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Easy Sudoku for 5/September/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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05/Sep/18 12:00 AM
Rage & everyone!
Sunny & humid.
Hope your day is sunny!
05/Sep/18 12:01 AM
Rage, did you enjoy your time in Ireland?
05/Sep/18 12:01 AM
Wattles are as pretty as sunshine!
05/Sep/18 12:07 AM
I'm confused DoA, whats the difference between a small bomb and a hand granade?
05/Sep/18 12:08 AM
I loved it Shiela,can't wait to go back again.
05/Sep/18 12:11 AM
1:55. Good Morning.
05/Sep/18 12:18 AM
1:45 Morning all.
05/Sep/18 12:24 AM
1:47 West Aust, the wildflower state.
Good night one and all!
05/Sep/18 12:31 AM
Night Anne. Morning my side of the world.
05/Sep/18 12:58 AM
05/Sep/18 1:15 AM
05/Sep/18 1:50 AM
05/Sep/18 1:53 AM
Such lovely yellow flowers remind one of sunshine.
05/Sep/18 3:32 AM

I've been among the missing for a few days. We had a lot going on over the weekend and yesterday. The crab feast was great. I don't buy steamed crabs for the two of us, hubby is not a fan. He likes crab meat but thinks cracking and picking More...
05/Sep/18 3:36 AM
A while back, PETA erected a billboard in Maryland.
It didn't take long for another one to appear.
For those of you not on FB, I have put the two on my page.
Don't mess with Marylanders, or, Old Bay, for that matter.
05/Sep/18 3:45 AM
05/Sep/18 4:20 AM
Morning all,beautiful wattle tree.
No matter what time of the year it is you will always find a wattle in flower.
05/Sep/18 6:21 AM
Sitting here waiting for the school parking lot to clear out so I can head home. Kathy - love the billboards.
05/Sep/18 7:03 AM
Timed it right.
05/Sep/18 8:35 AM
05/Sep/18 8:35 AM
05/Sep/18 8:35 AM
DoA you're too slow.
05/Sep/18 8:36 AM
05/Sep/18 8:36 AM
Thanks for that little bit of trivia, Amelia - I did not know that there were so many varieties of wattles so that one or another variety are blooming!
05/Sep/18 11:32 AM
….and hope you all have had a fine day; and those just arriving the sky's the limit - have fun!
05/Sep/18 11:33 AM
Hello all.... I can almost smell that wattle. So pretty. They only flower in winter in my area
05/Sep/18 12:34 PM
For those who do the jig-saw...skip the tough! A bit weird!
05/Sep/18 2:16 PM
Thanks for the advice grasshopper. Too early for but it is approaching dinner time.
05/Sep/18 5:45 PM
I've been a bit challenged the last few days as we have had two of the family staying with us AND I've been trying to sell my Austin7. There are plenty of people who want to buy it, but they all want to look at it and take it for a drive. It doesn't take too much of that to wear me out.
05/Sep/18 5:50 PM
That is the Austin7 on the banks of the Swan River in Perth. We had a very pleasant time there at an Austin's rally. We towed it across the Nullarbor and back. See more photo on my page.
05/Sep/18 5:55 PM
It is probably too early to claim last post of the day, but it is very quiet today so I might give it a try.
05/Sep/18 5:57 PM
But before I do that it is beer time, so I might have a 150 Lashes, the beer that is not the flagellators warm up exercises.
05/Sep/18 5:59 PM
Here we are a CP and, hopefully, last post of the day. Over and out, for today at least,
05/Sep/18 6:01 PM
1:15. Good evening everyone.
05/Sep/18 6:13 PM
First time in a LONG time I have been here before the day rolls over in Oz.
05/Sep/18 10:45 PM
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