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Easy Sudoku for 6/November/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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3:15 Hi to all. Face painting with a difference!

Thought for the Day:

No one has ever injured his eyesight
by looking on the bright side of things !!
The picture reminds me of when my son was that small. We would set his highchair on a plastic on the floor because he always had a good time with his food, especially spagetti and birthday cake.
Good Maen all! Took me a bit to get through the puzzle today - distracted.

Judy - what was the crossword clue? Glad the poem could help. My class of first graders enjoyed it!
2.48 So-So
Hey, there's finally another Anita out there in Sudoku Land. Hi from the West Coast, where we are the last ones to get the puzzles. I still haven't figured out the exact time here, but they aren't available at 1am when I go to bed and are well into commentary by the time I get up.
It looks like this baby is enjoying its food.
Anita from Santa Cruz, changeover time for us is 5 a.m. Santa Cruz was part of my old stomping grounds since I grew up in Los Gatos.

Great picture. I'm guessing he/she just got done wearing the bowl on his/her head.
Also Lancaster, Ohio It will keep your brain growing instead of deteriorating. Exercise club is good too for us octo's Rejoice
I get up at 4am to be to work, and do my puzzles in the evening to relax. Guess I will never be first
mAen, all. Angela, You will be assimilated-resistance is futile.
Maen everyone. Hope you have a wonderful day. The sun is shining, but we still need rain. Had some lovely soaking rain last week - but on touched the tip of the iceberg.
if i were a glowworm
i'd never be glum
for how can you be sad
when the sun shines out your bum
4:28 keep on plugging
Good Maen all I like reading the comments as much as doing the puzzles. Any one got a face cloth for bub?
Good mAen all.. 5:10.. really distracted today...
I love to do my sudoku whenver I get a few spare minutes.. usually in the late evening after I get my lot off to bed... cute baby.. I cant believe I'm about to be at that stage again with my youngest son...
Nobody seems to get too excited about being the last to comment!

But woo hoo, I'm 17th on the 2nd page!!!!

Story line on Hard. Participants welcome.
4:03 shucks
Sometimes I get started before my brain does.
Best to all!!!
3:17 Is not slow!!!!
GREG - looks a lot of fun, but too late for me to participate, another time, with pleasure!
Way hey Baz! I''m with you! It is very much more difficult to be 17th on the 2nd page than it is to be first...
must have tasted good
have a great day/night one and all
I received great news today! I'm going to be a grandma! The baby is due in July!
Maen all. 5:50
Congratulations, Sarah Beth!!!!!

What does the Co stand for after Littleton? Please excuse my ignorance...
Cute baby. Is he/she eating peas for the first time? Reminds me of my boys!
2:11 Still raining here in beautiful - soon to be green - Sydney, but now both the son and the partner have come down with a virus probably from standing out in the rain at the garden party.
Baz and Nurn: I agree, but have you ever been 178th on the 5th page?
Deb, the CO stands for Colorado, a most colorful state just to the west of the great state of Kansas.
Deb, Cinji answered while I was away. I know when you talk about Australia, I Google or Mapquest to visualise where you are. Here is a simple map of the USA and a list of United states Post Office abbreviations.


www.u nited-states-map.com/usa-ma
Make that map address:

Canuk Greg's story line on hard is excellent. It's the witching hour, here, so must go beddy-byes! good maeN.
I think this young lass could be classified as a 'very enthusiastic eater'.
sa (oswego): The clue was a few lines from the poem by Thomas Hood (No shade, no shine, no butterflies, etc), with ..... at the end. Because of your poem, I realised that the answer was November. The crossword is a quiz one, with many obscure clues that I'm often unable to get, even via the net, More...
Yo!!! Just found a 58-year old GannieMo on easy Sudoku!! Wot a bonus!
Aaaarrrggghhhhh...This makes me so angry!!!

TEACHERS are being warned to watch what they write and say about students because of the risk of being sued for defamation.

New South Wales schools have also been urged to closely vet student scripts for theatrical performances and More...
Thank you Cinji and Sarah Beth..Will check it out!!

I wonder what this happy eater looks like a year later?
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