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Easy Sudoku for 6/February/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Congratulations to Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XL Champions!
It certainly is a learned skill, isn't it... I'm getting better, but still don't have patience to try more than easy and medium. Happy with 3:40 today! What a great game.
I am so happy for my brother Scott who is a huge Steeler fan. He is the music expert by far I don't compare to him, his collection is equal to a medium radio station. Plus he has a very strong faith. He is a gentile and most careing man. He is quite an inspiration to me. He teaches inmates so More...
Congratulations to all the Steelers fans. Regrets to the Seahawks fans, especially our own Suzanne from Seattle. Must admit that the one Steelers touchdown was questionable, but the review did stand, & even without it the Steelers would still have won 14-10. LK, if the score had been 21-17 would you have won some $'s?
Eden, your baby boy must be pretty close in age to Liam? I hope Gath will show his photo soon. Do you want to tell us his name?
Ed, nice story about your brother. There are lots of happy people in PA tonight! You try to be happy, too, okay. Get a good night's sleep & tomorrow will be a better day. Keep the faith.
Good maeN all!

Good maeN everyone.

Kathy, Damn I did it again. [grimice]

Good mAen everyone.
To Kathy: You may have gone to bed by now but My son was born on the 30th of september 12 days overdue and his name is Elias
Elias how cool a name. Barb and I when we firt got married gave serious thought to moving to Australia, but felt we would miss family to much. We moved to Fl. to be close to Barb's parents. I get along great with Barb's parents, who sure raised a no quiter. She doesn't know what the word More...
I've been scrolling throught the comments, got to page 3 and loved Suzy/Oz comments LOL! Ed, prayers go out for you and your wife. good maEn...
Great site! I, too, have become a sudoku fan-or maybe I should say addict. Love 6* crosswordpuzzles as well. 'till next time...
I was reading your previous comments about teaching and maternity leave. If you worked for the Department of Education in New South Wales you would get 6 weeks maternity leave on full pay before the baby is born then 6 weeks on half pay after its birth.,
3:53 - And thank goodness not another cat photo...
Not the prettiest pooch that I have ever seen!
Now that the superbowl is done, we should be able to concentrate on the ral football game - AFL - Carn the Crows!
to Ed/Barb.hey what happened?why do you feel so odd to share your trouble?you know its halved when shared.a very sincere prayers for you to come out of the tough time without a scratch.
love the puzzles. good mean to all!
Long time puzzler first Time poster. good meAn to all and good luck.
3:14 w00t
Happy Waitangi day to all in New Zealand
Yay! 2:49 - best time so far!
Hello Everyone,
This is really fun, a puzzle to solve and people to chat to - the dog is a French Bulldog.
I think I have this right. Good maEn to all.
My first sudoku, and i dont think i did too bad. This is addicting :)
3:46 Bit rusty. Some relief from the heat 8:54pm; a southerly. Hi all
Now to 'medium'
Good Maen to you all. Must be first, is Tuesday here already.
ugly doggy! eurk
4:00 flat - but still being hounded by children who are supposed to be in bed!!!
3:22. Best time yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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