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Easy Sudoku for 7/July/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day all.
07/Jul/16 12:00 AM
MAEN, all Y'all.
07/Jul/16 12:00 AM
Geez - That Hal is FAST!!!!! Onya
07/Jul/16 12:01 AM
Thank you, Ghost Post.
07/Jul/16 12:01 AM
Hal and DoA!
07/Jul/16 12:54 AM
Wow! Morning, afternoon, evening, and night all at the same time. DoA is in some alternate reality.
07/Jul/16 1:00 AM
I am allowed to take the splint off my finger for 2 hours a day now. I do that for a week, then progress to 3 hours the next week, then 4 the following week, then five. Finally, I just have to wear it when I sleep. Hopefully, after the 10 weeks, healing will have occurred. The tip of the finger More...
07/Jul/16 1:05 AM
DoA is coming at us from EVERYWHERE!
07/Jul/16 1:06 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: cold, cord, core, more, mare, ware, wart (warp), warm

Speaking of warm....winners Judy, lonewoof, Wombat, Joyce, Sheila, and Meg receive the ''Who you calling a hot head?'' Crown for their efforts.
07/Jul/16 1:13 AM
Fully recovered from the flu, finally, just in time to suffer the intense heat that's hit us here in southern Ontario. Heading out to water the plants, then I'll water myself!
07/Jul/16 1:15 AM
And, for today....

Below you will find ten 6 letter words, however, every other letter is missing. Can you determine the words?

07/Jul/16 1:18 AM
Glad you are feeling better, Cathy!
For me, feeling lousy in the hot weather is always worse than in cold weather. If you have a fever, it just makes it feel hotter, even with AC. Probably psychological, but, that's how it seems.
07/Jul/16 1:23 AM
My 2 hour non-splint time is up. Time to put the stupid thing back on and get something done around here.
See you later!
07/Jul/16 1:26 AM
An east coast low is battering the coast right now. Good to be in a warm room.
07/Jul/16 1:45 AM
a beautiful day here in OK
07/Jul/16 2:10 AM
What a morning we have had then and again.
07/Jul/16 2:11 AM
We have had more rain this week than we normally get all summer.
07/Jul/16 2:13 AM
Time to get busy and finish with the trip plans.
07/Jul/16 2:15 AM
before I go
07/Jul/16 2:16 AM
Good morning.
07/Jul/16 2:33 AM
My 'Go back to sleep' command did not work yesterday nor today.
07/Jul/16 2:35 AM
We have guests staying for the weekend so it would be better if I wasn't wandering the halls early (very) in the morning.
07/Jul/16 2:37 AM
Glad to hear both Cathy and Kathy are on the mend but sorry that poor robinw is enduring rain and high winds again.
07/Jul/16 2:39 AM
We have a bit of rain around so the overnight temperatures have risen above minuses, but the days have been very cold, mostly single digits, i.e. below 50*F.
Now I can hear strong winds here - same cause as robinw's without the driving rain (so far).
07/Jul/16 2:45 AM
Had no idea I was crossing 22 - I read the post count as 10 when I started, must've been 19. Sorry Keith.
07/Jul/16 2:47 AM
I don't know what the photo is today. Oh well!
07/Jul/16 4:03 AM
07/Jul/16 6:22 AM
Was here earlier but hubby took the car and I had to walk to yoga class. Only about four blocks away so I shouldn't complain. Hubby was so chagrinned about forgetting my class that he showed up to take me home!
07/Jul/16 6:23 AM
Actually he remembered that I need interfacing to start his Hawaiian shirt with the material I bought in Kauai! So we went to the JoAnn's fabric store and had a lively discussion about which upholstery fabric I should use to frame the gorgeous material I bought in Maui for a bedspread.
07/Jul/16 6:26 AM
One of these days, I'll get to make my muumuu out of the material I bought in Kauai. I bought so much fabric that I had to mail it home!
07/Jul/16 6:28 AM
Morning all, I found the cat in the pic.
07/Jul/16 7:19 AM
GTG taking my car in for a service.
07/Jul/16 7:21 AM
Good morning all. Cool, but fine here today.
07/Jul/16 7:42 AM
Our internet was out again yesterday! I'm sick of paying for a service that lets me down!
07/Jul/16 7:42 AM
Happy Wednesday day off!
Just back from lunch date with 2 former sorority sisters. Lots of fun reminiscing and catching up on our lives.
07/Jul/16 7:47 AM
1:28 this morning, felt slower. Hi everyone.
07/Jul/16 7:51 AM
Good evening to all! I couldn't let the day pass without saying hello to everyone, so HELLO!
07/Jul/16 8:42 AM
Morning everybody
07/Jul/16 8:47 AM
Time for a page change?
07/Jul/16 8:56 AM
07/Jul/16 8:57 AM
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