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Easy Sudoku for 6/September/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I agree, sad day for us here on Sudoku, my heart goes out to Kathy at this time.
06/Sep/15 12:01 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon....
06/Sep/15 12:02 AM
06/Sep/15 12:05 AM
Good morning to all! Cool skin art!
06/Sep/15 12:11 AM
06/Sep/15 12:18 AM
all. Greg, I'm not all that certain that it is skin art...I think it might be a glove.
06/Sep/15 12:28 AM
it is pretty neat, though!
06/Sep/15 12:29 AM
Happy Saturday 2 days off!
Not sure yet if I'm going to be very industrious or just laze the time away...
06/Sep/15 12:32 AM

Go with laze the time away Aileen, the chores will still be there tomorrow!!
06/Sep/15 12:57 AM
06/Sep/15 2:07 AM
I vote hand art.
06/Sep/15 4:30 AM
Make that skin art.
06/Sep/15 4:31 AM

'That Sam is one rich man!' muttered Tom. 'As a matter of fact, he owns 100 or more camels.'
'Not a chance,' replied John, 'I know for a fact he owns fewer than 100 camels.'
Frank joined in, 'Well, he owns at least one camel.'
06/Sep/15 4:34 AM
Hubby took the middle two for haircuts. It will be her first one. I will probably take and post pictures for all those that don't really care but are nice enough to fake it.
06/Sep/15 4:37 AM
Are all teenagers grumpy whiners or is it just mine? Last week he complained that he didn't get much game time. These week he helped out by playing in the JV game and complained that he got too much game time.
06/Sep/15 4:39 AM
I might come back and talk to myself later.
06/Sep/15 4:40 AM

Sorry Serena, work has been a bit hectic tonight.

Please dont think you have the only kids or grandkids in my case who grump , sometimes there is just no pleasing them
06/Sep/15 4:54 AM

and talking of haircuts, my 4th grandsons who was 3 back in April finally had his first haircut a few weeks ago....now he looks like a little boy, but with all the curls he has now he would be right at home in your family.
06/Sep/15 4:55 AM
Heartfelt condolences to you and yours Kathy at this sad time.
06/Sep/15 4:58 AM
ALL teenagers are like that, Serena. It is, unfortunately, a part of growing up. You might as well get used to it, as it will be a part of your life until Little Girl turns 20. (Unless you decide to have more. )
06/Sep/15 5:12 AM
Love giraffes. Not sure what kind of art it is. Great idea , though.
06/Sep/15 5:25 AM
06/Sep/15 5:54 AM
yeaaaaahhh....it's not gonna go away magically when she turns 20. Mine are 23 and 21 and I still hear a fair amount of whining, more so from the older one (since he moved back home).
06/Sep/15 5:55 AM
I meant Baby girl, Serena.
06/Sep/15 5:55 AM
My sympathies, Cake Lady.
06/Sep/15 5:59 AM
, y'all!

Yep, we went through a phase with S'Teen - with her it was combined with being down on herself (middle school), so double whammy .
06/Sep/15 6:09 AM
She kept a journal back then, and recently came across it. She re-read it (I never have pried, so I have no idea what was in it). Afterwards she shared with me 'Mom? For every negative thing I wrote about myself back then, I was able to come up with an immediate answer of why none of them apply.'
06/Sep/15 6:12 AM
It was a relief, and confirmation that she got through a tough time in her early teen years. ...Now she just gets stressed over school work. The Junior (11th) year is by far the toughest in her program; she realizes it, but is also understanding that next year and in college it will help her.
06/Sep/15 6:14 AM
Another 8K in the rearview mirror! I didn't place in my age/gender this year (a couple of zippier women ran!), I beat my last year's time by a full minute, even after walking about 30 seconds up that last hill: 47:24 this year over 48:24 in 2014. Any but the most competitive runners would call that a sweet victory, and I do!
06/Sep/15 6:24 AM
Sincere condolences to Kathy and family at this sad time.
06/Sep/15 6:26 AM
1:52. Good morning everyone.
06/Sep/15 6:42 AM
I'm off shortly to compete in the Canberra Times 14km race, starting at 8:00. I won't be anywhere near the front but should hopefully come in somewhere in the top 10% or so. The challenge will be after that - our band's playing at 10:30 and I need to get back to the start (about 10km from the finish), get home, showered, changed and to the venue to set up by around 10:00.
06/Sep/15 6:44 AM
So, I'm finally able to post the weekend puzzle! Below are 10 proverbs rewritten in 'double-speak'. Decipher, and send the answers to my 'Not a Mine' inbox.

1.That which is acquired without difficulty is dispersed with equal facility.
2.It is more desirable to arrive in the medium of More...
06/Sep/15 6:47 AM
Well done Lizzie G, first and last. Hal was nearby, but failed to swoop.
06/Sep/15 8:45 AM
That has to be a glove puppet. I think giraffes are such elegant animals.
06/Sep/15 8:48 AM
Morning all, clever idea that would have been a lot of work.
06/Sep/15 8:52 AM
I'm pretty sure it's body paint. Here are some much better examples (be forewarned, lots of very cleverly disguised nudity):

06/Sep/15 9:14 AM
Good morning all.
06/Sep/15 9:18 AM
Anniversay today.
06/Sep/15 9:19 AM
Low key day at home.
06/Sep/15 9:20 AM
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