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Easy Sudoku for 7/October/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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07/Oct/15 7:51 AM
That was fun. Time for the football run and then to figure out what to feed these people.
07/Oct/15 7:51 AM
Hello Serena!
Hello everyone else, too!!
07/Oct/15 8:57 AM
Had some ''fun''??? with rain earlier this year - a lovely tall banksia tree fell over because the ground was very, very soggy. It fell on the power lines so no electricity for everyone on Bar Point!
We waited & waited for the power to come back on but nothing was happening.... We (& the rest of More...
07/Oct/15 9:05 AM
Finally we had power (after 5/6 days of running generators just to try & keep the refrigerators a bit cool!!) & then we found out the horror that was happening to the north of us - so much destruction.....

07/Oct/15 9:09 AM
We had the bad wind & the huge amounts of rain but no damage & we (at Bar Pt) have no problems of being flood because we all are well above the high tide mark, but lots of others north had a lot of problems!!
07/Oct/15 9:12 AM
Hope all of you who have been waterlogged hope you get some relief soon!!!
07/Oct/15 9:13 AM
Good morning everybody.
Happy to say the wind finally settled along with a massive drop in the temperature.. what a relief.. thought I was going to lose my roof...
Hope to get it reattached before it next rains.
Must get a wriggle on.. need to fly out the door in 15'
Have a good day (night) everyone
07/Oct/15 9:58 AM
Good evening to all! A quick hello! Now back to the AL wildcard game. Cheers!
07/Oct/15 11:33 AM
Oh dear dear waterlogged friends, please blow those rain filled clouds my way!!! We're into water rationing here. Many here are giving up their grassy lawns for the desert look. State government is giving bonuses for doing so. My brother has been ripping up his yard for that bonus. AND we're tattling on each other for water wastage. Well people are reporting condo campuses wasting water!
07/Oct/15 11:36 AM
Karen, a or a would have helped.
07/Oct/15 1:00 PM
07/Oct/15 1:50 PM
1:48 Good afternoon one and all!

Off to Perth in the morning to meet up with my daughter and her family. Friday night we're going to the Robbie Williams Concert. (Not the granddaughters, though)
07/Oct/15 4:26 PM
Everyone. I hope things settle down in South Carolina soon. And any bush fires are under control in Oz.
07/Oct/15 4:51 PM
I went to the visitation this evening for a dear lady that I'd known since 1958. I babysat all her children and nieces. The nieces' family lived right next door to our family for about 45 years. Then my brother bought their house so he'd be right next door to our folks who needed help. The More...
07/Oct/15 4:55 PM

Today in Summary.........

Easy – Another ‘best friend’.

Sue - Starts the day with a bang...complaining about her computer – it will only do what you tell it to do. It’s a poor workman who blames his tools but the weather in Oklahoma More...
07/Oct/15 8:30 PM
Another good one, Phanty.

Bit early for LPotD
07/Oct/15 10:56 PM
Have an appointment with the allergist this morning. Maybe I'll get an answer to what caused the episode two weeks ago.
07/Oct/15 11:52 PM
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