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Easy Sudoku for 8/June/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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08/Jun/12 3:14 AM
Works for me, Greg.
08/Jun/12 3:14 AM
Works for me too Jerry.
08/Jun/12 3:15 AM
I meant the post card thingy, Greg. (I missed one of Jerry's posts.)
08/Jun/12 3:19 AM
Good afternoon to all! Finally did the Easy. Super picture, and I agree that it may be one of Anu's submissions.
08/Jun/12 3:22 AM
Good mAen, good people. I did finally get my midmorning nap in. I feel as if two days have gone by in the last 24 hours instead of only one. But I'm rested and raring to go. Have prototypes I'm developing and I need a creative mind, which is a rested mind.
08/Jun/12 3:24 AM
That's great Hal. You post the pozzles and send those pre-paid post cards out to everyone and well write in our answers and post them back to you! Wow, your mailbow will be flooded!
08/Jun/12 3:25 AM
well = we'll
08/Jun/12 3:26 AM
Of course, the double breakfast I had (upon waking each time) put two chocolate graham cracker and nutella servings under my belt. I'm not normally a chocolate person, so my creativity is spinning like a top. Whew!
08/Jun/12 3:26 AM
Plum, what are the prototypes you are developing?
08/Jun/12 3:34 AM
Or, everyone who poozles can make a yahoo [dot] com address keeping the persona info as personal info.

For instance, I could be For instance, I could be plumpoozle [at] yahoo [dot] com
Fiona could be fionapoozle etc.
Common names can be distinguished:
KathyVpoozle etc. More...
08/Jun/12 3:34 AM
Holy poozle withdrawal Batman. Folks seem to need their daily challenge!
08/Jun/12 3:38 AM
Gotta run. I'll check for your response later Plum. Cheers all!
08/Jun/12 3:39 AM
Christmas ornaments and a Christmas program. Both to sell starting in September. Need to get the design and manufacturing process for all the elements optimized.

The Christmas program I need to find musicians/recording studio for. I will do the rest unless a graphic design friend wants More...
08/Jun/12 3:39 AM
Come back, Greg....
08/Jun/12 3:40 AM
Mr Cee - in my whirlwind of creativity, I have determined 3 different answers for your 6 digit number. Given the parameters I can't whittle that down to just a single unique answer.

Perhaps I am confused as to what you mean by rotating. Here's what I did:

Find the number ABCDEF More...
08/Jun/12 3:51 AM
08/Jun/12 3:55 AM
Plum, That puts the alphabet in a whole new context...
08/Jun/12 3:56 AM
Mr Cee - the thing that makes me suspect something's wrong with how I understood the instructions is that the digit rotating and adding etc. business (everything below where I wrote 'AB, CD, EF are each a two-digit prime number') failed to eliminate any options.

I had three 6-digit More...
08/Jun/12 4:25 AM
Sunset in the rain and clouds. Interesting photo.
08/Jun/12 4:25 AM
Jerry - are you stirring a pot of alphabet soup today?
08/Jun/12 4:27 AM
Don't make Keith jealous. He likes to stir the pot.

Of course, Mr Cee is sleeping, so if anyone topside wants to help me figure out the answer to my question, feel free.

Up to it, Jerry?
08/Jun/12 4:29 AM
Plum, that sounds like an innovative business approach. Are you also going to try to market your ornaments in Christmas specialty stores... places like Frankenmuth, etc.?
08/Jun/12 4:30 AM
The electric company may show up soon to do tree branch removal around some lines that are rubbing. I'll lose electricity and water (we have a pump and well water). SO ... I'm going to go take a shower now and check back if/when I have electricity again. In the meantime I'll be working on my prototypes. Be good, good people.
08/Jun/12 4:32 AM
I'm still on a chocolate buzz, you know? That whirlwind which is my brain on chocolate (I usually treat it as a controlled substance) can't remember if the power company is coming today or tomorrow ...

and I suddenly can't remember who stirs the pot.

Waking up at 4:30 a.m. is More...
08/Jun/12 4:38 AM
Do I sound like a chipmunk? I feel like one.
08/Jun/12 4:39 AM
08/Jun/12 4:39 AM
Greg - I will market primarily through internet outlets the first year. I don't have the manufacturing capacity to mass produce these ornaments, so a place like Bronner's is out.

Plus, they're higher quality and hand-made - 'CHRIST in Christmas' - theme ornaments that will appeal to a More...
08/Jun/12 4:51 AM
Burl just called and reminded me what I need to do. And I need to eat some protein to make the world stop spinning. And I need a shower. Bye, all. I'll be back.
08/Jun/12 4:53 AM
HI all! Well it's nice to see the poozles are missed! Never mind, we'll wait to hear back from Gath and hopefully all will get back to normal soon. I miss your answers too. I wonder if you remember why I started the poozles - I used to come on here about this time and there was never anyone around More...
08/Jun/12 4:54 AM
Classy picture today
08/Jun/12 4:54 AM
Hello Rayray, long time no see. How are you?
08/Jun/12 4:57 AM
Off to look at the new house again, more measuring to do.
08/Jun/12 5:00 AM
Well Plum, good luck with the business.
08/Jun/12 5:09 AM
Fiona, I posted a message from Gath on yesterday's Easy Sudoku.
08/Jun/12 5:10 AM
I saw it CG - but I haven't heard back from the big boss yet and nothing seems to be working yet. I am having poozle withdrawal. This cannot go on!
08/Jun/12 5:20 AM
Oh what the ...
Here's today's one - answers to the 'keep it to yourself and admit if you get it wrong' inbox!!!

In this teaser, your job is to discover the missing word that links the two given words. The dashes indicate the number of letters in the missing word. Good luck!

i.e. More...
08/Jun/12 5:23 AM
Hello Fiona.
I'm struggling a bit these days - with one petty obstruction or another.
I wish I could come here more often.
It is so much nicer here than the real world is for me right now.
08/Jun/12 5:29 AM
Not so good then Ray - you should come here more often as you say. The biggest problem we have here is an impossibility to send personal messages back and forth. And if that's the worst thing, then we're doing fine really.
08/Jun/12 5:35 AM
Good to hear from you Ray, we miss you.
Fiona, just keep posting the puzzles, I for one really miss them. I use the honor system anyway. If I get help I don't answer. Same applies for the Tough, I only comment if I solve it without a guess. (I rarely get to comment there)
08/Jun/12 6:26 AM
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