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Easy Sudoku for 7/June/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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07/Jun/17 12:00 AM
Morning, HalT and everyone else.
07/Jun/17 12:00 AM
Sunny & mildly chilly. (My favorite weather!)
Hope you have a favorite day, too!
07/Jun/17 12:00 AM
Leaving soon for my Orthopedic follow-up appointment. I'm not where I'd like to be... I'd like to walk pain-free while I'm in France!
07/Jun/17 12:03 AM
to Everyone!! Hope everyone has a great day.
07/Jun/17 12:40 AM
07/Jun/17 12:43 AM
so close . . .
07/Jun/17 12:44 AM
07/Jun/17 12:44 AM
Ugh! Yesterday was not a pleasant day! Between my dentist's heroic effort and two hours in his dental chair (which after all I'm grateful, he saved my tooth) and making paper mache dinosaur eggs for my grandson's birthday party with watered down glue, I had such a thrilling day!
07/Jun/17 12:48 AM
But I got to cuddle my newest grandson 3 months now!
07/Jun/17 12:49 AM
07/Jun/17 12:57 AM
Good morning poozle people,I hope your day goes well
07/Jun/17 1:14 AM
Well, my orthopedic doctor suggested taking my 'boot' with me to France in case I needed it! As if finding packing room allowed by airlines isn't hard enough without THAT suggestion! Yeah, right!
07/Jun/17 2:46 AM
Hello, all.
07/Jun/17 2:48 AM
Lovely photo, with an interesting subject, in a peaceful place
07/Jun/17 3:25 AM
Good afternoon all - hope you're having a fine day!
07/Jun/17 3:44 AM
Happy Tuesday day off!
07/Jun/17 5:12 AM
Morning all, there are more than one Heathcote in Australia , I'm tipping this one is south of Sydney.
07/Jun/17 5:25 AM
Shiela, wear the boot on the plane. I tell you it works wonders. Before I lost the weight and was walking with a stick (have one of those as well) we travelled to Turkey one year and also to Japan. We got taken out of the long queues at the airports and often I was also offered a wheel chair. I have not used the walking stick for 12 months.
07/Jun/17 5:28 AM
It's raining, it's pouring and the old man can keep snoring because he won't be playing golf today.
07/Jun/17 5:31 AM
07/Jun/17 5:49 AM
07/Jun/17 5:49 AM

June is right, Shiela. Wear the boot. You'll get all sorts of privileges. And, you'll have it there if you need it. Win/Win.
07/Jun/17 6:16 AM
June & Kathy - Hmmmmmm! You guys are devious! Sounds tempting! Reeeeeally tempting!
(I had a hard time even using my temporary 'Handicapped Parking' sticker!)
07/Jun/17 7:48 AM
I'm going to go for Heathcote Victoria near Puckapunyal Army Base
07/Jun/17 9:25 AM
That almost doesn't look real.
07/Jun/17 10:08 AM
Shiela, I don't know about privileges, but wearing it would make it easy to pack.
07/Jun/17 10:09 AM
A few 'roos loose in the top paddock - Apt, very apt for this site!
07/Jun/17 10:31 AM
I only know of one Heathcote, and that is near Puckapunyal, where I had a three month holiday in 1951 - 52 at Her Majesty's expense. They even gave me a natty uniform, khaki in colour not broad arrows. They also gave me a Lee Enfield .303, a Bren gun and a Owen light machine gun. Kangaroos were not available for target practice.
07/Jun/17 11:00 AM
Good maEn, good people.
07/Jun/17 11:11 AM
Wear the boot, Shiela. What a marvelous idea!
07/Jun/17 11:19 AM
Would have been His Majesty then, Wombat.

I vaguely remember.
07/Jun/17 11:59 AM
Ba Muoi Ba.
07/Jun/17 11:59 AM
Heathcote NSW is surrounded by Heathcote National Park and Royal National Park (both heavily timbered), Holsworthy Military Area and the southern suburbs of Sydney. It's possible that the military area might have an open area such as that shown here, but on the whole I think the photo is more likely to be Heathcote Victoria.
07/Jun/17 12:58 PM
1:32. Good evening everyone.
07/Jun/17 8:01 PM
It's a bit doubtful there mate, she become Queen on February 6 and the Coronation was June 2. I was inducted into His Majesty's Forces, became a Member of her Majesty's Forces on February 6 and was still enrolled on June 2, so I guess it is a bit of both. I took the Kings (or maybe Queens) shilling between Christmas 1951 and New Year 1952.
07/Jun/17 8:11 PM
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