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Easy Sudoku for 6/December/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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(Starting my day with a smile...)
06/Dec/10 12:01 AM
Good Maen Sudokuland! Good morning Shiela!
06/Dec/10 12:02 AM
No one here but us chickens, eh?
06/Dec/10 12:03 AM
06/Dec/10 12:05 AM
Loved walking all around the Opera House...isn't that where you took this photo, Kate?
06/Dec/10 12:06 AM
Hehehe - Howdy Neil...just an old saying - from a cartoon, I think.
06/Dec/10 12:06 AM
(See ya later Vici... got to go get ready for church!)
06/Dec/10 12:07 AM
Good Morning Ladies.
06/Dec/10 12:07 AM
Hi VV,

You started it.
06/Dec/10 12:08 AM
VV, How can you say it's from an 'old' cartoon?
06/Dec/10 12:09 AM
VV, Are you 'old' enough to remember it?
06/Dec/10 12:10 AM

I will say no more (in the next few minutes) ... until I put asbestos web-pages on my browser.
06/Dec/10 12:12 AM
Nice view of the ol' coat-hanger. Great place to visit.
06/Dec/10 12:26 AM
I AM old, Neil...and I can't remember what cartoon...but probably one of those old Warner Brothers ones.
06/Dec/10 12:28 AM
It's a quote from a Foghorn Leghorn cartoon, isn't it? (Yes, I am THAT old.)
06/Dec/10 12:28 AM
Good Evening Bjay! Nice to have you join us. It's pretty quiet here right now.
06/Dec/10 12:29 AM
THAT'S IT!!! I just love Foghorn Leghorn...and that hillarious little chicken hawk. Thanks for pulling that one up!
06/Dec/10 12:30 AM
I put up a new Christmassy/Crittery Youtube on my page yesterday. Check it out.
06/Dec/10 12:31 AM
OK - now I'm just talking to myself...something I'm quite adept at, I might add. Off I go to the jigsaws for awhile.
06/Dec/10 12:32 AM
Hi VV,

Does that mean the only way that you can get an intelligent conversation going is by taking to yourself?
06/Dec/10 12:36 AM
06/Dec/10 12:40 AM
06/Dec/10 12:40 AM
Anu! Just snuck right in and took it!
06/Dec/10 12:57 AM
Neil - I'd like to think so, but I'd be deluding myself
06/Dec/10 12:57 AM
G'day Vici, I had a look at your Christmas video and really enjoyed it. I thought my animals were cute, and they are, but those in the video were cute AND smart.
06/Dec/10 1:08 AM
Thanks for stopping in to have a look-see, Bjay!
06/Dec/10 1:11 AM
Got this one from a friend:

An Aussie truckie walks into an outback cafe with a full-grown emu behind him.
The waitress asks them for their orders.

The truckie says, 'A hamburger, chips and a coke,' and turns to the emu, 'What's yours?'
'Sounds great, I'll have the same,' More...
06/Dec/10 1:20 AM
Good Maen, good people. Yesterday was the day we finally finished the last unit in the set of roofs that Burl had to do the detailing on. I actually got my hands really dirty! I did work. I felt slightly more useful than I did before.
06/Dec/10 1:37 AM
Then I turned 20 pounds of potatoes into potato salad for a funeral tomorrow. With all the "lake effect" icky white stuff forecast - and with our tractor not running yet - I need to take the potato salad into church and keep it in the refrigerator there. I may not make it out tomorrow?
06/Dec/10 1:40 AM
So, gotta get going. I hope to catch up on posts and puzzles later. We're in Romans 12 today at church. This afternoon, if I can fit it all in, I have things to do at the funeral home, the library and my mother-in-law's plus Burl might need the car for trips to town for tractor-fixing items, as needed.
06/Dec/10 1:43 AM
Here I am, piking out again. See all you good folk tomorrow.

Farewell and g'night.
06/Dec/10 1:50 AM
Oh, and I may be able to get a newer used refrigerator and dishwasher? Someone Burl knows is getting rid of theirs.

The seals on our refrigerator are bad, so that we've needed for years to keep a step stool in front of the refrigerator door to keep it closed.

And we use our More...
06/Dec/10 1:58 AM
What was the diagnosis of the tractor's problems, Plum?
06/Dec/10 2:17 AM
I, too, was curious about the source of "just us chickens," an expression I use often. Mr. Google doesn't make any reference to early cartoons, but I rememeber hearing the words there, as well as on the Muppets! It apparently was the punch line of a joke in which the farmer catches a More...
06/Dec/10 2:20 AM
Good morning. Christmas lights are up and the house is decorated, with the exception of the tree. Now I can start my annual cookie baking marathon!
06/Dec/10 2:46 AM
I vaguely remember it as a punch line to a joke, Judy.....from a loooong time ago.

The answer to yesterday's puzzle was: helicopter

Fiona has stopped by More...
06/Dec/10 2:55 AM
Good Maen, Sudokuland.
Re: Just us chickens. It seems the first reference to the phrase was in an old joke about a farmer who, upon hearing a noise coming from his chicken house, asked "Who's there?" The reply from a chicken thief was, "Nobody here but us chickens!" The More...
06/Dec/10 3:01 AM
"asy" = "say"
06/Dec/10 3:02 AM
The First time I heard 'just us chickens' was in 'Gulliver's Travels' The cartoon one with some really good music. The spys were hiding in the hen house.
06/Dec/10 3:03 AM
Time for a new page?
06/Dec/10 3:04 AM
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