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Easy Sudoku for 7/February/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hit the TOPP.
07/Feb/13 10:05 AM
Wasn't hard. No competition!
07/Feb/13 10:16 AM
Good morning.
07/Feb/13 11:25 AM
Have got the go-slows this morning.
07/Feb/13 11:25 AM
But I'll have to change them and speed up.....
07/Feb/13 11:26 AM
For it is off to work I go this afternoon.
07/Feb/13 11:26 AM
Gotta do some h*&^%$!@#K before I go, so cya!
07/Feb/13 11:27 AM
It's funny how when I'm loud
people tell me to be quiet.

But when I'm quiet, people ask
me what's wrong with me.
07/Feb/13 12:51 PM
I used to wonder
what it'd be like to
read other people's
minds. Then I got a
Facebook account,
and now I'm over it.
07/Feb/13 12:53 PM
Somebody stole my
identity last week.
Today, they showed
up at my door and pleaded
for me to take it back.
07/Feb/13 12:56 PM
Got Balance?

07/Feb/13 1:40 PM
The ABC conducted a photo competition over summer with the theme of 'light'. Here is a link to the finalists. Some of these are spectacular.
07/Feb/13 2:01 PM
Wow Jim, that was amazing!
07/Feb/13 2:21 PM
Wow, Sacky, thanks for that link. The photographs are wonderful - I turned off the light so I could see them better in the dark. I had to keep looking up words, so I learned some things, too.
I thought the one with pink clouds in the same curve as the wheat field was a prize-winner.
07/Feb/13 3:00 PM
Jim, thank you! Amazing is not a strong enough word.
07/Feb/13 3:12 PM
Sacky and Jim...thanks for the great links...they were enjoyable to the max! Sacky, the light shows were unbelievable...and Jim...I can do that act right now...in my dreams...lol.
Off to get some much needed sleep...have a good whatever folks...Peace and out!
07/Feb/13 3:16 PM
Happens to me all the time, your first saying you put up DOA.
07/Feb/13 3:17 PM
Lovely day here today, pity I still feel yuck. :(
07/Feb/13 3:18 PM
Will give EASY a go.
07/Feb/13 3:18 PM
Funny face. EASY doe. Next.
07/Feb/13 3:24 PM
done that is.
07/Feb/13 3:24 PM
MEDIUM done.
07/Feb/13 3:39 PM
Good night people of the world.
07/Feb/13 3:58 PM
Well, I dropped in at the right time - thanks Jim & Sacky!!!
07/Feb/13 5:01 PM
, g'nite Gracie!
07/Feb/13 5:02 PM
1:47. Good afternoon everyone.
07/Feb/13 5:12 PM

I loved the links from both CO Jim and Sacky. Thanks so much to both of you!
07/Feb/13 5:13 PM
Hmmmm. Just checking in here before I went to bed and the lights flickered. I think we may be seeing some of that wet stuff. Is that thunder I hear?
07/Feb/13 6:13 PM
I got my 'sandwich' made...sort of. I can't find all my pins. See what happens when you have to pick up? Quilting tomorrow. Better shut down now.
07/Feb/13 6:15 PM
07/Feb/13 7:26 PM
Hello to anyone who's still around!!
07/Feb/13 7:57 PM
See you tomorrow!!
07/Feb/13 9:29 PM
Yep sure will Kate. Nite.
07/Feb/13 9:47 PM
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