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Easy Sudoku for 6/October/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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I don't think I even managed to comment today - I barely had time to work the Easy poozle then tend to class work.
06/Oct/12 12:00 AM
G'day mates,here's today's daffynition:
EMERGENCY NUMBERS: Police station, Fire Department and Places that deliver.

..And here's today's factoid:
In 1955, a book was returned to the Cambridge University library that was 288 years overdue.
06/Oct/12 12:00 AM
06/Oct/12 12:00 AM
Oops - that should have been on 'yesterday'!?
06/Oct/12 12:00 AM

Yesterday in summary............



Easy – Fatima, just don’t get mad.

Kayo – Queen of the daffynitions. Not so sure More...
06/Oct/12 12:00 AM


Jerry/Peter – Converse in navy.

Sarah – Finds the site an education. This was supposed to happen when you went to school.

Anne – Dining out again.....the woman’s never home.

Mr Cee – Reposts just in case More...
06/Oct/12 12:01 AM
I went back and checked - it WAS on yesterday? I don't understand technology. Oh well, I am going to work the Easy and try very hard to come back later and read comments - The Phantom if nothing else.
06/Oct/12 12:01 AM
Hello, everyone!
No needed today.
Rain possible.
06/Oct/12 12:03 AM
That was a really fast Easy puzzle - I suspect some of the good (to be read 'fast') solvers might finish in about 30 seconds! I have no idea how they even click that fast. It was a pretty flower.
06/Oct/12 12:05 AM
After monopolizing the first ten posts, I am off to class.
06/Oct/12 12:05 AM
1:49, and the timer's not broken.
06/Oct/12 12:06 AM
Wow! What book was it, Kayo!
I thought I was bad! I've got a school library book that my son did not return. I found it several years after he graduated. He's 35. Since he was penalized at graduation for not returning it, I've decided it is mine.
06/Oct/12 12:06 AM

As promised weekend poozels are from Downunder.

HalT decides to divide his coin collection among his children. The oldest gets 1/2 of the collection, the second gets 1/3, the third gets 1/n, where n is a natural number, and the youngest gets the remaining 50 coins. How many coins at most can there be in the collection?

Answers to my INBOX please.

06/Oct/12 12:07 AM
We awoke last night to cow bells and looked out the window just in time to see a cows in our yard. We think these may be the same 2 cows we saw loose on the highway about 30 miles up the road a few days ago when we were coming home from our trip. Ranchers summer their cows in our high country. It was almost as weird as the time I saw a monkey behind the house!
06/Oct/12 12:11 AM

Oooohhh got the 13.

Daylight savings ptui.

Twenty/20 is on folks.
06/Oct/12 12:11 AM

Yes yes Linda. What you been smoking?
06/Oct/12 12:12 AM
Good Maen all!
Linda - freaky...but a monkey behind the house would have been very bizarre.
I will have to come here earlier now, right?
Time changes suck!
06/Oct/12 12:14 AM
Cheetahs, cows and now ...MONKEYS???!!!!
Give us the scoop, Linda!
06/Oct/12 12:15 AM
1 - 9 Easy-peasy today!
Delicate flower, Kate...is it fragrant as well?
06/Oct/12 12:17 AM
06/Oct/12 12:20 AM
Anniversary of Steve Jobs death. RIP Steve.
06/Oct/12 12:21 AM
22! This is one is for you Keith!
06/Oct/12 12:22 AM
Actually the time changes will be better for me to get the morning started, Vici. With the current 10AM start, I seem to waste my mornings.
06/Oct/12 12:22 AM
Ok, I have gotten moved to Mountain View, AR. Now will someone explain to me how I change my login name and from but keep my password without joining again. Thanks. Will check back in later.
06/Oct/12 12:25 AM
I am on day 16 of my cold. I am tired of coughing. Hubby has it too, so all you hear is coughing at our house. Hubby goes to work anyway, so I bet his whole office will soon be coughing!
06/Oct/12 12:25 AM
You'd think I lived somewhere other than a quiet little mountain community... We have lots of wildlife, but cows and monkeys are unusual. The monkey turned out to be a pet that had escaped. The cows wandered through our front yard to the side of our house. When they realized that offered no where More...
06/Oct/12 12:26 AM
Hi, .
06/Oct/12 12:29 AM
Wow! TN Mardi! That's quite a change from Tennessee to Arizona! Climate, culture, flora, fauna, etc.
(Sorry, I don't know your answer to your question.)
06/Oct/12 12:31 AM
Cow bells? I've never heard of ranchers putting cow bells on their cows. Those would have to be dairy cows that get milked twice a day. They're either straying far from home each day or they're very uncomfortable.
06/Oct/12 12:32 AM
Linda, I hope they 'round 'em up' soon!
(When we lived in Kalamazoo, a driver was killed by a loose horse when they hit it.)
06/Oct/12 12:36 AM

Shiela Isn't Arizona AZ. I think TN Mardi went to AR. Is that Arkansas?
06/Oct/12 12:39 AM
Mardi you should be able to change your settings by clicking on your name on the top right and go to update details. If it works?
06/Oct/12 12:40 AM

TN Mardi

Click on your current name top right of the page.
From the drop down menu select 'Update Details'.

Change your 'User Name' and 'From' to whatever you want.

Click on the 'Update Details' button bottom left.

Job done.
06/Oct/12 12:42 AM
TN Mardi - Go to the top of the page, find your name (right side), click the down arrow, and click Update Details.
06/Oct/12 12:42 AM
Correct, Mr Cee.
06/Oct/12 12:43 AM
Men sure like to give directions. Too bad most can't read directions.
06/Oct/12 1:08 AM
Good morning people of the world.
06/Oct/12 1:27 AM
World Teacher Day

(That does not mean you have to go in, Shosho).
06/Oct/12 1:28 AM
When is our Fall back, time change? It is not marked in one of my squares.
06/Oct/12 1:28 AM
Bye-bye page one.
06/Oct/12 1:29 AM
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