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Easy Sudoku for 7/August/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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07/Aug/14 12:00 AM
Good Maen
07/Aug/14 12:00 AM
, y'all! Well, we're at our final 3 choices for wallpaper. We started off with over a dozen samples from our local store and 9 books from two stores. It helped that we had an idea of what we wanted. Silverguy's, who's content with 4 white walls, was a willing participant and - get More...
07/Aug/14 12:06 AM
Pretty eyes.
07/Aug/14 12:25 AM

Hope you didn't do yourself any injury Silvergal when you fell in a heap on the floor after Silverguy's comments!
07/Aug/14 12:36 AM
My first thought was mug shot. My second one was driver's license photo. Yes I know she's too young for either.
07/Aug/14 12:41 AM
Another stock photo?
07/Aug/14 12:42 AM

Wish upon a falling star

In the today we have HalT and CP. For all your wish making need.

Part of me thinks there was a third answerer who disappeared somehow.
07/Aug/14 12:45 AM
Hi shosho.

I was pushed.
07/Aug/14 12:45 AM
Another pic that belongs on the ''parents'' page........
07/Aug/14 2:42 AM
07/Aug/14 3:14 AM
Hope you're okay, Serena, after being pushed!
Here's flying your way!!!
07/Aug/14 3:15 AM
This post is dedicated to Queen Anne!
07/Aug/14 3:16 AM
07/Aug/14 3:45 AM
The wind is coming from the south blowing air at me.
07/Aug/14 3:47 AM
I have spent the last 3 days in the kitchen, cooking, cooking, cooking.
07/Aug/14 3:47 AM
My sister arrives from Japan tonight, they will be here a week. I want to spend as much time talking and less time cooking while she is here.
07/Aug/14 3:49 AM
Window people come tomorrow morning to measure the sliding doors, I have 3 of them. It is time to replace them.
07/Aug/14 3:50 AM
The after window people leave we will go to nieces for the day.
07/Aug/14 3:51 AM
Good afternoon to all! Quiet here again. Hope all not here are having a great day, all who have come or will come a great day as well!
07/Aug/14 4:14 AM
I could go for Keith's 22, but who knows. He just might be lurking.
07/Aug/14 4:15 AM
A risk I'll take . I've uploaded a photo to my gallery of the 3 wallpaper choices. For those interested in stuff like that, let me know your thoughts, either here or on the photo.
07/Aug/14 4:39 AM
I bet you thought I was going to post a puzzle four hours ago. So did I.

The blanks in the following sentences will be filled in with three different homonyms (words that are spelled differently but sound alike) to make valid sentences. The dashes indicate the number of letters in the More...
07/Aug/14 4:47 AM
07/Aug/14 5:04 AM
MUG SHOT; caught stealing cookies no doubt
07/Aug/14 5:43 AM
Good morning everyone.
07/Aug/14 6:14 AM
Today I'm going to cook some savoury mince to freeze so hubby won't starve while I'm gallivanting with Jane. Less than 8 weeks now!
07/Aug/14 6:17 AM
1:25. Good morning everyone.
07/Aug/14 6:44 AM
Gorgeous weather in the upper 70s but low humidity today.
07/Aug/14 6:58 AM
Sacky - It's hard to believe you'll be in the US in less than 2 months. I hope we can work it out for me to meet you and Jane somewhere on the East Coast. What do you mean by savory mince? I know you mean cooked ground beef, but do you add tomato sauce and seasonings to basically make a spaghetti or pasta sauce or is there some other main addition?
07/Aug/14 7:03 AM
Sue - How wonderful that your sister is visiting for a week! Is it just her or her entire family? Enjoy!
07/Aug/14 7:06 AM
Dottie, my savoury mince contains all the vegies I can lay my hands on, curry - all with tomato base and Italian herbs. No 2 mixes are the same. It's really a lottery what it ends up like.
07/Aug/14 7:19 AM
Ba muoi Ba??
07/Aug/14 8:31 AM
Good morning. I'm not going to CP again this morning or I'll get to post 37 again, and be forced to make a double CP and get us on to the next page - that's my excuse. I'll just make a CP of sentences. My savoury mince is like Sacky's, a bit of a lottery, although I add only a little tomato paste More...
07/Aug/14 8:39 AM
all. Just happened to show up here right after Chris & CP. Interesting timing since I just posted on our Sudoku Friends FB page a pic of them with Tricia & Jane at our dinner out in Canberra. We had a great meal together that night at the Little Istanbul Restaurant.
07/Aug/14 8:57 AM
Yesterday I went to the movies. Saw 'And so it is'. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
07/Aug/14 10:58 AM
07/Aug/14 1:48 PM
It's a slow crawl to the bottom of the page, hey.
07/Aug/14 4:51 PM
That's Queensland dialect.
07/Aug/14 4:51 PM
Hewre we are. BOTP.
07/Aug/14 4:52 PM
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