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Easy Sudoku for 8/May/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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08/May/16 12:02 AM
08/May/16 12:02 AM
Hey, my second first ever!!
08/May/16 12:03 AM
Oops, HalT get there first. Sorry!!
08/May/16 12:04 AM
08/May/16 12:10 AM
The item in the picture puzzle is a GI can opener. If you're really interested, you can find a lot of useless information at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P-38_can_opener

And the winners are: Joyce, Lizzy G, Judy, Keith, Kathy(MD), DOA, Greg, lonewoof, Chris, Peter, Jack, and Bean. Rayray More...
08/May/16 12:22 AM
Good morning Hal & Denny along with all who arrive later - have a grand day!
08/May/16 12:22 AM
Hal, I think I have one or two laying around, somewhere...
08/May/16 12:43 AM
Good morning to all! Today's picture looks a little out of focus.
08/May/16 1:04 AM
Hal, I've still got the one my father had, although he wasn't a GI, he was in the Canadian forces.
08/May/16 1:05 AM
Good morning all.
08/May/16 1:19 AM
I always used to have one on my keyring, until it got me in trouble with Security at the airport.
08/May/16 1:20 AM
HalT, sorry to whinge, but you didn't tell us yesterday where the picture was. Of course I should have figured it out easily but my brain still isn;t working perfectly.
08/May/16 1:21 AM
There are a couple of those around our place too.
08/May/16 1:22 AM
My MIL used to favour using one of those above any other kind of can opener.
08/May/16 1:23 AM
No doubt we'll sewe another one or two from the grandchild's generation as he has joined the Army cadets.
08/May/16 1:24 AM
sewe = see
08/May/16 1:25 AM
Oh Keith, I am so kind to you.
08/May/16 1:26 AM
BTW, Happy Mothers' Day!!
08/May/16 1:30 AM
beautiful day in OK
08/May/16 1:51 AM
to all
08/May/16 1:52 AM
Attending a memorial service this afternoon. Then going to a BBQ after, it will be 85+ this afternoon. Hope there is some shade to sit-stand in.
08/May/16 1:58 AM
Or, then again, maybe I'm a fibber and not so kind!
08/May/16 2:00 AM
Just missed it, I have been checking back every couple of minutes waiting for Keith to show up.
08/May/16 2:01 AM
Hal, the can opener looked like one Harry had, I thought his was silver but who knows, don't know where it is now.
08/May/16 2:01 AM
Never suspected Sue would jump in.
08/May/16 2:02 AM
Looks like I am Keith today and didn't even know it.
Good try CP.
08/May/16 2:02 AM
Back to bed, goodnight!
08/May/16 2:03 AM
CP, you made me go back and look at what I'd written. I said 'There is a new picture in my gallery.'
08/May/16 2:31 AM

I got kicked off the site this morning. Something I said must have ticked off our delightful hall monitor. I have no idea what. It's not the first time, and, no doubt, won't be the last.
08/May/16 2:39 AM
I knew it was a can opener because my Dad had one. Evidently, not only the Army supplied them. He was a Navy pilot. Or, maybe he just picked it up somewhere. I have no idea. I do remember it was pretty tiny.
08/May/16 2:45 AM
Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms celebrating today!
08/May/16 2:54 AM
08/May/16 3:00 AM
Happy Mothers' Day!
08/May/16 3:02 AM
That's for mothers on the other side of the international date line of where I am. And tomorrow for the mothers on this side of the date line!
08/May/16 3:04 AM
Gee whiz, I get to make my special Hawaiian pancakes and bacon tomorrow cuz hubby's a lousy cook! Although for a diet he's grand!
08/May/16 3:06 AM
Hmmmm, as long as I'm here I might as well . . .
08/May/16 3:06 AM
I can saunter along to the end of the page . . .
08/May/16 3:07 AM
Oops forgot to check if anyone's around! Better hurry
08/May/16 3:08 AM
08/May/16 3:08 AM
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