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Easy Sudoku for 8/December/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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[The wine goblets were brown, matte glaze...]

08/Dec/09 12:17 PM
Ian, I bought a rectangular plate and small bowl that can be used for snacks/dips. The plates are cream with a deep purple border and a small lavender flower.
I told me sister that if she didn't like them I was more than willing to give her another gift. She whipped it out of my hands and More...
08/Dec/09 12:35 PM
Guess apart from playing around last night it is a long time since I posted much on here and after this last page I know why. I have read stuff some days and thought will I post and decided not to so not to create issues. but having had chats to Gath at the weekend about numbers on the site and how More...
08/Dec/09 12:35 PM

That's fine Rosemary, we should all just relax and accept the laughter.

How's this one?

What do 10,000 battered women have in common?
They just won't listen, I guess.

Is that funny?

08/Dec/09 12:41 PM

Thanks, Victoria.

08/Dec/09 12:48 PM
That's the wrong answer.
The correct answer is that
10,000 men prefer their women battered rather than crumbed. Or is that fish?
08/Dec/09 12:52 PM
I bring it to your attention you failed to put it in the joke section.
08/Dec/09 12:52 PM

It wasn't a joke, in my never-humble opinion, my beloved Rosemary.

08/Dec/09 12:54 PM
There used to be a Bendigo Pottery factory in Deloraine, Tasmania. We have a number of pieces especially mixing bowls we bought there & that we use all the time. The factory closed after Bendigo Pottery was taken over by Bamix and Bamix went broke.
08/Dec/09 12:55 PM
You said it was a joke, then you placed it incorrectly. You cant have it both ways.

please dont refer to me in that manner Ian that is not acceptable.

08/Dec/09 12:56 PM

OK, sorry

08/Dec/09 12:58 PM
Gee, that's twice I feel bad about commenting on the picture
08/Dec/09 1:03 PM

But is it funny?

08/Dec/09 1:05 PM
Ok, Ian, I'll wade in: An alien walks into a bar.....

Now who's ox is getting gored?
08/Dec/09 1:06 PM

Alien as in little green spaceman or as in non-citizen?

08/Dec/09 1:12 PM
08/Dec/09 1:13 PM

And I didn't say it was a joke. I asked if it was funny.

08/Dec/09 1:14 PM
I just got an email telling me that today was International Disturbed Peoples Day. I googled it and if this is right it appears to happen on a different date each year.
Does anyone know if this is true.
08/Dec/09 1:14 PM
Funny and truth have a lot in common and neither often make a lot of sense.
08/Dec/09 1:15 PM
Is that Al (ox) Gored?
08/Dec/09 1:15 PM
Ibid, saylz.
08/Dec/09 1:16 PM
1.00 - a la Ian.
08/Dec/09 1:16 PM
This is a genuine question. I know the symbol & is called an ampersand but what is an @ called?
08/Dec/09 1:17 PM
A good joke could be made out of;
a. gored
b. alien
c. bar
but, the horse, the two clergymen, the three women with different colored hair and the parrot would all object.
08/Dec/09 1:18 PM
Oops - obviously posted that from the end of page 2, without looking round the corner.
08/Dec/09 1:18 PM
It is a type of short hand for 'at'.
08/Dec/09 1:20 PM
I don't know, saylz, but shouldn't you have posted that under the "questions about symbols" category?
08/Dec/09 1:22 PM
and what a wonderful day it is, wet wet wet here in Melbourne today, gotta love it.

Hope all is well in your side of the world wherever you maybe :)
08/Dec/09 1:22 PM
I realise that but surely it has a proper name.
& = and = ampersand
@ = at = ?????
08/Dec/09 1:23 PM
08/Dec/09 1:24 PM
I'm very sorry Anne.
You are of course correct. Will you forgive me?
08/Dec/09 1:24 PM
Ian: You clearly don't understand the way the Irish joke is understood and accepted in UK - by everyone - including the Irish themselves - Indeed the Irish write the very best 'Irish jokes' - and an Irishman wrote that one. So there is little point in me pursuing the discussion with you here. The More...
08/Dec/09 1:25 PM

"at the rate of," but that defines it, it doesn't tell you what its name is.

08/Dec/09 1:25 PM
I think I need to split my personality by creating a few nom-de-plumes for myself to wean more overt support.
08/Dec/09 1:27 PM
=home in bed with the crud
=the ATM for the last 20 minutes waiting for that joker to finish yakking on their dang cell phone.
=an impasse with the cable company about the availabilty of the golf channel without all that other stuff I don't want.
08/Dec/09 1:27 PM


The typographic character @, called the at sign or at symbol.

Well, it's as good a name as any. And it's shorter than 'ampersand.'

08/Dec/09 1:27 PM
You were so close. I went back to Wikipedia and it is called an asperand although this term is rarely used. The common English term is the "commercial at".
08/Dec/09 1:30 PM

Rayray, sorry, you can't get away with that---going on and on with your own opinion and then saying that the subject is closed because there's no more to be said.

08/Dec/09 1:30 PM
Perhaps Wiki in Australia is different to Wiki in America. If we work at it we'll go over the page.
08/Dec/09 1:33 PM
Oh, goody.
08/Dec/09 1:33 PM
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