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Easy Sudoku for 6/December/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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John (aka cuddles) & all you early risers - freezing outside - but clear [can see stars].

U-tube from Ballarat
Light synched to "SLEIGH RIDE" by the Carpenters .

06/Dec/08 12:00 AM
hope you all have an amazing day/night wherever you are in this most wonderful world of ours.
06/Dec/08 12:02 AM

Youtube today is:
Sylvie Paladino -
Hark The Hearld Angels Sing
Carols by Candelight - 2007

06/Dec/08 12:03 AM
Good Maen Sudokuland! Finally a day at home! Supposed to be cleaning the house. But Sudoku is much more fun!!!
06/Dec/08 12:12 AM
good morning everyone what a great day to be alive
06/Dec/08 12:19 AM
Good morning all! Beautiful day, 26F. 20/19 days until Christmas! Time is flying! Have a great weekend!
06/Dec/08 12:28 AM
Good Maen to everyone!

It is chilly here with temperatures going down! It is snowing lightly. We are headed out to do some grocery shopping. Our cupboards are looking a little bare!
06/Dec/08 12:53 AM
Debby - stock those cupboards up for the winter.
06/Dec/08 12:58 AM
Any Leo(s) out there - what do you make of the horrorscope?

"This was the last handbrake that was slowing things down and now released, things are starting to accelerate, especially when it comes to money."

Which way - spiral down - get out (which I shoud have done More...
06/Dec/08 1:06 AM
Good Maen. The cuddling was extra warm this A M. Didn't want to get out of bed.
06/Dec/08 1:07 AM
2:01 Maen! Happy Friday, for those of you on this side of the date line!
06/Dec/08 1:08 AM
Eve - I wish it worked like that!!!!! Hehe! It may get us through to the New Year with little trips in between......

Have a great day everyone!
06/Dec/08 1:08 AM
o every one
06/Dec/08 1:10 AM
Good Maen friends!
Working on getting the holiday decor up today.
06/Dec/08 1:13 AM
Chilly Friday over here!

Going out of town w/Hubby for a couple of days, but back Sunday for work...
06/Dec/08 1:19 AM
Eve - I'm no financial expert, but I think things are still going down more. I think things will remain somewhat steady for December. January will be quite the rollercoaster with our new president. By March we should know wether tohead for the soup kitchen or the investment office. My strategy is to just stay put for another 2 - 3 months then re-evaluate if it is time to jump in.
06/Dec/08 1:21 AM
Aileen - the cookies look yummy! Tomorrow we are going over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's House. My kids will be baking cookies with some of their cousins. Better Grandma's kitchen than my (not yet clean) one!
06/Dec/08 1:23 AM
Hey Vici, have you laced up your running shoes yet?
06/Dec/08 1:24 AM
And where's Keith?
06/Dec/08 1:26 AM
06/Dec/08 1:26 AM
Is it time?
06/Dec/08 1:26 AM
Aha, Is that you Jane lurking behind the palm tree?
06/Dec/08 1:26 AM
06/Dec/08 1:26 AM
06/Dec/08 1:26 AM
Congrats, Jill!
06/Dec/08 1:27 AM
06/Dec/08 1:27 AM
Good morning everyone!
Had a late night at the emergency room with my mother. Don't know the results of the tests done still but she's looking better albeit grogged out.
Feel sleepy but am sure my students will make my life frantic enough to wake me up!
06/Dec/08 1:28 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Jaspal!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !

06/Dec/08 1:29 AM
Oh what a lovely reward for spending the last hour on my in front of the computer and not doing my cleaning!
06/Dec/08 1:30 AM
Shosho - sending positive energy to you and your mom. Goodness knows I'm not using my energy just sitting here!
06/Dec/08 1:31 AM
Good Day to All! P.S. Has anyone seen my vacuum?
06/Dec/08 1:34 AM
I think it has run off with mine, Jill ...
06/Dec/08 1:46 AM

Here Jill, you can borrow mine. Think the bag needs to be changed tho
06/Dec/08 1:48 AM
That's not a very nice thing to call yourself, Kathy ...
06/Dec/08 2:00 AM
Kathy/MD: what a cute avatar! Love all the holiday avatars...
06/Dec/08 2:05 AM
Congrats, Jill! I go to play a few puzzles and the page is almost full! Glad to see everyone up and about this Saturday morn!
06/Dec/08 2:07 AM
Shosho - sorry to hear about your rough night...keeping your mom in my prayers, as well as you, too.
06/Dec/08 2:08 AM
Jane and Jill ran down the hill
looking to try for 22
Jane fell down and broke her tiara
and Jill took the boa on home.
06/Dec/08 2:13 AM
Composing poetry at 7 AM ... Keith, you ARE the man!
06/Dec/08 2:16 AM
Goodmorning everyone, Boy did it get cold last night, 25F or -4C at the moment and we even got a light dusting of the white stuff. Too bad I have to run errands today, I would rather be inside with a good book and the fireplace going.
Ho, Ho, Ho, out in the snow I go.
06/Dec/08 2:16 AM
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