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Easy Sudoku for 6/October/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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06/Oct/15 12:02 AM
Over 17 inches (44cm) of rain so far.
06/Oct/15 12:06 AM
Good morning to all! Back later to do the puzzles. Off to an appointment first.
06/Oct/15 1:04 AM
Good morning people of the world.
06/Oct/15 1:06 AM
Almost back to normal. I think I am walking normal, but I still have that feeling that if I make that one wrong move, the jerky spasms will return with a vengeance.
06/Oct/15 1:07 AM
There is Viv's number.
06/Oct/15 1:08 AM
Had a wild partying weekend. To start off Man and the girls went to their annual antique tractor show.
Then off to a Strawberry Shortcake, 4 year old party. Now, the host and hostess both stressed it was just a little thrown together party. (Second child is always forgotten). Wow, was I More...
06/Oct/15 1:16 AM
Oh here we are...
06/Oct/15 1:17 AM
I will take Shosho's number. :)
06/Oct/15 1:17 AM
Then Sunday's birthday was Dinosaurs and Tractor, as have been the last 5 years of the now 6 year old. Just because my darling nephew was kind to his parents and waited till the end of the day, on the Antique Tractor Show, and his name is Case, really does not mean every b-day cake has to be a tractor, decorated with dinosaurs. Just saying.
06/Oct/15 1:20 AM
After a weekend of heavy partying, my eldest decided to have an argument with the pavement. She lost. She is scraped up and very sore. I am concerned about a finger, even though she can bend and move it, is a off color. Not black, just a pale grayish color.
Now, three of the people I live with More...
06/Oct/15 1:26 AM
Well another post or two and can get another number.
06/Oct/15 1:28 AM
And now I have Queen Anne's number.

Think I have a plan for the day.
06/Oct/15 1:29 AM
Good morning all!
06/Oct/15 1:42 AM

We FINALLY have today!
Our rain has not been nearly as dangerous as what has/is happening in SC, but, we have had a lot of it.
06/Oct/15 2:11 AM
I was amazed to see how many posts ... then I saw who was doing it.
06/Oct/15 2:23 AM
Sweet face.
06/Oct/15 2:29 AM
Seems I'm by myself.
06/Oct/15 2:29 AM
I'll just mosey on ...
06/Oct/15 2:29 AM
Looking around.
06/Oct/15 2:29 AM
06/Oct/15 2:30 AM
06/Oct/15 2:30 AM
06/Oct/15 2:49 AM
Thank you, Karen! Here's flying your way!!!
06/Oct/15 2:50 AM
Such a cute photo today. You can see the love in both their faces.
06/Oct/15 3:53 AM
One of the most beautiful posts! Child hugging her best friend, her lovely dog! Thank you for such heart warming photo!!
06/Oct/15 5:33 AM
Another hot day today. Unfortunately this early hot weather is also bringing some early bush fires.
Thinking about all in South Carolina and France who are having too much rain. Stay safe.
06/Oct/15 5:49 AM
Morning all, lovely photo today.
Hello June, it has been hot hasn't it. I thought I would get up and enjoy the cool of the morning.
06/Oct/15 6:24 AM
Oh, dear someone got his number. Guess I had him worried.

06/Oct/15 6:36 AM
My only excuse is that I missed 3 hours of my 5 hours of sleep.
Was just going to lay down for about an hour, but three hours later I woke up. Now that is going to mess with my hour afternoon nap. Unless I sneak one in between homework and dinner preparation. :)
06/Oct/15 6:39 AM
A little too much excitement at bedtime last night. As I was shutting down, I kept hearing a muffled noise. I just knew one of my darlings got up and was playing. Turned out to be noise just up the street. Three fire trucks and an ambulance. The ambulance was pulling away, so I do not know if it More...
06/Oct/15 6:45 AM
To add to that excitement, Man turned the AC up, which made breathing difficult and his snoring increase and become louder. I will teach him a lesson, I knocked that baby down to 69. That is when I finally got to go to sleep.
06/Oct/15 6:47 AM
And this is Jerry's 33.
06/Oct/15 6:47 AM
Thank you Keith for calling me sweet face.
06/Oct/15 6:49 AM
Good morning all. Its been warm here too. We're heading straight into summer today with temps of 30*C, then tonight back to winter late this afternoon with snow down to 900metres. Total fire ban today because of high temps and winds and at the same time they are issuing sheep weather alerts for the cold weather.
06/Oct/15 7:00 AM
Hot and dry here, but all that water in HalT and Silvegal's area! Take care those in flooded areas.
06/Oct/15 7:02 AM
Good morning everyone - hope you have a great day. :)
06/Oct/15 7:07 AM
Good afternoon to all! I'm back! Things went as well as could be expected bur I need to go to the lab tomorrow for some blood work and other things, Nothing to do with my shoulder. I have a complete physical scheduled for the near future.
06/Oct/15 7:10 AM
No sun hear today Kathy. Send it up will you please!
06/Oct/15 7:11 AM
Well, since I'm here....
06/Oct/15 7:11 AM
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