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Easy Sudoku for 6/May/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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hi there all..a very bright sunny warm morning here..
06/May/07 12:00 AM
Can people help me out - trying to find music that when you hear it you just can't help but get up and dance to - things like Sophie Ellis Bextor - Murder on the Dancefloor, B52s - Love Shack.... would REALLY love to get other suggestions (no Birdy Dance, YMCA type though)
06/May/07 12:02 AM
2:41. I thought I'd finished and had about 6 wrong, ON EASY!!
good evening everyone. Lovely native Aussie plant, by the look of it.
06/May/07 12:05 AM
Good night!
06/May/07 12:08 AM
Interesting pic, I like it. 3:00
06/May/07 12:09 AM
Hello world. I still remember how to play! 2:04
06/May/07 12:11 AM
Hi y'all from China
06/May/07 12:13 AM
Good morning to all! That's a nice picture. Well-framed. Will make for a good tough jigsaw!
06/May/07 12:14 AM
Everyone hope you all have a great/day night where ever you are in this wonderful world of ours,

Major day for moi and little Miss Ballerina. Dancing in 3 competitions today, starting at 9am and finishing at 7.30pm. Tutu is finally finished and I will put up pics as soon as I can.

Youtube for today: Peter Allen - I go to Rio
Oh don't I wish! maybe one day.
06/May/07 12:20 AM
good luck for tomorrow Angie - and I now have my maraca moves down pat!
06/May/07 12:22 AM
Guess 'Melbourne Bars' means places to have a drink...Not some fancy Sudoku solving technique that you expert folks understand!!!??? Poor old Rose! Such a novice!
06/May/07 12:22 AM
Good Maen I don't have a page to check out
06/May/07 12:23 AM
All. Interesting picture, very artistic. When it was coming up I thought it was a porcupine hiding.
06/May/07 12:25 AM
That made one of the best jigsaw puzzles! Thanks!
06/May/07 12:29 AM
John, if you want a page you can sign up as a free member.
06/May/07 12:31 AM
Had to laugh Anne, as I also messed up this one!! Must be something we ate!!! Long time since I made it to the first page, not usually up at this time, Sooo.... Good morning all!! (ps.Have a couple of crosses in my smilies Gath?)
06/May/07 12:31 AM
Angie, good luck to your daughter!
06/May/07 12:32 AM
Hello Bluey, must be great minds think alike!!
06/May/07 12:34 AM
Emels, Angie's 'I go to Rio' is good to get the old feet moving!!
06/May/07 12:35 AM
I'm watching Dreamgirls while doing my chores. I have a stack of DVD's from the library to enjoy. Have a good weekend.
06/May/07 12:35 AM
everyone...just a quick greeting, I'm off for the day...
06/May/07 12:36 AM
Or, drink alike Anne!!!
06/May/07 12:36 AM
Lol Bluey - not sure if gets the old (or young) feet moving - but have you noticed that you can't help but shake pretend maracas!
06/May/07 12:37 AM
Oh, that sounds more like it, Bluey.
06/May/07 12:41 AM
Hi Ho, Hi Ho
it's off to bed I go,
Good night everyone
06/May/07 12:48 AM
Good Saturday Maen, all!

Niece's 3rd bday today--got her the Candyland game (bring back any memories?) Hope she likes it as much as my son did when he was that little...

Now he is trying to get that Rubik's cube solved at lightning speed (the ''latest'' rage amongst the high schoolers)
06/May/07 12:52 AM
Noted Emels... sigh!!
06/May/07 1:00 AM
For those interested I've put a short, not very good video taken on the site we were on last week, onto my page. It is in the Aveyron department of FranceOnly sound birdsong. The reason it has pixelated is it was taken with my stills camera.
06/May/07 1:07 AM

morning everyone. cloudy day again in utah. probably get some rain again. i'll be ready for the sunshine when it returns. happy cinco-de-mayo. must take a mexican dish to pass to a barbecue this afternoon. its margarita weekend for us. angie- good luck to your More...
06/May/07 1:40 AM
A man arrives at the gates of heaven. St. Peter asks, 'Religion?'

The man says, 'Methodist.'

St. Peter looks down his list, and says, 'Go to room 24, but be very quiet as you pass room 8.'

Another man arrives at the gates of heaven. 'Religion?'


'Go More...
06/May/07 1:50 AM
Cloudy and rainy here.
06/May/07 1:58 AM
How about Dancing On The Ceiling by Lionel Richie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDY52SAL3Aw
06/May/07 1:59 AM
'Hi y'all' back at you Peter/Beijing. I've been to your beautiful city/country and I loved it!
Angie: Hope your daughter wows 'em!
Rob: Did I miss the weiner roast? Bummer. I can still bring ribs....
Aileen: I think I read the record for solving the Rubik's Cube was something like 10 seconds!
Have a good day everyone!
06/May/07 2:00 AM
2:31. Greetings from Lithuania.
06/May/07 2:01 AM
2:38 Emels, I just can't sit down when they play 'Footloose' or Bob Seger's 'Old Time Rock and Roll.' Miami Sound Machine's 'Conga' is another one. Oh, heck, I'll dance to just about anything--love to shake it up.
06/May/07 2:01 AM
My new avatar is the logo for the Ottawa Senators, who are one win away from getting to the Stanley Cup semi-finals. Go Sens Go!
06/May/07 2:03 AM
kathy-no you didnt miss it...we are still roasting the weinies,bring the ribs and come on over.
06/May/07 2:03 AM
Greg - What do the Senators play?
06/May/07 2:07 AM
Looks like another Utah picture.
Aileen: Rubik's cube is not the latest rage at our high school. I wonder if you are just ahead of us. Must be coming from the movie Pursuit of Happyness.
06/May/07 2:10 AM
CGREG: Our paper (minimal hockey coverage ... imagine that) doesn't have the brackets for the playoffs. If the Senators and Red Wings both win, will you and I be adversaries in the next round? Go Wings!
06/May/07 2:11 AM
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