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Easy Sudoku for 7/February/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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While I'm here...
07/Feb/12 10:47 AM
Ok - now I'm off to the kitchen for real...
07/Feb/12 10:48 AM
Jane! Such language. I know you have a better vocabulary than to use such words.

Is Kathy talking about the advice you gave me last night?
Kathy are you talking about the advice, Jane gave last night?
07/Feb/12 11:48 AM
Jane, I went off to the kitchen, too. Simple meals here for us this week. I thought about asking if you & Jaime would like to come up, but decided I was too lazy to fix the kind of meals Jaime is used to YOU cooking. I know he loves desserts, & I don't do desserts. I did call Dockside More...
07/Feb/12 11:50 AM
So late getting back here today, we were gone longer than I thought we would be.
07/Feb/12 11:53 AM
Karen, please wish your MIL a very . She is a special lady and was a pleasure for me to meet her. I have to bake a cake for my special birthday boy tomorrow. That should be fun, NOT.
07/Feb/12 11:57 AM
Has anyone ever told you people what a wonderful group of people you are? Well, you are the greatest group of people to know. And you have fantastic connections.
A big burden has been lifted off my shoulders, because of you and keeping us in your thoughts. Bless you.
MIL talked to Man's More...
07/Feb/12 11:57 AM
Karen, I was talking about the advice Heidi gave you on Page 3 last night. However, I get the feeling you don't put your foot down about too many things in your household. It seems to me your Man usually does things HIS way & doesn't pay much attention to how YOU would like to do things. But maybe I am wrong?
07/Feb/12 11:57 AM
MIL and BIL also went out to pick a good spot for her to put her trailer and discussed what would be needed.

On the land part, what we don't purchase, and what youngest BIL has not purchased, will still be divided up, later, much later on.
07/Feb/12 12:03 PM
Site not working??
07/Feb/12 12:41 PM
Jane, when you come back from the kitchen, maybe you can tell me if you & Jaime might have been the ones who brought us a bottle of wine from Chile called Carmen Carmenere from the Rap@l Valley, 2008. The front label says Carmen is "Chile's oldest wine house is inspired by the legacy of one man's love for Carmen - his wife."
07/Feb/12 12:59 PM
Geesh, I kept trying & trying to post that comment. Site police spparently didn't approve of the name of the Valley with an e in it!
07/Feb/12 1:01 PM
all! Back at work doing puzzles in my lunchtime!
07/Feb/12 1:05 PM
The back label has a great description, too:
"As a progressive and trendsetting winery Vina Carmen rediscovered and launched the Carmenere grape with the 1994 vintage. Splendid deep ruby colour with intense aromas of ripe blackberries and flavours of cherries, rhubarb, soft chocolate, a More...
07/Feb/12 1:07 PM
Barbara and I had such a great time on the Road Scholar trip in South Dakota that we have booked another one - to Key West, Florida, March 4-9.
Do any of you who have traveled to the Keys have any suggestions for things that we shouldn't miss.
BTW, we have been to the Everglades and our week More...
07/Feb/12 1:17 PM
07/Feb/12 1:17 PM
Queen Anne, that was a good one. Copied it to pass on to my peers at school. Figure they'll have a great laugh over that.
07/Feb/12 1:18 PM
Shall I try for it>
07/Feb/12 1:18 PM
Before Karen notices?
07/Feb/12 1:19 PM
Why not?
07/Feb/12 1:19 PM
07/Feb/12 1:19 PM
Wait a minute! Yikees, I've just boobooed! It's not until 120. Nope, not going that far. Well I'll just bow out to Karen!
07/Feb/12 1:20 PM
Hey everyone! Watch out for the marbles that I lost!
07/Feb/12 1:21 PM
Hal, the sunsets & Hemingway House.
07/Feb/12 1:24 PM
I hope you're not a maths teacher, Shosho?
07/Feb/12 1:35 PM
Watching the yodeling cats video every day is weird of your husband. Most people his age watch it only on weekdays and watch poodles exercising with humans on the weekends
You should fix your hair and dress appropriately and join him in the exercises. It will do you both good and lead to a long and healthy life.
07/Feb/12 1:37 PM
the previous advice passage was to be addressed to Jane aka "I love cats, but...."

07/Feb/12 1:41 PM
Abby, your avatar looks like your sister, Ann Landers.
07/Feb/12 1:57 PM
Thank you, Dear Abby, for the wonderful advice. I'm making an appointment at the hairdresser tomorrow for a poodle cut and then I'm off to PetSmart to buy a poodle costume for my cat to wear (unfortunately, I don't have a dog.)
07/Feb/12 2:01 PM
Kathy - I don't remember if we brought you that wine. In any case, it is a good wine and hope you and Rob enjoy it!
07/Feb/12 2:03 PM
Hal - Make sure you and Barb rent (or bring) bikes to Key West. It's the only way to get around!
07/Feb/12 2:04 PM
Kathy, B. and I brought a couple of bottles, 1 red and 1 white. But neither of us remember the name. (Well, it has been a while!)
07/Feb/12 2:07 PM
Jane and Kathy -
07/Feb/12 2:08 PM
Wow! Nearly an hour since the last post.
07/Feb/12 3:01 PM
If Karen and Hal are otherwise occupied...
07/Feb/12 3:01 PM
I just might be able...
07/Feb/12 3:01 PM
to turn the page...
07/Feb/12 3:02 PM
If I don't lose count...
07/Feb/12 3:02 PM
Which has been known to happen...
07/Feb/12 3:02 PM
When I'm in the middle of...
07/Feb/12 3:02 PM
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