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Easy Sudoku for 8/January/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
08/Jan/19 12:00 AM
I guess there were no Sherlock Holmes fans yesterday.
08/Jan/19 12:00 AM
Hello wolf and all who follow
08/Jan/19 12:02 AM
And now goodnight everybody!
08/Jan/19 12:03 AM
1:47 Good night all! Lovely photo.
08/Jan/19 12:14 AM
Greg would have followed up with your interest in Sherlock Holmes, Wolf. I miss his attention to everything any of us had to say. 2019 won't be the same without him.
08/Jan/19 12:35 AM
Good Maen, good people. 1->9 works out fine.
08/Jan/19 1:28 AM
For shosho 8 I dedicate.
08/Jan/19 1:30 AM
1:30 Those big guys are so cool.
08/Jan/19 1:43 AM
No birthday pomes for Sherlock Holmes?
'Cause twice he referenced Shakespeare's play,
They thought Twelfth Night was his birthday.
08/Jan/19 1:47 AM
all. For some reason, I suddenly have a desire for a Budweiser.
08/Jan/19 1:55 AM
08/Jan/19 2:13 AM
Thank you, Plum!!! Here's flying your way!!
08/Jan/19 2:14 AM

I dedicate that last post to Queen Anne
08/Jan/19 2:15 AM
Darn! Anne beat me again! Mine 1:55
08/Jan/19 2:16 AM
Got already to run and it's raining! The Weather Channel didn't predict that! And not just sprinkles, pouring! Another change in the weather forecast, we were predicted to have rain two days later this week, that got upped to four days! Oh well, we do badly need the More...
08/Jan/19 2:21 AM
08/Jan/19 2:22 AM
I had never heard of gold seeds, either. Pretty amazing technology. I have two prostate cancer success stories in my family, Keith. I'm sure you'll be one, too.

Nice to see you posting again, Dottie. We've missed you!
08/Jan/19 2:50 AM
I have a friend who grew up in the Syracuse (New York) area. She was telling me about a famous bakery in her hometown and sent me a video of a car plowing through the front of the store. In the video, they were talking about (aside from the accident, no injuries) what they make and what is More...
08/Jan/19 2:58 AM
I can taste it now: potato chip bark and a Bud.
08/Jan/19 3:57 AM
A late Everybody!!
08/Jan/19 4:00 AM
1:56. A belated Good Morning to you all!
08/Jan/19 4:12 AM
Beautiful horses!
08/Jan/19 5:00 AM
Morning all,great photo of the Clydesdale horses.
I sure do miss Gregs comments.
08/Jan/19 6:01 AM
We have an abundance of tomatoes from our two plants, have been supplying neighbors and family and still have more than we can eat. Yesterday I made some tomato relish that got rid of a few.
08/Jan/19 6:09 AM
08/Jan/19 6:23 AM
Thx Dottie & Wombat for your gold seed comments from yesterday, and Kathy for your positive comment about family member's success stories today. The way I see it, now with that gold in me, I can finally say for sure that I'm worth something.
08/Jan/19 7:37 AM
And as he lifts the 'Bud' to his lips, he intones ''come on Bud, make me wiser''.
08/Jan/19 8:07 AM
Been a long time since I had a tomato that actually tasted like a tomato. Today's 'store bought', don't.
08/Jan/19 8:11 AM
2:17 Morning All.
08/Jan/19 9:16 AM
Last day for Saturday's POOZLE. Some more responses would be welcome.
08/Jan/19 9:23 AM
We've grown Heirloom tomatoes for several years now, which of course have spoiled us for anything less. Many a winter our tomatoes were only frozen or canned but lately we've found some grape/cherry ones called 'Cherubs' which are as close to tasting like a fresh grown tomato. If you ever find them in the produce section give them a try.
08/Jan/19 9:23 AM
'Bout time for a beer, I'll have an Iron Jack please and a tomato juice for my friend, DoA!
08/Jan/19 12:44 PM
I love those big strong horses. They were quite a meaningful part of my childhood and youth. My father used to drive a horse and cart to deliver firewood and when I went teaching in 'the bush' they were an everyday part of farming. As we are on 33 I'll have to apologise to all the imbibers as I'm broke after filling the horse trough with beer.
08/Jan/19 12:45 PM
Peter, as usual has generously catered for the imbibers. What chance is there that after 3 hours without posts I get beaten to 33 by one minute.
08/Jan/19 12:48 PM
1:17. Good afternoon everyone.
08/Jan/19 1:03 PM
The secret, Wombat, is to secure your tipple first, then sit down and natter!
08/Jan/19 1:18 PM
Or, at this point, you can go for a BOPP and TOP.
08/Jan/19 1:21 PM
Like now...
08/Jan/19 1:22 PM
08/Jan/19 1:22 PM
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