! And best wishes to everyone, if there is anyone out there.
05/Sep/17 12:27 AM
Hi Wombat, I missed out doing your Poozle this weekend
Ah next time, Goodnight all
05/Sep/17 1:08 AM
all, from Lake Erie.
05/Sep/17 1:14 AM
Most in USA must be sleeping late on this Labor Day holiday!
05/Sep/17 1:27 AM
05/Sep/17 1:42 AM
05/Sep/17 1:42 AM
What time is it in Sudoku.com.au?
05/Sep/17 2:45 AM
Good morning, then.
05/Sep/17 2:47 AM
We are in Killyreagh, Northern Ireland..
05/Sep/17 2:49 AM
Happy Labor Day!
05/Sep/17 2:57 AM
Have been to Newcastle on Tyne inlluk, river cruised from Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam, Holland.. Dublin,, Waterford, Killarney, Galway , Killyleagh. Found a g. Sights seen reaves been the riing of Kerry, Cliffs of Mohan, Tipperary ,...
05/Sep/17 3:04 AM
Time to go. Bye.
05/Sep/17 3:08 AM
What colourful sails! Lovely sailboats!
05/Sep/17 3:21 AM
Nice boats.
05/Sep/17 4:15 AM
Good afternoon to all!

''I'm sailing away, set an open course for the virgin sea.
I've got to be free free to face the life that's ahead of me''
05/Sep/17 5:13 AM
Good mAen, good people. Taking a rest day in a busy week.
05/Sep/17 5:33 AM
Morning all, colourful sails on those boats.
05/Sep/17 7:01 AM
All is right in Sudokuland, Greg is here !
05/Sep/17 7:05 AM
Jacalmi, good minds think alike !😂😂
05/Sep/17 7:10 AM
05/Sep/17 7:25 AM
Howdy, Greg! - Great to have you visit; and as Amelia remarked -now things seem as they 'should' be, with you here!
05/Sep/17 12:23 PM
We had a final summer day to say farewell to our ... season (the one which generally arrives between spring and autumn) - a lackluster season for sure!
05/Sep/17 12:26 PM
I refuse to give that season its usual name ~ because it wasn't!
05/Sep/17 12:32 PM
Heard this weather statistic about a week ago: We had just had 6 rain-free days in a row ....the first time this event had occurred since November 2016!
05/Sep/17 12:37 PM
Joyce - Can you believe that all the rain has been missing us and we are actually having to water now? Its been incredibly overcast but little actual rainfall the past month plus while it falls all around us.
05/Sep/17 12:50 PM
Wombat - your puzzles are a delight. I will continue to enjoy them for as long as and as often as you offer them. I'm up for the 1&4 challenge.
05/Sep/17 12:55 PM
I have a puzzle type I may try posting here this winter or once things slow down a bit.
05/Sep/17 12:57 PM
1:59 Good morning!
CP - sounds like you're having a good holiday.
05/Sep/17 1:12 PM
05/Sep/17 1:49 PM
1:40. Good evening everyone.
05/Sep/17 6:33 PM
Beer time is a bit late today, we will be struggling to reach the end of the page. Perhaps a Coors Lager will see me through to the end of the day.
05/Sep/17 7:09 PM
It is good to see Kate and Greg taking a stroll on the page. Plum is talking about posting a puzzle. Now what I would really like to see is a puzzle from Greg, no hurry though.
Peter, have you got an ECCO puzzle for us?
05/Sep/17 7:58 PM
As a matter of fact I have Wombat.....hot off the press.

And it's all about US towns /cities.

So this weeks ECCO......go for it.

B--------- (10) – Connecticut. The largest city in Fairfield County
------- (7) - Arizona. The junction of Interstate 19 and Mexico Federal More...
05/Sep/17 9:59 PM
I'm not too sure how long I've got to get your puzzle done Peter but I will give it a shot after lunch tomorrow and if my memory doesn't fail me!! Night night for now
05/Sep/17 10:59 PM
Hi all. We are expecting hurricane Irma on Friday. I'm going food and water shopping today and expecting 150 mph winds. What to do with no electricity? BORING!
05/Sep/17 11:30 PM
Now winds 175 mph. The strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean and it's headed straight for me.
05/Sep/17 11:57 PM
Is there a piece of ECCO missing, Peter, between 1&2? Google confirms what I knew to be the answers to those two, but they don't work ECCOlogically.
06/Sep/17 2:18 AM
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