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Easy Sudoku for 8/January/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Morning
08/Jan/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen
08/Jan/10 12:01 AM
I do NOT want and 'Wandering Jew' wandering in my garden, thank you (although I know I do have some to get rid of...a most persistant pest!)
08/Jan/10 12:03 AM
Good Morning to everyone!

What a pretty flower!
08/Jan/10 12:05 AM
Wormy at best..........
08/Jan/10 12:10 AM
THAT'S called a 'Wondering Jew'??? I had no idea that was of that family of flowers! I've got it all over my flower gardens! And June, you are correct... It IS hard to get rid of! Then again, it is the most beautiful color of blue in any flower I have ever seen!
08/Jan/10 12:19 AM
A beautiful flower I have never seen before...
08/Jan/10 12:20 AM
The flower is so small that it is hardly noticeable. I try to remove it before it flowers.
I am off to bed. 'nite all.
08/Jan/10 12:30 AM
Denny - Are you getting snow out your way?
08/Jan/10 12:31 AM
From what the weather reports are saying, Debby, I think we'll be getting more snow than you for once! I'll see how my new car handles in snow, I guess!
08/Jan/10 12:40 AM
Shiela - It will be interesting to see what we end up with! We have heard all kinds of predictions. We have about 4 inches on the ground now. We have never lost the first snow we received in December. We went to the grocery store yesterday! Let it snow. We are ready!!!
08/Jan/10 12:42 AM
We've got less than an inch of snow, but then we Are south of you, Debby!
(Think I'll go to the grocery this morning and stock up!)
08/Jan/10 12:50 AM
Easy, Easy.
08/Jan/10 1:04 AM
all -another rainy day in So. OR, but a warm 43° headed to the 50's.

Hope you all checked out my video of the "Scissored Wizard" - the float I worked on over the holidays for this year's Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year's Day.
08/Jan/10 1:10 AM
Yes! Eve, I saw the float you worked on! Wow! Loved the origami dragon!
08/Jan/10 1:43 AM
WONDERFUL float, Eve! Loved it!
08/Jan/10 1:46 AM
Good Maen all - quiet morning...guess all are out wandering!
08/Jan/10 1:47 AM
Eve - your float is AMAZING! What a spectacular accomplishment...and congrats on the award!
08/Jan/10 1:56 AM
HI all! Yesterday's answer to the cobbler's riddle as follows:The cobbler and his wife gave each of his nine children a pair of shoes. That left one pair in the box. They then gave this tenth child the box with the shoes in it.
Easy, wasn't it?!
08/Jan/10 2:13 AM
Here's today's one for the animal lovers. Answers to the woof woof inbox please!
In each sentence, an animal is concealed.

1. What shall I do, Gertrude?
2. Asking nutty questions can be most annoying.
3. A gold key is not a common key.
4. Horace tries in school to be a very More...
08/Jan/10 2:15 AM
I believe I heard while watching the Rose Parade that the concept of the Scissored Wizard float was submitted by a 16 year old. Is that right, Eve?
08/Jan/10 2:17 AM
This photo sent me searching. Ah-ha. Now I understand. What Australians call the wandering jew plant is the Commelina cyanea, also known as Scurvy Weed. What I know as a wandering jew is a Tradescantia, from the Spiderwort family.
08/Jan/10 2:19 AM
I should listen to my cat more closely!
My cat, Nigel, was trying to get through the blinds - something he has never done before. So, thinking he wanted to see the birds at the bird feeder outside, I raised the blinds. Then the cat tried to climb the screen. Not wanting the screen to get More...
08/Jan/10 2:22 AM
Now, can someone tell me what the plant is that has garish purple flocked leaves? It was a popular trailing houseplant in the late 60s-70s, then fell out of favor.
08/Jan/10 2:22 AM
Pretty far, Shiela. It'll be back if it can.
08/Jan/10 2:24 AM
08/Jan/10 2:26 AM
Shiela, Huntress Warrior ...
08/Jan/10 2:27 AM
Shiela's not a louse, she freed the mouse!
08/Jan/10 2:33 AM
Plum, that's what I know as Wandering Jew. We actually had one many moons ago.
08/Jan/10 2:35 AM
Well, I always heard it was wandering jew, but I've spent quite some time trying to find a photo on google images or a mention, and after pages and pages of googling, I can't find anything, so I thought it must have a different name and I was wrong about it being called wandering jew. I guess More...
08/Jan/10 2:39 AM
You're STILL mooning, Kathy ... at YOUR age?? Yikes! (Do they laugh?)
08/Jan/10 2:40 AM
Plum - I know the plant to which you are refering. I've been racking my brain for the name. I believe it is two words first being a country or area like English ____ or African ____. It is not a Primrose or Begonia and think the last name starts with a V.
08/Jan/10 2:41 AM
Happy Thursday!
Eve: great video of the La Canada/Flintridge float--congrats on winning the Fantasy award!
My favorite channel to watch the parade is 5--Stephanie Edwards and Bob Eubanks have been parade commentators for such a long time...
08/Jan/10 2:45 AM
Plum - African Violets

Aileen - I agree - it is good to have Stephanie Edwards back - missed her a couple of years ago - when they tried to replace her.
08/Jan/10 2:49 AM
♪♪ When the moon shines over the mountain.....♪♪
08/Jan/10 2:53 AM
Plum Google 'images' Wandering Jew, there lots of photos.
08/Jan/10 2:55 AM
Plum I call that a wandering sailor.
08/Jan/10 2:55 AM
Oops! Forgot the , after Plum!
08/Jan/10 2:56 AM
Only Fiona would have a wandering sailor in a pot.
08/Jan/10 2:57 AM
I no longer have it - it died. Maybe didn't like the pot?
08/Jan/10 2:58 AM
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