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Easy Sudoku for 8/January/2010


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Push push over we go....
08/Jan/10 10:59 AM
I had a visiting kookaburra sitting on my verandah railing waiting for a tidbit. I got some of the dogs food for him and suddenly he was joined by 2 more on the rails and another sitting in the palm tree.
They are now eating the extra food I put into a bowl on the table. The dog food really seems to be quite tasty by kookaburra standards.
08/Jan/10 11:00 AM
Good morning all!
Thanks June for all that wonderful research - now we know!
And the little critters - Shiela, that was very inventive, Shosho - your scorpion catcher is identical to my huntsman spider catcher (I have a hubby who hates spiders) and, I'm sorry Kathy but I did have a smile at More...
08/Jan/10 11:16 AM
Hi, all! Just getting caught up after being out for a few days. I haven't read all the comments, so I may be repeating someone, but the "Wandering Jew" plant that I remember from the 70's is shown here: http://www.denverplants.com/foliage/html/jewzeb.htm
08/Jan/10 1:04 PM
I had an interesting encounter with a mouse some years ago, but I wasn't quite as kind as Shiela. We'd had a mouse problem on the kitchen, so when I heard a scritching sound inside the breakfast cereal cupboard I whipped the door open quickly and there sat a small mouse, right at the front of the More...
08/Jan/10 2:11 PM
Now for a cat story. Like many others, our cat loved to hunt and would proudly bring her quarry inside for our inspection. We came to recognise her special "come and see what I've got" miaowing and learned to respond quickly after her catch escaped a couple of times. One of these was a More...
08/Jan/10 2:20 PM
Because I love to have bird feeders, I have to put up with mice and rats in the yard, attracted to the seed dropped from the feeders. For a while, they moved into the house, and even chewed through the electrical cord to my stove. That's what inspired me to become a trapper. I've seemingly gotten More...
08/Jan/10 3:23 PM
Perhaps birds are tastier than mice and rats, Keith. Our cat loved to drink from the bird bath. I think it must have had a bird flavour. Since she went to cat heaven some years ago, we haven't acquired another because we hated her catching the native birds - and we weren't too excited about the snakes and bats, either.
08/Jan/10 3:45 PM
I've come to post a real life happening and am amazed at how so many of today's posts lead up to it, even Keith's most recent post.
Burl wemt to light the grill before dinner tonight ,and he found a mouse had built a nest in the grill since Monday evening (the last time I used it). The mouse More...
08/Jan/10 3:54 PM
How true Plum..well it is not the mouse or mice, but the squirrels for me..and I dont have a bird feeder!!!..we light oil lamps in the 'pooja'/prayer room, and this room is nothing but a deep shelf in the dining hall, which has a door to the adjacent balcony. Since this is in second floor, we leave More...
08/Jan/10 4:06 PM
Oh, what a mess, appy. I don't think I'd want to try to figure a way to live with a squirrel on the loose in the house.
08/Jan/10 5:03 PM
I enjoyed Avatar. I liked the story but, yes, Judy I didn't appreciate the language, but I do recognize it among young men like my Marine son's friends when they don't think I'm around. Son definitely didn't learn it from home!
08/Jan/10 5:03 PM
The other thing that really annoys me is the level of the noise in the theatres! Why do they insist on ear shattering loudness? I always bring cotton to stuff in my ears to lessen the pain in my ears.
08/Jan/10 5:06 PM
Hi, shosho. I also dislike loud noise levels, but sometimes in order to distinguish sounds, I have to turn the volume up. I used to go to one of those "contemporary" churches that has loud music and I kept earplugs in my purse so I could maintain the appropriate state of heart and mind. More...
08/Jan/10 5:17 PM
Well, it's after 1 a.m. here, so I'm gonna get about 5 hours of sleep before I have to get Burl his lunch (and then fall back to sleep until the girls go out for their chores).
We've gotten at least 6 inches of fresh snow on top of the 4" left over from earlier, but that's something we take in stride. It's winter.
08/Jan/10 5:18 PM
I thought Avatar was well done with great special effects. Food for thought that us humans can so easilly be accepted as the bad guys taking everything we can get from another planet.
08/Jan/10 5:36 PM
Man, I hate it when I stay up and then can't go to sleep. It's now almost 2 a.m.
08/Jan/10 5:55 PM
2:10 a.m. If I get away from the light of the screen maybe then I can go to sleep, but I usually either read myself to sleep or do kenken or word yacht or anagrams.
08/Jan/10 6:12 PM
I've already read the Bible and prayed tonight. I've also looked up how to force bulbs, since I have lots that I didn't get into the ground in November/December. I also looked up the meaning of the name Methuselah.
08/Jan/10 6:14 PM
100 cp maybe now I can sleep?
08/Jan/10 6:15 PM
oops, the Sudokuland cp is 5, I believe, so I'll post that I still can't find the ID of the garish purple-flocked plant. I believe I'll ask my friend the florist. That's the conclusion I came to today ... good night. I hope. I'm turning off the computer and we'll see what happens.
08/Jan/10 6:16 PM
Well done on the cp, Plum - and you saved me from my umpteenth 100 in a row.
08/Jan/10 7:08 PM
Sorry you can't get to sleep, though.
08/Jan/10 7:09 PM
We are seeing and reading lots in the news about the terrible cold weather being endured in the top half of the world. I hope all our friends are okay. I'm worried about Rayray. I'm off to his page to leave a message.
08/Jan/10 7:11 PM
Hope everyone else is coping too. Yes, I know that the ones least coping are the ones who usually don't experience it, and you have my sympathy. It's amazing what our bodies get acclimatised to. We arrived in Honolulu in November, and were amazed to meet fellow Aussies at parties who were wearing More...
08/Jan/10 7:14 PM
We have a similar bbq/grill story, Plum. We had cooked dinner on the bbq outside, and left it to cool before putting the cover on. Mr P glanced out the window and there was a little mouse on the (now warm) hotplate having a great time eating/licking up all the fat/dripping left over from the More...
08/Jan/10 7:19 PM
It must get pretty toasty for that mouse when you're cooking on the bbq, CP!
08/Jan/10 7:33 PM
have a great day ....
08/Jan/10 8:22 PM
Thank-you so much for your kind and sensitive enquiry about my well-being - in view of our cold weather. In that I am taking the Michigan advice of "winding down the windows and enjoying the freeze up"
So, yes I am OK - despite temperatures here of minus 15 degrees C - unusual More...
08/Jan/10 11:14 PM
Ok, behave yourselves...she's back!
08/Jan/10 11:31 PM
Judy/Bendigo, just read your mouse story and it made me recall my own little battle I had with a furry rodent.
I had a mouse living in my pantry so I tried everything to get rid of it. I tried nasty baits, but it nibbled them and asked for more. I tried traps and it took the food I set it with More...
09/Jan/10 12:13 AM
That'd be right, you can see I'm out of practice. Yesterday ended quarter of an hour ago!
09/Jan/10 12:14 AM
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