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Easy Sudoku for 8/July/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Dave, it's turned out that there will probably be more people at Fionafest from places OTHER THAN Florida than from Florida!

Fiona, thanks for the explanation. I can tell you are very knowledgeable about the Tour!! Will the riders pass by Pau this again year?
08/Jul/09 12:21 AM
ever felt like staying at home Debby?!!
08/Jul/09 12:21 AM
We will look forward to your visit ... with a yellow jersey and kisses from two pretty girls for hubby and two hunky guys for you with a bouquet of flowers.
08/Jul/09 12:22 AM
they're not coming to Pau this year, which is a relief, financially, for the town - costs an arm and a leg and a few bikes to be a host town and although the Tour brings in thousands of visitors, it still works out an expensive venture. The new mayoress we have is also cutting back on all the More...
08/Jul/09 12:24 AM
See ... I know some French ...
08/Jul/09 12:24 AM
merci beaucoup Dave!
08/Jul/09 12:26 AM
Kathy ... I just came back on site after a three week hiatus traveling, so I'm a little behind on the news.
08/Jul/09 12:26 AM
why don't you come along to the party Dave? Beats golf any day!
08/Jul/09 12:27 AM
Kathy, send the man the details!!
08/Jul/09 12:28 AM
everyone. Looks like rain is coming here, too.
08/Jul/09 12:37 AM
Yeah! We need some men in Florida!
08/Jul/09 12:39 AM
Dave, wouldn't you like to come play some golf in sunny Florida? There are some great courses here, some not far from the Fionafest headquarters in Daytona Beach. What's on your calendar from July 23-26? C'mon you know you'd love to meet Fiona, Jane, Mamacita, Debby from MI, Heidi from KY, Sue More...
08/Jul/09 12:42 AM
..and although Canuk Greg cannot make the trip, he is very generously contributing some wine for the festivities!!!
08/Jul/09 12:45 AM
I'm relieved to hear that Fiona is not a chocolate person........................................................................THAT MEANS THERE'LL BE MORE FOR THE REST OF US!!!
08/Jul/09 12:46 AM
2:06 Hi to all.

Today London revealed The London Bombing Memorial in Hyde Park which represents the 52 people killed in the 7/11 bomb attacks. 52 Steel pillars. A fitting tribute to those who lost their lives.
08/Jul/09 12:48 AM
2:02 Maen! Yep, I checked the tongue-touching-all-top-teeth. And I have an idiotic smile right now... :)
08/Jul/09 1:28 AM
Repeat announcement for anyone that might have missed it yesterday:

I've changed my Youtube to Jake Shimabukuro playing George Harrison's "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" on the ukulele. It's the best ululele playing I've ever seen.
08/Jul/09 1:34 AM
Good afternoon to all! "Okay everyone, last one in the water is a rotten egg!"
08/Jul/09 2:16 AM
This speaks a lot about the quality of Japanese products and their quality standards and the expectation we have of manufacturing standards here in North Ameriaca.
They're still shaking their heads about this at IBM. Apparently the computer giant decided to have some parts manufactured in Japan More...
08/Jul/09 2:19 AM
Keith. Thank you! Jake Shimabukuro is awesome.
08/Jul/09 2:31 AM
It was cloudy here all day yesterday and we said "cmon rain!" Finally late last night it rained hard for a short time. It has cooled things off a bit but was 80 deg.F at 3 am and is a steamy day today. Maybe we will get some more rain before the clouds go away. Sure need it here.
08/Jul/09 3:34 AM
The other day my neighbor, who is blonde, came running up to me in the driveway jumping for joy! I didn't know why she was jumping so excitedly but I thought, 'what the heck', and I starting jumping up and down along with her.

She said, 'I have some really great news! 'I said, 'Great. Tell More...
08/Jul/09 4:10 AM
I agree with Hazel. My little burg had the second June in HISTORY with no recordable rain, and we are getting excited these days about a 30% chance! Meanwhile, Karen who is just about 90 miles up the road, saw areas around her get 1.5 inches yesterday!?
After this summer I hope to begin planning some trips around things like Fi's party.
08/Jul/09 4:31 AM
which, if I understand correctly Jamie, means we have to make a return visit next year! CG is going to have to contribute more than the wine!!
08/Jul/09 5:43 AM
Yesterday's riddle answer was FASHION, made up of chemical symbols. Here's today's one: answers to the stop-the-rain-dance-in-Florida inbox please!

Without changing the order of the letters, place the four letter words on the dashes to form eight letter words. All the words will not be More...
08/Jul/09 5:58 AM
Yes, Jamie and Hazel, we were blessed with two days, in July, with rain. I cannot complain about it since it is not supposed to happen. The weather man said there is a chance for another shower today, but that should be it. Our little rain catcher thing-a-ma-gig said we had a little over 2 inches yesterday morning, the rest of the day was steamy
08/Jul/09 6:35 AM
Colo Jim--I am on the fair haired side, mostly natural highlights, I took 3 tests, I am so, so, so happy only one came out.
08/Jul/09 6:37 AM
"Rain, rain go away!"... (preferably to Texas!)
We don't want ANY rain this weekend for our Celtic festival. It's rained the last two years and we need a pleasant, sunny day!
Scattered rain is predicted. If it does rain, we'll gladly send it down to you! Sopping wet wool kilts are not fun!
08/Jul/09 7:36 AM
aaahhh. The satisfaction of finishing a good book. Millennium 2 can now be put on the bookshelf. Millennium 3 is for Florida.
08/Jul/09 7:40 AM
Fiona, since Kathy from MD is away & may not be able to get to Sudokuland daily, I figured I'd better do the riddle for her today. I want to be sure at least one Kathy gets on the list who answer correctly. Hope I did as well as she always does!
08/Jul/09 7:49 AM
oh don't Kathy - you make it sound as if we're actually missing her! And yes, your answers were correct! Time for bed at this end, night night!
08/Jul/09 8:03 AM
As much as I appreciated Michael Jackson's talent and contribution to the arts world, while his six plus hour memorial tribute was being broadcast around the world, the bodies of four Canadian soldiers and seven American soldiers killed in Afghanistan were being flown home to their loved ones for More...
08/Jul/09 8:39 AM
Sobering thought, CG.
08/Jul/09 8:43 AM
sloooow day!
08/Jul/09 9:16 AM
Hmm, I could almost do a 2-hour CP!?!?
08/Jul/09 9:49 AM
Or maybe 70 minutes?
08/Jul/09 9:49 AM
One more - then back to straightening up, cleaning out my closet!? Ugh.
08/Jul/09 9:49 AM


08/Jul/09 10:49 AM
I wish those soldiers would get a bigger tribute than MJ. He was just a disturbed entertainer. The soldiers gave their lives for their countries, honorably.
08/Jul/09 11:06 AM
Any of the Fiona party organizers around? What would be the chance of getting last-minute accommodations (sp?) if I could work it out?
08/Jul/09 11:18 AM
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