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Easy Sudoku for 7/February/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hello everyone
07/Feb/17 12:13 AM
07/Feb/17 12:42 AM
๐ŸŠGood Maen๐ŸŒž Orange you glad to see me ๐Ÿ˜‹
07/Feb/17 12:58 AM
good morning all- have a great day
07/Feb/17 1:33 AM
As yesterday's comments drew to a close, I loved what Sarah wrote about additional Super Bowl 'firsts' - 'the game was more interesting than the commercials.'
07/Feb/17 1:39 AM
For any who may have missed it: Wombat posted a new poozle, then making a correction to his first clue ...better look for it!

Rage - send the answers to Wombat by going to his page (next to his name in blue, click on Check out my page, then click on 'send Private Message'
07/Feb/17 1:45 AM
07/Feb/17 2:39 AM
Here's for shosho!
07/Feb/17 2:40 AM
...and now I can appreciate mymare's orange question.......
07/Feb/17 2:47 AM
Joyce, now I see, too!
07/Feb/17 3:00 AM
to everyone. Hope all have a great day!!
07/Feb/17 3:20 AM
Morning. Interesting pottery.
07/Feb/17 3:53 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
07/Feb/17 4:23 AM
It's pouring cats and dogs here!!! I'm loving it!!! We have suffered a 6 year drought and it seems that Mother Nature is trying to make up for it this wet season! Unlike you guys back east, we have only two seasons, a dry season (3/4 of the year) and a wet season. All the gardens, fields, lawn, all is green! And some like my pink ginger plant look drowned!
07/Feb/17 4:27 AM
Good afternoon to all! 'Yes. we have no bananas....'
07/Feb/17 4:56 AM
Love oranges! Lots of vita C for cold Winter days.
07/Feb/17 4:58 AM

Whether you like Tom Brady and the Patriots or not, it can't be denied that that was an amazing comeback in yesterday's game. Congratulations to them!
07/Feb/17 5:25 AM
I just saw Wombat's puzzle and I have to go grocery shopping. Guess which one I'm doing first.....
07/Feb/17 5:26 AM
Morning all, I really miss the orange and mandarin trees we had at Robinvale.
07/Feb/17 6:12 AM
I had better go look for Wombat's puzzle while I'm thinking of it !
07/Feb/17 6:19 AM
I'm back.
07/Feb/17 7:34 AM
07/Feb/17 7:34 AM
Hey, Rage - on one of Wombats posts, click on '' Check out my page''. On his page, near the top right side, click on ''Send Wombat a Private Message''. Then follow your nose... Easy, Peazy...
07/Feb/17 8:32 AM
Should have read today's posts before submitting mine.
07/Feb/17 8:33 AM
Thanks to Joyce and DoA for giving Rage advice.
07/Feb/17 9:26 AM
Just to clear up any problems with yesterday's problem, this is how it should have read:
G'day to all of you who live north of the equator and to those who live south of it, and apologies to those who I might have missed.
Today's puzzle asks you to start with a single letter and make an eight More...
07/Feb/17 9:32 AM
2:08 Getting slower and slower.
07/Feb/17 11:32 AM
I wish I was slower like that, Anne!
07/Feb/17 12:46 PM
I'm sure you can beat my time, Jamie.
07/Feb/17 12:56 PM
Ah, the long awaited update to Wombat's puzzle. I have sent my answer.
07/Feb/17 2:11 PM
Anne, Anne, Anne... You're times on the puzzles put all but a few of us to shame. Be proud! You do well!
07/Feb/17 2:20 PM
Nearing my bedtime. What shall I do for the next 35 minutes??
07/Feb/17 2:24 PM
Oh, thank you, Hal.
You've got 14mins left to go to bed.
07/Feb/17 2:45 PM
Five minutes, Anne. But close enough. Night all.
07/Feb/17 2:56 PM
'Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bow lines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.' -Mark Twain
07/Feb/17 5:27 PM
1:29. Good evening everyone.
07/Feb/17 9:05 PM
Good evening Chris.
DoA, I am quite sure I will not be around in twenty years time.
07/Feb/17 10:38 PM
A lovely lot of rain today. We only got about half the rainfall they got in the City but enough to give the garden a good watering and make the temperature much more pleasant.
07/Feb/17 10:40 PM
So close to the bottom that I cannot leave us here. I have not been on the computer much today. I did have a sleep this afternoon. Much needed.
07/Feb/17 10:41 PM
Now at the bottom of page one.
07/Feb/17 10:41 PM
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