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Easy Sudoku for 6/August/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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06/Aug/17 12:00 AM
06/Aug/17 12:00 AM
06/Aug/17 12:09 AM
Our SIL's retirement ceremony went well yesterday.
06/Aug/17 12:11 AM
Hi, Keith!
06/Aug/17 12:16 AM
Oooh, you, too, HalT! Hi!
06/Aug/17 12:18 AM
so close . . .
06/Aug/17 12:18 AM
06/Aug/17 12:18 AM
And a CP, too!!!
06/Aug/17 12:19 AM
2:18 Very slow tonight.
Good night Keith, Hal and Shosho and all who follow!
06/Aug/17 12:39 AM
Good Maen, good people. I'll take 11. First double digit of the day.
06/Aug/17 1:12 AM
Am I the only one who thinks that as a reward picture this one is just a little bit weird?
06/Aug/17 1:13 AM
What??? You don't like hunky green men, Bev???
06/Aug/17 1:31 AM
And mild! A perfect weather day!
06/Aug/17 1:32 AM
8 -> 1, Then 9
06/Aug/17 2:04 AM
Good morning.
06/Aug/17 2:07 AM
It is a bit weird, Bev.
06/Aug/17 2:08 AM
I wonder whose poor man got photoshopped in to the picture.
06/Aug/17 2:10 AM
Shouldn't assume - he could have done it himself.
06/Aug/17 2:11 AM
I have woken several times tonight dreaming (?) of suitcases and packing. Only two days until we take off on our trip. Spent yesterday preparing stuff to pack, I want to be finished by the end of today, I've got a heap o stuff to do tomorrow.

There y'are Keith. I've given you a boost to get your number. I'll check back in 30 minutes, if no-one's claimed it, the game is on!
06/Aug/17 2:18 AM
It's still there!
06/Aug/17 2:56 AM
06/Aug/17 2:56 AM
22! YAY!
06/Aug/17 2:57 AM
06/Aug/17 2:57 AM
Who needs 30 minutes?
06/Aug/17 2:57 AM
Ewwww! Horrible photo today.
06/Aug/17 3:01 AM
But you took 38 minutes!
06/Aug/17 3:03 AM
He may have taken 38 minutes, but he got it!
06/Aug/17 4:24 AM
Hal, I hope you enjoyed your SIL's ceremony yesterday! If it was anything like the ceremony I saw some Navy Sea Cadets do when their CO moved on, it must have been quite impressive! (And the Sea Cadets were only 17-year-old kids!)

Congratulations to your SIL and thank him for his service!
06/Aug/17 4:37 AM
Oops. I was looking at the time stamp from ''It's still there.''
06/Aug/17 5:02 AM
Morning all, green power.lol
We are off to our great grandie Ella 7th birthday party even though her birthday was last Tues.
06/Aug/17 9:24 AM
Hi, Welcome to what is a bright sunny, but windy, day in Canberra. In fact we have a sheep weather warning in place. Responses to yesterday's poozle, and the gas central heating, is all that is keeping me warm. Or should that be are. I'll now repost yesterday's poozle.
06/Aug/17 10:57 AM

Wombat From Canberra

Check out my page

AUGUST 5 1&3

This week's Saturday poozle is 1&3 poozle,
I will work through the alphabet giving you the first and third letters of a word and a clue as to what the word is. I will also give you the rest of the word More...
06/Aug/17 10:58 AM
Hello, all! I had never heard of a sheep weather warning, Wombat, but after reading about such it's understandable... we should have had an 'bare arms & legs warning' here today for quite a similar reason!
06/Aug/17 12:41 PM
I've never before heard of a sheep weather warning.

When we had goats we took out warm water twice a day, but other than that concession they seemed to thrive in deep winter weather no matter how cold, snowy or windy. Well, they did have a shelter they could all crowd together inside.

It was the cold and wet thaws that always brought on illness.
06/Aug/17 1:10 PM
The problem with sheep is that their fleeces get wet and the strong wind acts like an evaporative cooler and . their temperature. While some goats have woolly coats that is not the norm, and often there won't be shelters in each field, hence farmers are warned to take them where there is some.
That is often under the shearing shed.
06/Aug/17 2:09 PM
Hmmm....Learn something new each day!
06/Aug/17 2:23 PM
Good afternoon.
06/Aug/17 3:17 PM
Packing is progressing, although at the moment I am procrastinating again. I got distracted for a while after coming across some long lost treasures.
06/Aug/17 3:20 PM
And then I came to peek in here only to find that the chance to turn the page was here.
06/Aug/17 3:21 PM
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