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Easy Sudoku for 7/August/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen
07/Aug/13 12:00 AM
Puzzle done where is everyone????
07/Aug/13 12:06 AM
Don't ask! I am having trouble getting around here today.
07/Aug/13 12:10 AM
07/Aug/13 12:12 AM
Hello Dorthea, nice to see you posting.
07/Aug/13 12:12 AM
High near 100 today, trying to get my errands done early.
07/Aug/13 12:14 AM
since no one is here
07/Aug/13 12:14 AM
I might as well since I can CP
07/Aug/13 12:15 AM
A wonderful photo, and yet again an undoable jigsaw. WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO FIX THIS!!!!!
07/Aug/13 12:18 AM
Happy Tuesday day off!
Now off to take Mom to her doctor's appointment, and run a few errands
07/Aug/13 12:19 AM
07/Aug/13 12:21 AM
Going to be busy, babysitting grandie today. He still has pink eye but has a new medication. Have to remember to wash hands and don't rub own eye!
07/Aug/13 12:22 AM
Good maen from sunny beautiful Portland, Oregon.
07/Aug/13 12:23 AM
Hello, John, Dorthea, Sue and everyone else who visits here!
You'll see my baby blues today...
Had to take care of my neighbor's cat before getting to do puzzles. At least I'm now down to one cat for the rest of the week. But her care is quite involved. Four More...
07/Aug/13 12:26 AM
Wow! Lots of people popped in while I was typing!
Hello Shosho, Aileen, Jim, and Bev, too!
07/Aug/13 12:28 AM
Good morning people of the world.
07/Aug/13 12:38 AM
National Night Out
Wiggle Your Toes Day
07/Aug/13 12:39 AM
Looks almost like a painting.
07/Aug/13 12:40 AM
07/Aug/13 12:41 AM
Not me.
07/Aug/13 12:41 AM
But maybe.
07/Aug/13 12:41 AM
07/Aug/13 12:41 AM
Again, I cannot believe I have say this.

Now, we have two people off to check out their hearts, which I hope all is grand in there.
Sacky, gave me hope, when she said did almost nothing all day, but then had the cow drama. I can live without that drama. Angry Momma is nothing I want to mess with.
07/Aug/13 12:43 AM
You just pop up whenever, Keith, don't ya?

Are you home now?
07/Aug/13 12:45 AM
My tummy is ready to upchuck any moment. Has been for a while. Today, we go register my baby for pre-K. I am not ready. She is my baby.

Oh, here comes another bout of the .
07/Aug/13 12:49 AM
Karen, my ' baby' is about to enter her senior year in college. She has been away all summer working at a music camp. She will be home one day before having to return to school. I could cry every day if I let myself.
07/Aug/13 12:59 AM
Sending best wishes to Peter and Dottie.
And Hal, have a great trip!
07/Aug/13 1:00 AM
Great seeing you here, Dorthea. I've been wondering where you were and how you were.
07/Aug/13 1:04 AM
I hope you feel better soon, Karen. It's no fun being sick.
07/Aug/13 1:06 AM
Pretty sky.
07/Aug/13 1:08 AM
Answer Time

The ladder slid out 8 ft. I also accepted 15 ft, the new distance away from the building.

In the today are shosho, Pam, Darwen Jim, Mr Cee and Peter. I'm handing out this handy dandy self-calculating calculator for help with future math puzzles.
07/Aug/13 1:12 AM
In case you were wondering.

With a right triangle the lengths of the sides are a^2 + b^2 = c^2 where c is the side not connected to the right angle. Assuming the building isn’t crooked, if a is the distance the ladder is from the building, b is the height the ladder is up the building and c More...
07/Aug/13 1:14 AM
Rebus Time:


Answers to my ‘’Alphabet Soup’’ inbox.
07/Aug/13 1:15 AM
Oh Karen and Pam, wait until your babies move out, marry, and have families of their own! Then comes babysitting! So you never really lose them. They just come back with little ones for you to care!
07/Aug/13 1:18 AM
OK, when I posted earlier, my baby was sleeping. Oh, such a sweet time.
Now, I have two insane girls running around this house.
When does school start? That is not soon enough.
07/Aug/13 1:22 AM
As of last night our Marine had NOT landed. My granddaughter's hubby was supposed to get home from Afghanistan yesterday. His flights have been cancelled TWICE! I haven't heard anything this morning. Hopefully, no news is good news. To say we're all frustrated would be an understatement.
07/Aug/13 1:22 AM
Pam and Shosho, it boggles my mind thinking of my babies going away. Pre-K, is hard enough to comprehend.

Now, my second grader, thinks she is a cat, I am wondering if the school will still accept her.
07/Aug/13 1:25 AM
Oh, good! I can take my mind off the waiting by thinking about Serena's rebus!
07/Aug/13 1:27 AM
That is frustrating, Kathy. Almost like waiting for the arrival of the birth of a child.
07/Aug/13 1:28 AM
Bye-bye page one.
07/Aug/13 1:28 AM
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