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Easy Sudoku for 5/September/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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05/Sep/19 12:00 AM
HalT & all who follow. Hope you won't be impacted by Hurricane Dorian!
05/Sep/19 12:05 AM
HalT & everyone!
Some sun, some clouds.
Does that mean it's a so-so day?
05/Sep/19 12:06 AM
Hello, Snowbird! You are here earlier than usual.
05/Sep/19 12:07 AM
Everybody!! Hal, are you impacted by storm?
05/Sep/19 12:12 AM
I'm still on the fence wondering if going to Italy is the wisest thing to do, so I called my doctor yesterday. I was told that I could go 'sans boot' and try regular shoes for a half hour to see how I did. If it went well, then try for an hour the next time. Cross your fingers!
05/Sep/19 12:12 AM
05/Sep/19 12:12 AM
for Shosho and everyone in Dorian's path.
05/Sep/19 12:38 AM
I am here earlier than usual Sheila. We had unpacked and put away two large boxes & I needed a break! Here's hoping your bootless tests go well. My fingers & toes are crossed!
05/Sep/19 12:41 AM
Snowbird! Glad you are taking a few breaks! Just be careful with those toes!
05/Sep/19 12:44 AM
I was right in Dorian's path, even under it's clouds just before it turned north and then nothing. Everyone was worried and well prepared. Hopefully it will stay out at sea and peter out.
05/Sep/19 12:55 AM
Don't worry Peter I'm sure he ment it in the nicest way
05/Sep/19 1:27 AM
Hello all - what luck DotCom; that surely was not in the predictions or preparation instructions!
05/Sep/19 1:52 AM
We are fulfilling Fall's expected temperature moderation - it's appreciated!
05/Sep/19 1:54 AM
, everyone!!!
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
05/Sep/19 1:55 AM
Here's to ease with no-boot-walking, Shiela!
05/Sep/19 1:55 AM
I typed too slowly~
05/Sep/19 1:55 AM
Thank you, Shiela!! Here's flying your way and to all on the south east coast!
05/Sep/19 1:57 AM
Well, we made it to the 80'Fs/27ºC. I came home, dripping~my running clothes soaked with sweat.
05/Sep/19 2:01 AM
05/Sep/19 2:16 AM
Not yet, Denny. But I expect some action in the next 24-48 hours.
05/Sep/19 2:35 AM
:59. A late Good Morning, everyone. Stay safe, HalT and everyone else along the coast!
05/Sep/19 3:52 AM
05/Sep/19 4:39 AM
1:28. Good morning everyone.
05/Sep/19 6:17 AM
Morning all, fingers crossed for you too Shiela .
05/Sep/19 6:27 AM
In case you wondered, as I did, reading the birthday list today:
Bargo is a small town of the Macarthur Region, New South Wales, Australia in the Wollondilly Shire. It is approximately 100 km south west of Sydney.
05/Sep/19 8:44 AM
I find that Judy is unforgettable for a number of reasons, not the least of which is her empathy.
05/Sep/19 9:29 AM
Bargo is not too far from Canberra. You don't pass through it when driving to or from Canberra to Sydney, but it is just a short distance from the freeway.
05/Sep/19 9:31 AM
I think it's delightful that new members are continually joining this welcoming group of Sudoku-ists - speaks highly of this marvelous site - thanks, Gath!
05/Sep/19 11:13 AM
Many thanks, Wombat. It is nice to be appreciated.
05/Sep/19 1:04 PM
I find it ''amazing'' that Judy has internet access while hiding out in the high country.
05/Sep/19 1:20 PM
Peter, et all it's time.
05/Sep/19 1:21 PM
Belly up to the bar, on me.........................
05/Sep/19 1:21 PM
DoA ... I steal Bigfoot's Internet signal ...
05/Sep/19 1:24 PM
05/Sep/19 1:27 PM
Don't know what I did to offend my back, but two ''double double's'' and a hand full of ibuprophen and I still hurt.............
05/Sep/19 1:30 PM
1:52 Good afternoon all.

05/Sep/19 2:31 PM
Shaggers back, DoA?
05/Sep/19 5:12 PM
Geez but that Wombat has a silver tongue!
05/Sep/19 5:13 PM

05/Sep/19 8:20 PM
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