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Easy Sudoku for 6/October/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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06/Oct/14 12:04 AM
Hello? Did everyone forget about DST?
06/Oct/14 12:10 AM
Good morning, Hal ...and all who follow!
06/Oct/14 12:42 AM

No Hal, this little vegemite hasnt, work just keeps getting in the way!!
06/Oct/14 1:02 AM

The other option is there are a lot of people either celebrating or commiserating the Grandfinal football played here in Sydney last night
06/Oct/14 1:10 AM
So, half of the time change is upon us.
06/Oct/14 1:13 AM

Yeah, I forgot.
06/Oct/14 1:15 AM
Re-posting the weekend puzzle. Only two attempts so far.

1. All forms of usually competitive physical activity are known as this –> Colombo in Sri Lanka is home to one of the largest of these world-wide
2. A party, ceremony or an evening at the theatre are all one of these –> when More...
06/Oct/14 1:17 AM
Some nice bright floral color as well.
06/Oct/14 1:19 AM
We have another month here before standard time.
06/Oct/14 1:31 AM
The dreaded wild frog! Beware, Florida!
06/Oct/14 1:49 AM
It is a gorgeous, but rather chilly, morning here. It will warm up into the 60's this afternoon, but it was definitely ''sweater weather'' this morning. I LOVE this area in the Fall!
06/Oct/14 1:55 AM

I'm working on it Greg, promise!!! Still got 5 to go
06/Oct/14 2:00 AM
Happy Sunday!
Had a nice 2 days off, spending time with cousins visiting from Hawaii.
We took them to have dim sum on Friday, then I took them to the Orange County Swap Meet and then lunch on Saturday. They continue their travels today, and I go back to work
06/Oct/14 2:04 AM
, y'all! Woke up to a very chilly 43ºF here in SC. Chilly for this time of year when low temps are in the upper 50s, low 60s. Sunny and clear, low humidity... it's going to be a GORGEOUS day!
06/Oct/14 2:14 AM
Broni, I'm there with you on loading stuff to a new computer. I'm about to reload all my documents, pics & music now that all programs are in place. The only thing I'm a bit tense about is all my e-mails (saved e-mails, contacts) since I use a 3rd party e-mail program. I've reloaded mail profiles More...
06/Oct/14 2:21 AM
80 + -
06/Oct/14 2:25 AM
We're getting similar Fall weather here, chilly over night and in the morning, but nice and warm in the afternoon. We have low humidity year round, so that's nothing special for us.
06/Oct/14 2:27 AM
06/Oct/14 2:27 AM
06/Oct/14 2:27 AM
... I broke the site.
06/Oct/14 2:31 AM
06/Oct/14 2:32 AM
How bizarre. I tried several times to put another gallump in spot 21. It wouldn't take it.
06/Oct/14 2:34 AM

Glad I didnt stop your gallumping!!!
06/Oct/14 2:38 AM
06/Oct/14 3:00 AM
Oh CG! Your puzzles are very challenging for my poor brain. I always try but usually too embarrassed to send the paltry results! If it weren't for my friend, Google, I wouldn't even that far!!!
06/Oct/14 3:01 AM
Keith, when I try the running postings, I come across the same problem! So I get creative but it's frustrating when you're trying to sneak in several to get to the BOPP and TOPP!!! I think the site watcher is keyed into making sure we don't go hog wild on posting!!! But it's all in fun so I keep trying! You guys get some ridiculous stories that way!
06/Oct/14 3:04 AM
Shosho, know that you are not alone
06/Oct/14 3:09 AM
Shosho and Silvergal, send in the answers you have they cant be any more paltry than my lot. Tonight my answers we still missing three with not much chance to improve!! Besides, its the trying that counts
06/Oct/14 3:20 AM
I don't even watch KU football games...too painful. K-State did win today. The KC Royals are doing well...I may need a new avatar.
06/Oct/14 3:45 AM
beautiful day in OK
06/Oct/14 3:48 AM
OU lost to OSU yesterday, have crying going on here. Not Me, I don't care either way
06/Oct/14 3:50 AM
Need to go to the grocery and get a few things for dinner. I don't want to go! We like to eat so I guess I will go.
06/Oct/14 3:51 AM
Everyone east of me warm weather is coming. We are already over 70 and not yet noon.
06/Oct/14 3:52 AM
Good morning people of the world. At least for a few more minutes.
06/Oct/14 3:52 AM
Since I am all alone.
06/Oct/14 3:53 AM
Karen you ruined my CP.
Where have you been??
06/Oct/14 3:53 AM
My internal clock has already changed, even though we have three weeks to go, before our time change. I see no reason to be awake at 4:30 in the morning. But then in the evening, I am rushing family, yes a useless task, to get their tushes in bed at a specific time.
06/Oct/14 3:55 AM
Hi, Sue and sorry.
I have been lurking.
What a horrible word. I have been observing from afar.
06/Oct/14 3:56 AM
06/Oct/14 3:57 AM
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